CSI: Miami

Season 9 Episode 22


Aired Sunday 10:00 PM May 08, 2011 on CBS

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  • Horatio Tracks Down The Last Escaped Prisoner In The 9th Season Finale, And Two Members Of The Team Might Not Make It Out Alive.

    Easily the best episode of this season. "Mayday" is an explosive finale, starting with a thrilling gunfight at 20,000 feet. It was an awesome scene. I really have liked the prison-break and the second last episode of it was terrific (This storyline concludes in the next episode!). The investigation was fast-paced and my interest never wavered. This episode is filled with action and suspense. All the other reviewers say this and I had to repeat it. I really can't decide my favorite scene, but I think it was the ending. Those kind of scenes are always cool. The only problem I have with this cliifhanger is Natalia. She has been a victim in many episodes of this season: She was drugged (9.5), she was held hostage by serial killer duo (9.15) and prison escapee kidnapped her (918). It could have been someone since nobody is leaving the show. But what the heck, it is not a flaw. I still loved the breath-taking ending. See you in season 10! A very good ending to a great season.
  • 9x22

    mayday is definitively one of the slowest episodes for the current season, despite being a seson finalle, I felt this episode was like a filler episode, it was even slower than a filler episode

    I saw all of the episdes related with the fugitives and I have to say that this one was the least interesting, speacially if you compared it with "9x19 cauged" which in my opinion was incredible good and at least 20 times more interesting than this one, however, the thing that really saves this episode was the exellent ending scene, I can´t wait to september to know what is going to happen, definitively the ending scene rescued the episode from being the worst from the current season, however, it is not as good as other season finales were

    P.D: I´m from venezuela, I´m not an expert writing in english, please forgive my mistakes
  • It's going to be a long summer! (spolier warning!)

    Although this episode had a lot of suspense in it, I didn't get the wow-feeling I got from the previous episode, but this was still very good! Just a little slow sometimes, but the writers did a great job!
    As Frank, Eric and all the officers passed Toller as they went to Ashcroft I wanted to jump through the TV and just yell "He is right there!" God, they were so close and they missed him again.

    Rene seems like a tough woman and I like her. She didn't get too big of a part in this episode which was good, so she didn't steal screen time from the rest of the cast, but she had a big enough part to make sure I will remember her until next season.

    And what a season cliffhanger this one was! Horatio is down with a bullet wound in his abdomen and Natalia is on her way to drown! I can't wait all summer to see how it ends; I hope both of them survive.
    Moreover, I understand Randy's anger, but he is punishing the wrong people for it. Natalai tried to help him and now he's going to have to pay dearly for (as far as we know now) almost killing two police officers. Great episode, great suspense and probably one of the best season endings ever!
  • You can say what you want about originality and the ticking of the clock but the team behind the franchise knows how to do finales.

    The last episode I saw was last years finale which was only good because of its cliffhanger. This year's season finale proved that CSI: Miami is capable of delivering the entire package as well. The episode had everything it needed; a solid bad guy, a decent background story and suspenseful action.
    The best thing about saving Fuller for the finale was the awareness of what he could do to women. This exact thought made the episode's twist all the better. For instance, not knowing who was in the trunk of the car kept you on your edge every time the mofo came close to a woman. That wasn't even the only thing good about the episode. A pretty cool opening, albeit a little predictable, set the tone for the many twists and action packed scenes the finale would deliver. As our team searched for the feared killer and people started to die there wasn't much else needed to hook the viewer.
    Luckily the creators didn't settle for a simple cat and mouse game. With the character of Randy there was enough drama and emotion to blind your sight and before you know it, you're locked in the trunk of a car sinking to the bottom of the sea.
    One of the best twists was that the major stand-off wasn't about the teen girl. She played her part but instead of being that the priority it was a very good side plot that only added to the episode's suspense. Even the introduction of the blonde cop proved to be a well thought through addition to the story. Horatio ultimately getting shot (again) came literally out of nowhere and Natalia being stuck with Miami's worst cell phone provider ended a good episode on a high note.
    Far better than I expected. Excuse me while I go question my life's choices because I didn't watch this show this season.
  • The ninth season ends with Horatio and Frank taking the final prison escapee back to Miami. Things soon take a dramatic turn for the worse and it's all downhill from there.

    I am not a fan of cliffhanger endings. I just beilieve that they are an old and tired plot device that wore out its welcome years ago. However I am willing to admit that this particular cliffhanger was well done. The episode has a well written script that delivers on both action and suspense. The character of Jack Toller could have been better. I know that the viewer is not supposed to like him per se. I found him more annoying than frightening. Toller's dialogue was a bit on the corny side. However the episode has a well written ending.