CSI: Miami

Season 9 Episode 4


Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Oct 24, 2010 on CBS

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  • Horatio Goes On The Hunt To Find Memmo Fierra And Bring Him Down Following The Miami West Prison Break.

    Picking up where last episode ended, Memmo Fierra has escaped from prison. "Manhunt" is a good episode to continue the prison break story arch but it is not without its flaws. The high points are great acting the climax of the episode worked well too. Terrific nail-biting suspense that will keep the viewers guessing until the end is another highlight too. I must say David Caruso and Adam Rodriguez were truly terrific. The worst thing in this episode is the final scene. They let Memmo escape because of his daughter. His killing spree was frightening and his wife was actually annoying. Memmo Fierra's saga will conclude in the 13th episode of this season. Great episode!
  • The man who murdered Delko's sister (and Horatio's wife) Marisol escapes from prison and goes on a murderous rampage in search of his daughter and his daughter's mother. Horatio and the team set out to stop him.


    I have been a fan of CSI: Miami since day one. I have not decided what my favorite episode is, but I have decided what my least favorite episode is. "Manhunt" is hands down the worst episode of the series. Seeing Memmo's killing spree unfold made me sick. I know that is kind of the whole point, but it was done in such a gratuitous way that I was just flat out repulsed. The massacre at the hospital disgusted me the most. I give it the score that I did because I will admit Horatio and Delko worked well here.

  • A great episode with nice links to earlier seasons.

    The episode starts of with Marisols killer on the run after he has escaped from prison, and most of the MDPD trying to find him. It was a good beginning but didnt really explain how Marisols killer escaped from a maximum secruity prison. One thing i loved about this episode was some of the flashback sequences to the season 4 finale, where Marisol was shot and died in the hospital. It was nice to see the chemistry between H and Eric and how determined they were to catch him. I didn't really get the hospital shootout scene at first but it was clearly explained later. The hostage situation was a little strange, a tough guy to Mr. Reasonable while holding a gun to a guys head in front of his daughter. Another thing that was a little strange, H and Eric shot at the car, why did they miss? They never miss. I have a strange feeling this storyline will not be mentioned for a few episodes and come May when we're waiting for the season finale, suddenly it will resurface is some big gun, explosion themed episode. Overall a great episode with strong emotions from H and Eric but no actual CSI work involved.

    Thanks for reading :)
  • 9x04

    this episode was boring for me, I didn´t like the idea of a freak memmo killing people just to get to his daughter, in my opinion this chapter is as boring as some chapters from season 5 were, the only thing I liked about this episode were the flashbacks about Marisol´s death, they remind me some good momments of this show but in general, I can´t say this was a good episode because fro me it wasn´t, actually after watching "9x03 see no evil", I thought this one was going to be great but I was wrong.

    P.D: I´m from venezuela, I´m not an expert writing in english, please forgive my mistakes
  • Worst episode ever.

    Hate super serial killers. Menno gets a police radio and the police not only don't turn it off they broadcast their intentions. Really. They have a clean shot at the bad guy but don's shoot, condemning the hostage to death. Why to spare the feelings of Menno's daughter. They don't take the simple step of disabling the cab. I hated the implication that the nurses deserved to die because the patient had to wait in a busy ER. The nurses and social worker are killed but the foster mother is only shot in the leg. Good continuity there.

    Why do Hollywood writers hate foster parents so much, especially the CSI writers. Foster parents are always evil. Why not have really loving foster parents who are murdered - that would create some dramatic tension.

    I want the real Horatio back.
  • Worst episode in the history of television

    Memmo Fierro is on a killing spree, trying to find his daughter. Horatio catches up with him as he holds a cab driver hostage. Dekko has a clear shot at Memmo, but because Memmo's daughter is at the scene, Horatio lets Memmo escape with the cab driver. The cab driver is later found dead.

    I don't understand what the writers were thinking. Horatio lets a man who has committed multiple murders escape with a hostage rather than letting him be shot to spare a little girl's feelings. What about the feelings of the cab driver and his family? As we will learn later in the season, several other people, including a police officer, will die because Horatio let Memmo go.

    At the very least, Horatio should lose his badge. It's not like Horatio is under any misapprehension about what Memmo is. He has to know that he will kill again.

    The show never even addresses the issue of him letting a murderer go when he could have been stopped. Truly the worst episode ever of CSI: Miami. Maybe the worst episode ever in the CSI franchise and a contender for the worst episode of television ever.
  • One of the worst I have seen


    Okay, this is my first review. I just sat threw this and could not believe what I was seeing. The Mother should have been arrested for a number of things. She was responsible for the deaths of at least three people and attempted murder of another, breaking and entering, obstructing justice, aiding and abetting, in other words a number of felonies. I am sure that there are more. She would be behind bars anywhere. I don't think that she would have been allowed to just leave at the end either even if she wasn't arrested as HE was still out there. Delco should have shot him when he had the chance.
    I can understand some mistakes in some areas of the writing. example bad IP addresses or misinterpreting uber technical jargon. If you are writing for a crime show then you should be aware of basic police policies, customs and courtesies.

    Sometimes it feels good to blow some steam.
  • Kep me on the edge the whole time!

    The same way Joe LeBrock pushes Horatio's buttons about Kyle; Memmo pushes his buttons about Marisol. I don't like Memmo though; he's quite boring I guess you could say, or simply not unique enough. Something is missing there.

    Moving on; the case was interesting. It showed how cold blooded Memmo can be while shooting the nurses, but yet his heart goes soft when he sees his daughter, although it is kind of double moral standards to have been a family man and murder people, doesn't really go together well. I like the revenge plan for Memmo and how it didn't involve having revenge on Horatio. I feel sorry for the little girl's mother, although she's made pretty big mistakes and has to pay for it.

    I would have loved to see more scenes with Calleigh but considering Emily Procter's pregnancy, it's understandable that she doesn't have a lot of screen time and mostly stays seated. Miami has once again managed to deliver the excitement, the action and the tragedy about when people make wrong choices!
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