CSI: Miami

Season 10 Episode 4

Look Who's Taunting

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Oct 16, 2011 on CBS

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  • okay episode; I had expected more.


    I had expected more action and more tempo. Everything just felt so slow and predictable. Of course the doctor was going to be the killer and of course Angela, (was that her name?),was going to be found alive.

    Although I must say I look forward to see Horatio and the team trying to catch Esteban. Hopefully we'll see more of Esteban involving action. He really is a sick bastard and the actor plays him really well.

    Overall, good job by the CSI Miami writers, but they can do a lot better. They have before and this was not even close to as good as they have done earlier.

  • scary story line


    Tonight's episode is scary. There are a lot of crazy people loosed in our society. Actually, crazy is ok but people who enjoy torturing other people are the sick and scary ones. That is what the episode is all about. A power sadistic doctor (!!!) torturing and killing of prostitutes. How I wish Horatio Cane and his team are real detectives and police!! They're so well informed, act fast and very focused! Whew! One will feel safe with him around :-)

    Though this is just television, I think there is some reality here. The world is getting crazier by the minute and I hope our police are much much much prepared handling these events.

    Be careful, y'all. Peace!

  • Not so bad !!!


    First to be fair the story line is kinda good, but I really hated the typical part of saving the victim at the last minute.

    Second, how the hell did the range got inside the hiding place of Esteban when Eric didn't get it to call the ambulance to save the girl ???!!!!!!

    but I liked the part in the end when H told him "I told you it's not that easy"

    overall it's not bad but not perfect or not the best episode in Miami :)

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