CSI: Miami

Season 8 Episode 15

Miami, We Have a Problem

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Feb 08, 2010 on CBS

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  • In space, no one can hear you jump the shark (spoilers)

    But this episode was the most stupid, ridiculous piece of space debris ever. In how many ways was it ridiculous and far-fetched? Two people are alone in a doctor's parking lot; are carjacked; the carjacker gets a dead person to fall on him from a helicopter; the helicopter had been hit by birds while doing a body dump; the murder victim had died in outer space; the murderers were successful businessmen who happened to run into trouble in a take you to outer space venture … Am I missing anything? Oh yeah, the Miami police can cut apart a billion dollar spaceship without even a warrant; the police have enough money to rent the zero gravity airplanes by themselves; they fire a bullet inside an airplane (even rubber) without causing more damage … omg wtf ygbkm!!!

    The only reason I recorded and watched this in the first place was because of the ridiculous premise they were advertising. I have to admit that they lived down to my expectations. Are there any lower scores than 1?
  • A man falls out of the sky and becomes a medical mystery, involving decompression, space flight, and four men in a tub.

    Well, I just finished watching this episode. While an interesting episode in the sense of taking it to space. I found the entire premise behind it so laughable as being silly.

    A micrometeor dings up the new age spacecraft (that is basically a mock-up lear jet), which ruptures a small O2 cannister which carries their precious oxygen. Instead of scrubbing the mission, they decide that this is a situation of lots of mouth breathing, firing a gun inside a spacecraft and basically a lot of further inanity, such as ejecting 1/3 of their oxygen by violently decompressing the airlock.

    While a workable formula, I found the entire episode to have more in tune with science fiction than science fact. The science was also heavily off with a lot of things. So, if you want to watch an entertaining episode on the death of space tourism, this might be for you. If you want anything more than music, imagery, and some zero G shots then this would be a definite pass.
  • A unusual episode, both good and bad.

    I think that the idea of actually going in to space was a little too SCI-FI, yet unusual and exciting!
    I like it on the same time as I don't like it.
    It gave the episode that little extra, as well as some unrealistic feeling.

    I like how Walter AKA Iron Belly, threw up in the plane!

    As for the murder, it like how they reallt twisted things up and made it hard to guess who the killer was or if it was an accident. I hadn't expected the pilot to be the shooter, I got a feeling that maybe it was the movie-star, but I was wrong.

    Anyway, good episode, but I've seen better.
  • Good storyline, Dr. Tom Loman is at his weirdest and a nice twist at the end.

    Great episode, really enjoyed this one, we are kept hanging on right until the end guessing what has really happened. All of the main suspects keep lying, which is fairly pointless with Horatio around and their lies are all very weak making it far too easy for the team to disprove their claims. It is cool when Walter and Jesse go up in the Zero gravity zone and try to find out how blood splatters in space! Dr. Loman continues to show his crazy ways, which is always entertaining. This time he has a theory that the victim was an astronaut, which confuses him until he proves it and tells the others and they start to put the case together.
  • Horatio and the team investigate the case of a man who was murdered.....while taking a trip to outer space.

    As I have said before, the "CSI" shows do have a knack for unique opening scenes. This episode is certainly no exception. As you have probably seen, there are two users who feel this episode is terrible. I will not go that far. I did find the story well acted and entertaining. I was very interested as the episode played out and felt the conclusion was plausible even for an episode such as this. However, this episode is a bit undermined by a few plot holes. I would think the space vehicle would be better prepared for a sudden emergency.
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