CSI: Miami

Season 3 Episode 16

Nothing to Lose

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Feb 21, 2005 on CBS

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  • I want to see this episode again. It was that good. It was exciting from the beginning. I have to say, it was keeping me on the edge of my seat. The group had a lot on thier plate on this one. I almost had to take notes myself.

    I want to see this episode again. It was that good. It was exciting from the beginning. I have to say, it was keeping me on the edge of my seat. The group had a lot on thier plate on this one. I almost had to take notes myself. The home made bullets was a great consept in the show. Calleigh is awesome in the lab, isn't she? Watching this show sure make me not want to go into the Everglades. But at the same time is must be an awesome place to explore. I have to go out and buy this whole series. I like it so well.
  • Nothing to lose

    A fire broke out in the Everglades. A gator is trying to eat a man when the people realize he's got a shot wound. In the Everglades lightening strikes and antoher fire started. The accelerant was ethanol. The boys were running from a bullet. He hijacked Alexx's van. The inmate was found killed. Madison has got AML (Lukemia). A woman was found dead. A man died at the marina. The movie star was shot dead. He was definately a child molester. Yelina found out that Raymond was the father of Madison. Ray finally gets to meet Madison and is going to give blood.
  • Fire in the Everglades, Alexx in danger, homemade buckshot, serial killer on the loose, possible child molester - it's all here in one of the more complex episodes in ages.

    It begins with a corpse that a crocodile's (alligator??? never sure) not too keen to let go of. Alexx and Eric finally get the body only to be stuck as an explosion sparks a freak fire all around them. And that's just the opening.

    The episode has more twists and turns than normal even for CSI. As prisoners are drafted in to help fight the fire and one is killed, things take a sinister turn, especially when one of the prisoners isn't who he's supposed to be. Turns out another guy has swapped wristbands and sent said serial killer on a mission to kill the guy who raped his nine-year old son.

    Meanwhile two college kids are shot whilst supposedly trying to buy hooch from a still run by two cast members from the remake of Deliverance. Calleigh once again gets to have a lot of fun with guns and buckshot to reveal some new evidence.

    And the delicious Alexx is in big trouble, held hostage and forced to help a killer. At last Khandi Alexander gets a meatier role than the usual talking to the corpse stuff and she obviously relishes it.

    As if all this going on wasn't enough, Madison, son of Ray Caine suddenly is stuck down with leukemia and needs a bone marrow donor. Step up Horatio, who takes his glasses off long enough to find out he's not a match. So will all have to be revealed to Yelena?

    Because it's a longer episode than normal, it gives the writers, director and actors the chance to have more scope, and this they take on with a vengeance. The ending is a very James Bondian-like chase through the Everglades on those little fan boat things (I'm sure they have a name, but I'm English - we're lucky if we have pedalos). A shoot out on the water, with helicopters and all manner of angle shots of the action.

    Again the only downside is Caruso's refusal to talk normally. Not everything one says in life is full of import, but he'd read the reheat instructions on a ready meal as though he were talking a plane down.

    A good one though.
  • One of the best episodes in ages, which came out of the blue.

    From fairly standard episodes from the series, this one came out of the blue.

    With the story again featuring how dangerous the glades are and how easily the team can get trapped by fire, the episode started with a bang.

    There were several sub-plots to the main one of the prisoner escape. One being that the identity of the little girl was finally revealed to be Raymond Caine's daughter and she finally got to meet Ray Junior.

    This was really well written as while I was watching it - it didn't seem to go for an hour and a half. The story line moved at a great pace, tying up the necessary ends and completing what would be one of my favourite episodes of the series so far.
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