CSI: Miami

Season 2 Episode 23

MIA/NYC – NonStop

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM May 17, 2004 on CBS

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  • A great introduction to a better show than CSI: Miami will ever be.

    I bought the DVDs for CSI: NY today and popped it in the player. To start off watching the series, I started with MIA/NYC Non-Stop, a good introduction into the series, but I still can't believe how annoying and self-righteous Horatio Caine is. I'm amazed that not one of his colleagues have flown off the handle and shoved his "Sunglasses of Justice" up his behind.

    Just, you know, because that's what I would have done.

    Anyway, the cast of CSI NY seems really unformed here. Noticeably missing was Detective Flack, who adds a wee bit of eye-candy to the show. As well, the characters have yet to gain their own personalities. However, much can be learnt about Mac by looking at how he treats the people working with him. See sunglasses comment from above.
  • Never a big fan of Miami but watched this ep so I could catch up on NY- and was pleasantly surprised.

    I must say perhaps this \"backdoor pilot\" as it\'s called will butter me up for Miami. or perhaps the only reason I really liked this episode was because it had my CSI:NY cast. I enjoyed the fact that for a good few minutes you can\'t see Mac\'s head. Of course for those who saw this episode before NY ever aired, it left you wondering who it was.

    For the NYC buff who saw this ep to see the backdoor pilot- well there was no question to who it could be. I enjoyed seeing them play off each other. I liked this crossover more than the Miami crossover with Las Vegas- I just didn\'t think that one worked well. However, these characters seemed better fit for each other.

    I enjoy the way Horatio and Mac let the other know where they stand with the situation. The way Horatio speaks to Mac however reminds me a lot of how Cath speaks to Horatio in their crossover ep. And the way that Mac responds is very similar to how they said, "We do things differently," in that episode as well. All in all it seems as if it along with Cross-Jurisdictions strive to show that not all CSI labs are the same.

    MY only hopes is that one day there will be one giant CSI crossover. Cheesy as it may sound- it would be brilliant.
  • The best CSI team leaders team up, what do you get: "The CSI Dream Team"

    East meets west, no wait they're both on the east, ok south goes north, way north, so north we see H wering a coat!!!, not just his shirt and jacket, and hardly his shades.

    Some punk, offs a narc undercover officer, his id ends up being used in a family murder in Miami of which only the daughter who wa sout partying survives, as soon as the Crime Lab concludes this, H takes his "Miami Vice" mod and heads northbound to NY, and teams up with Mac, CSI NY's team leader and Det. Bonasera, Mac's XO.

    All seems well in NY, until odd coincidences start surfacing, dad and son sharing the same mistress, dad's death opens a will worth in well above the 100s millions, people who benefit from dad's death etc. Then another family hit, this time the sole survivor is the son. And this son doesn't look too inocent to H's eyes. After wild goose chases, people who don't look guilty but benefit from dad's death start appearing, sordid affaires inside the house, and other dark secrets are unveiled. Mac and H crack the case over the phone: the hit in Miami, was supposed to have been on the NY family vacationing in Miami, but the killer missed the right house, the hit itself was ordered by the family's doorman in NY which stood to get a mill in the will, and couldn't wait for that, so he speeded up the man's demise, but when his hitman failed in Miami, he takes the job for himself. Then it turns up that the Miami hitman, was the guy who killed the UC narc guy. The epi ends with junior getting his old man's mistress, doorman behind bars, when the press asks Mac who they cracked the case so fast, he turn to "his colleague from Miami", but H pulls a Batman style disappearence.

  • The music and the yellow contrasting blue filters really made this episode awesome.

    It's another CSI crossover! This time we're in the Big Apple. I never realized Speed had such a nice...backside. :D I love the muic when we get to New York it's so BAM BAM BAM! It definitely captures my low attention span. I don't really like the blue filter. It makes everything looks so sad. I laughed when Mac and Horatio are first introduced and everything around H is blue and he's yellow.

    Danny is hot. Period. It's an honest pity that greed --being one of the seven deadly sins-- proves how deadly it is every day. Stupid doorman. They got their guy, however, Horatio shouldn't have made that promise with the teenage girl. For he could've known the guy could have escaped or gotten off bya technicality.
  • CSI:NY and CSI Miami join forces. That is so cool. I really enjoyed this episode.

    A party is really good cover to steal money from a locked safe that contains $3 000 000. This was a cool episode with a well known (sorta)killer, family, and murder. This show would not be called CSI without a murder though LOL. I could not believe that the therapist's secretary and the youngest daughter both got some money and because of that, the older daughter was killed. This killer was weird because he killed 12 people or so and all he could do was thank people for helping him, and he balmed his life for wut his father/cartaker person did to him. This was a really sad but really good episode that I really enjoyed. Plus the fact that we got to see Detective Mac Taylor. YAA He is really cool.
  • Mia/nyc

    Girl came home from dancing and found parents dead. Spit up was found with mercury in it. Someone spit up and was from New York because of the 9/11 deal. Man believed to have killed an undercover cop, stole his identity and then got to Miami and kill the parents. Another murder the same sequence was found as the murder in Miami. Except son was home and got stabbed but he survived. The door man was getting one million dollars from the rich man and he couldn't wait. He killed the wrong family in Miami, and didn't realize it until the real family came home.
  • A murder in Miami leads H to New York, where we are introduced to the cast of the soon to be CSI: NY

    The story is pretty good actually, though the reasoning for only H going to New York is a little tenuous.

    A family is killed in Miami (again some very graphic scenes, as the mother's head is almost completely severed). Horatio makes one of his over-sincere promises to the surviving daughter that she won't be scared any more. A little more forensic shenanigins later and a connection is made with New York. Cue the entrance of the future cast of CSI New York. I was quite surprised that David Caruso as H was the only one who went to New York, given that Gary Sinise immediately acts him off the screen. And hey, Sinise can actually deliver a line at a proper pace without pregnant and unnecessary pauses. Joy of joys.

    The plot is convoluted, involving a dyslexic murderer and in the end a very pedestrian reason why so many people had to die.

    The NY cast are all good, especially the wonderful Ms Kanakaredes. So it gets a good rating for introducing us to a new cast with a reasonable plot. Not as good as the CSI: LA / CSI Miami original crossover ' Cross Jurisdictions', but very watchable.
  • Not one of my favorite episodes

    The episode started off ok, with the murder of the 16 year olds parents and the investigation into it, I liked it until Horatio went to New York, then the episode was just plain awful.

    I didn't like Mac, but given a choice between him & Horatio, I'd choose him. And to make matters worse Horatio spent almost the whole episode posing with his hands on his hips & taking off his sunglasses of justice.

    I really missed the others from the Miami team & wished I'd seen more of them.