CSI: Miami

Season 5 Episode 14

No Man's Land (1)

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Feb 05, 2007 on CBS
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Episode Summary

A truck carrying weapons that were confiscated from previous crimes are now back on the streets of Miami. An old enemy of Horatio's puts the lives of two CSI's in harms way after a confiscated missile is launched into courthouse, allowing Clavo Cruz to escape during his arraignment and injuring one CSI, then shooting another.moreless

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  • GROWL I hope Clavo Cruz dies a very painful death!

    I was afraid this was going to be bad in a declining way, but it wasn't! Actually, it was half and half. The whole Horatio posing, repeating of lines already used in past epsiodes really sucked but, the parts where Alexx was in the court room and the last moments of the episode with Eric getting shot really brought out those lost emotions in Horatio.

    New Rule: Never piss Calleigh off. She really terrified me when she was interrogating the father on the side of the road. Not that I blame her or anything. Mmmm, my favourite parts of this epsiode were the scenes with Ryan and Eric with their backs tothe camera. Dang, those pants of theirs are nice!

    You know, this epsiode was so much like Dispo Day. Evidence Disposal truck gets blown over, cops are injured/killed and evidence is stolen and a CSI is shot. I hope Eric doesn't die. I think the ratings for the show would drop dramatically if the writers pull another stunt like that to put an end to the contract for the actor like they did for Rory Cochrane. I'd stop watching because CSI: Miami wouldn't be CSI: Miami without Eric. My final words are GRRRR and lol. GRRRR because it's a two part epsiode and lol because of what Cruz said, "Horatio Caine, Master of the obvious." Please don't get rid of Eric!!!!!moreless
  • Clavo Cruz returns.

    Clavo Cruz is sent to the prison in season 3 and now he is involved in a crime. At first I wonder, why the hell did Clavo stabbed the prison guard. We find out later, so that he can escaped when he is sent to the court. That what we call cold-blooded killer, do whatever they can to escape. OK, this episode is not good enough (personally). I think this episode is a little bit boring and too much drama. Nothing special. Well, Clavo Cruz seeks revenge on Horatio because Horatio sent him to prison, he wants Horatio's money as he has a hostage. Did Horatio really give all of his money? He will totally become a poor man. This is the first part of two special episode. But I don't feel exciting to watch the second part, as this episode disappointed me a little. I really hope the next episode will be better than this.moreless
  • Great episode. This was pretty good for a two- parter.

    A truck carring gun melt guns it knocked over and the weapons are stolen. then a kid is found dead in a yard and was shot with one of the guns that was stolen. Alexx goes to a trial for Clavo Cruz. he is broken out of the court house and takes a hostage by blowing it up witha rocket launcher. When H and Eric are told that the hostage is in a car in the parking lot, they go to save her. when they get to the car Clavo's men start shooting at them. Eric is shot in the leg and H grabs him and hides behind a car. when H kills the guy another guy shoots and hits Eric in the head. H looks at Eric and wispers "Eric?" this is the best two parter ever. i love season 5moreless
  • Somewhat of a complicated story but a good episode SPOILERS

    The story for this episode is a little ambitious, the sequence of events is very dramatic and a tad unrealistic for everything to follow on in such a way. The story starts with a truck being blown over, that's OK so far. The unreal part is using a rocket launcher to break someone out of court - very video game. Then million dollars wired etc...

    The story may be a bit childish B -Movie esk but it's still a great episode. The characters and actors are fantastic in this one and is possibly some of their best performances.

    The ending was a strange one, the idea that Eric is shot and then shot again is OK if not odd that the bullet seems to have travelled through Horatio but it's very often that the episodes before a character is killed or injured, he/she has a larger, more personal role and this is true thinking back to the last few episodes when Eric is served. Maybe it was all a hint.

    I'm not sure how the story will turn out but it's a fairly good two parter. I'm not sure it's perfect though because even at the end when "To Be Continued" rolled up I wasn't hugely curious to see what happened next.moreless
  • Just read the summary up there

    I really enjoyed this episode; it was so exciting and thrilling, it was nerve-wracking, seriously! This Clavo Cruz is insane and he's not intimidated by Horatio not good. On the other hand; he's cocky, so he'll make a mistake. I can't wait 'til next episode! Oh my and when Alexx was in that building as it was being attacked; I got so scared! I was so happy when I saw she was okay, helpinh people! I could almost cry; I bet Horatio could too. And something else (silly I know) I saw Calleigh wear boots! High-heeled boots; but still! She wore boots! I was so proud of her. She looked hot :) Really! And when Eric was shot in his leg, I just knew this was the episode he would get shot in the head. And it did happen! Horatio was looking at him so worriedly and the next moment shot and he was lying down, motionless. Then that ominous 'to be continued' Dreadful! They seriously need to run in Clavo Cruz; God I hate that guy. I'll bet it'll be an exciting race! And then Delko! Horrible! There's one advantage I'm talking Calleigh and Eric :) Silly me, always dreaming. Anyway, amazing episode! Need to see this! Again! And again!moreless
Adam Rodriguez

