CSI: Miami

Season 9 Episode 10

Match Made in Hell

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Jan 02, 2011 on CBS

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  • The plot and momments were there but still a let-down considering the great episodes this season.

    The fans have been asking for a Ryan episode for quite some time, but MMIH didn't live up to expectations. Firstly, Ryan's mission was way too short, like in Natalia's mission back in Sleepless in Miami. Also, he was caught way too quickly and had to be rescued by Horatio.

    I was honestly hoping Ryan would fight back a little, have a struggle and NOT have to be saved by Horatio. You know, something orignal!

    Though mainly a let-down, MMIH did have it's momments. The fact that Tom, Natalia and Walter played main parts in the case was a nice change from Eric and Horatio doing it all, though they did have their parts. Even Frank got a descent amount of screen time, I was starting to miss him.

    Another nice change was the pairing up. Eric and Walter, though not as great as Walter and Ryan together still showed a lil bit of brotherly connection while working together. Another nice sight not seen in a while was Calleigh and Natalia. Though rarely seen, these two seem to have a great friendship, lastly seen while both were seperatly in hospital or back in season six while searching the beach. It was also nice to see Horatio actually laugh with one of his team, looking like he was having a nice chat with Natalia before the killer walked in.

    And the feet up H was alot different than scary-interrigator Horatio. Lately, he's seemed alot darker than before, but the scene in the office was a nice change. I hope the lighting up continues for him.

    Ryan was shone in a new light, a much sexy light I might add. Not only did he get a make out scene, but the camera angles clearly showed how many girl's eyes were on him at that party. It's bout time Ryan gets some screen time and boy did he this episode. Other than for the cringe-worthy scene at the end, where Horatio saves yet another girl, and the kinda out-there plot ending and killer, I guess the episode wasn't all that bad. Just a let down considering the past amazing episodes.

    At least it leave's next weeks episode some room to improve. Nice to see Ryan in the middle of the action again, or should I say street?
  • 9x10

    ummmmm, I know there is a lot of people saying that this episode was bad, but I have to say that I totally desagree with that opinion, for me, season 9 have been one of the most dissapointing seasons for this show, it has had a lot of bad episodes as "9x04 manhunt"; "9x08 happy birhtday" and "9x09 blood sugar", but this one is one of the few episodes that I really enjoyed, for me, after "9x05 sleepless in miami"; this has been the second best episode for the season, I really enjoyed it.

    P.D: I´m from venezuela, I´m not an expert writing in english, please forgive my mistakes
  • There was absolutely nothing new in this episode.

    We've seen it all.

    One of the CSIs goes undercover, bad people are more evil than it seems, Horatio saves Ryan at the last moment and finally poor girl seeks H's help and of course hugs him at the end. And then Horatio puts on his famous sunglasses and walks towards the sunset.

    Really, there was nothing innovative in this episode and I was bored half of the time. Thanks to Dr. Tom Loman(great as always Christiam Clemenson) there were few funny scenes that made this episode watchable.

    I expected something more. "Match Made In Hell" was very disappointing. I just hope the next episode will be better.
  • Weak motive, too short undercover mission, but some funny parts makes this an episode that ain't too bad.

    First of all; did the victim have a bandage on his hand when he died? Not I could see, so how did he get it there when Dr. Loman pulled his hand out of the gator's stomach? Bad goof there I'm afraid by the crew of CSI Miami. The undercover mission was just way too short! I was beginning to wonder after a while if it would come at all and then it lasted for less than five minutes. Couldn't they have made it into a two-part episode instead and given us way more suspense? Ryan basically entered the building, almost got killen and left within what felt like seconds. Dr. Loman was his usual funny self and that along with Horatio doing such a simple, yet funny, thing as having his feet on the killer's desk as she walked in, was what saved this episode from being a completely failure. The killer's motive Ms. King matches, was just way to bad. Such a weak motive to kill someone (in a way it shows how crazy people can be), but I felt that in this particular episode it didn't fit. It would have been much better if Nichols had actually been the murderer, he was more suited for that role.

    Hope Miami can bring a stronger episode next week!
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