Adam Rodriguez

Eric "Delko" Delektorsky

David Caruso

David Caruso

Lieutenant Horatio Caine

Emily Procter

Emily Procter

Calleigh Duquesne

Eva LaRue

Eva LaRue

Natalia Boa Vista Episode 98+ Recurring Previously)

Jonathan Togo

Jonathan Togo

Ryan Wolfe (Episodes 54+, Recurring Previously)

Khandi Alexander

Khandi Alexander

Chief Medical Examiner Alexx Woods

Alan Pietruszewski

Alan Pietruszewski

Prison Guard

Guest Star

Gonzalo Menendez

Gonzalo Menendez

Clavo Cruz

Guest Star

Robert Montano

Robert Montano

Rico Cruz

Guest Star

Brendan Fehr

Brendan Fehr

Dan Cooper

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (6)

    • Goof: Horatio and Delko check out every Mercedes they see in the parking lot after Clavo tells Horatio that the court stenographer is tied up in he trunk of her car, but the security camera footage clearly shows a Chrysler 300C.

    • Goof: After the shootout when Horatio stands, you can see a dark blue ear-plug in his ear.

    • Goof: During the shootout in the parking garage, there is an over-the-head shot of Eric as he draws his gun. If you play it frame by frame, just as his front foot plants on the ground, the puff of smoke from the bullet hitting his leg is visible. Then the shot goes to Horatio while he fires off several shots. Then it goes to a side view of Eric, where he repeats his previous actions, gets hit in the leg and this time he falls.

    • Goof: A (round) manhole cover is used to flip the truck. However, in the wide shot you see a square plate being used.

    • Other titles for this episode included: Free For All, Gun Melt, and The Episode where a whole lot of guns spill out from the back of a truck creating Mass Hysteria in the City of Miami.

    • Horatio's Banking Information -

      Direct Deposit - 1300
      Online transfer - 400
      Check Card Purchase - 31.00
      Check #431 - 111.13
      Direct Deposit - 1300
      Check #432 - 27.27
      PCL Purchace 25.00
      Wire Transfer - 1,000,000
      Total Balance - 1,021,325.36

      Horatio has $21,325 in his bank account.
      Horatio gets paid 1300 at least twice.

  • QUOTES (9)

    • Horatio: (on the phone) Clavo, I want you to listen to me. If you harm this woman, you are going to die.
      Clavo: Are you gonna keep makin' threats or are you gonna catch me? Come on. (hangs up)

    • Eric: (after Richard Williams stole a rocket launcher) If Williams wants that kinda fire power, it's to break into something.
      Horatio: Or to break someone out. Frank?
      Frank: Flag on the play, gentleman. Clavo Cruz is being walked over to the court house, department B, for his arraignment as we speak.
      Eric: He planned the this, 'cause it's easier to escape from the court house.

    • Eric: Hold out your hands.
      Richard Williams: For what?
      Eric: We're gonna get your confession in a different way.

    • Ryan: So, you just left your son there?
      Gilberto Tavarez: What could I do? He was already dead.
      Calleigh: Be a human being for starters.

    • Alexx (to Calleigh): A thousand guns hittin' the street this mornin', fasten your seat belt, honey, it's going to be a bumpy ride

    • Horatio: Turns out, Clavo, that your cousin Pedro killed a police officer.
      Clavo (claps to himself): What does my sorry, incarcerated ass, have to do with that?
      Horatio: Why don't you tell me?
      Clavo: You've just got me shakin' in my jumps now, H.
      Horatio: What are you two up to?
      Clavo: Because of you, I got nothin', Caine. I've got no father, no home, and no country. I don't owe you a damn thing.

    • Natalia: Who is this Clavo?
      Eric: Clavo Cruz. He's an ex-prince of Baracas. Rode his father's coattails, diplomatic immunity, that sorta thing. Until H figured out that his father, the General, wasn't his biological father.
      Natalia: What's he doin' now?
      Eric: 25 to life.

    • Horatio: You're a liar.
      Pedro Salvado: Prove it.
      Horatio: That… is what I do.

    • Horatio: This isn't over.
      Clavo: Lieutenant Caine, the master of the obvious.

  • NOTES (4)


    • Alexx: Fasten your seat belt, it's going to be a bumpy ride.
      An allusion to Bette Davis's famous line from All About Eve - slightly different in that that one was '...it's going to be a bumpy night.' But unmistakable.