CSI: Miami

Season 3 Episode 14

One Night Stand

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Feb 07, 2005 on CBS

Episode Recap

A bellman at the Agramonte Hotel brings luggage up to the suite. A man answers from the shower to leave the suitcases by the bed. The bellman takes money from a money clip as the tip, then takes a peak in a suitcase. As he is surprised by its contents, he is shot.

The bellman was killed with a single shot to the head. The luggage brought in, four of five, was taken back out. The hotel is known for catering to cruise passengers, one nighters.

Shower was running full blast when security entered. There is smudge on soap, possible print. One piece of luggage was still left in the lobby. Room was rented to a Fulana Perez, Jane Doe in Cuban. Ryan opens the suitcase, and finds it full of paper. There is also a lock of cut hair in the suitcase: a message.

Calleigh arrives at the hotel and is approached by a man who says his wife, Erica, has been missing since last night.

Another DB (dead body) is found in the service elevator. It is Erica Hanford, the missing wife. There is biological trace on inner thighs and underwear. Eric finds palm prints inside the elevator.

The paper in the suitcase is watermarked with President Grant, as in 50 dollar bills. There is also a security stripe. This is real currency paper. Paper for currency is all made at a company in Dalton, Mass., then put into all kinds of trucks; drivers don't even know what they are carrying. When did this paper go missing? There is a Secret Service agent at reception, maybe he knows. Agent Elliot approaches Horatio. A Dalton truck was hit on its way to Texas, now they know where the paper is. Agent Elliot claims jurisdiciton.

Alexx is going through the elevator girl. She finds human tissue caught in the teeth of the victim. The cause of death was laryngeal edema, leading to cardiovascular collapse. Her body reacted to an outside substance. She was very allergic to something.

Ryan smokes prints from the suitcase. No hits come up in AFIS. Horatio suggests running them in State Department and Customs because half of the tourists are foreigners and they would have to check with immigration. They get a hit, not a tourist but a Cuban exile, Juan Fernandez. His print was also found on the currency truck that was hit. Juan admits he did attack the truck, moved the paper to the suitcases, and dropped the bags at the hotel, but that was it.

Semen on the elevator woman was from a single donor, but not the husband. Same DNA as skin found in the mouth. No vagital tear, so sex could have been consensual.

Tom Hanford, the husband, recounts last night. A couple invited them to a "friction" party going on, where couples would get to know other couples. No sex was the rule, just touching and rubbing. There was a raw bar with oyster shooters, which were supposedly aphrodisiac. Tom wanted his wife to have some fun. The party was at the penthouse of the hotel. Calleigh tests the remains of the oyster shooters and finds them all spiked with aspirin, which the wife apparently was allergic to. The only person who could have known about the allergy is the husband. He admits they did have an argument over wanting to leave, but he denies spiking the drinks and denies killing his wife.

Ryan talks to a taxi driver who says no way could a cab carry four of the suitcases that size, unless an illegal cabbie with a van did the job. Ryan goes to a payphone and calls the numbers stuck around the phone, asking for a van large enough to carry the luggage. Ryan gets to the one driver with a vehicle large enough, who reluctantly gives the address to where he took the guy with the luggage.

The address is a warehouse. Horatio and Ryan enter and find high-tech copying machines. Horatio hears a sizzling noise. Horatio spots a smoking bomb hanging from the ceiling, and they run and exit just as it explodes.

They re-enter to check out the remains, and hear something. They find Bart Jameson, barely alive. There is green ink, color of money, on rope which were tying him. He is the printer. In his wallet is a photo of a girl. Jameson says that the photo is of her daughter and nothing else, but Horatio figures from the lock of hair that his daughter is being held hostage. Jameson is not willing to say who did this. Horatio and Ryan go to Jameson's house and finds a man holding the girl by the gun. Horatio tries to coax the man to let go of the girl, and gets close enough to shoot at him to save her. Father and daughter are now back together. Bart Jameson does not know who the man is. He is still frightened; the bad guys are still out there.

Calleigh and Eric process a couple at the friction party about to leave on their cruise. The husband, Mitch Lockhart, admits having some sex, some bite and fight, in the elevator with Erica. The wife, Halle Lockhart, is disgusted when he finds out Mitch had sex with another woman. But she says she never saw the woman before, and she was never in the service elevator. However, the palm print found in the elevator belongs to her. She admits she went into the service elevator to get some excitement, "E", from Billy, a cute boy, in the basement. Calleigh notices that the marriage band on Halle is not a match to that of Mitch. Halle admits that she and Mitch are not married to each other. She is really Halle Webber from Ohio. Once a year, she leaves home and gets together with Mitch to have fun. Her real husband doesn't know about this.

Horatio looks over the remains from the bombed warehouse. Ryan informs him that the explosive used was same as dynamite. Bomb makers are creative and tend to leave their signature. They find a ciagrette filter used as an insulator. They look up the database and find that the filter is the signature for a past bomber, Eddie Michaelson. Eddie has a timing device on his wrist, which is a violation of his parole. In addition, he made the bomb which blew up the warehouse, attempted murder. Before a deal is made, Eddie must remake the face of the man who hired him. The man is the van driver, Damon Barker. Ryan is upset that he had let Barker go. Horatio tells Ryan to calm down and to recall the first rule of survival, hands and eyes. Ryan recalls a Catcher's marina parking permit on the dash. Horatio tells Ryan to go.

Calleigh and Frank question Billy, who says he only gave Halle aspirin. A lot of aspirin, which she ground because she said she had a hard time swallowing. Halle had lied about where she came from; there is no hit in the Ohio database. Calleigh suggests trying Indiana, where Erica was from. There is a hit. Halle Webber and Erica were from the same town.

Calleigh arrests Halle just as she was boarding the cruise. There is aspirin on the back of Halle's locket, which she used to grind the aspirin. Halle had run into Erica at the party. Erica had a big mouth, and Halle knew of Erica's allergy, so she doused every oyster shooter with aspirin, to protect her family.

Horatio checks out how the prints from the hotel room are going. Not too good, but there is still the soap. Ryan finds the pirate cab in the marina, with padlocks from Customs and Border Protection inside.

With CBP's new gamma ray imaging technology, the containers at the port are scanned, and the four suitcases are found. The container is padlocked, which it shouldn't be yet. The suitcases are full of counterfeit 50 dollar bills. They find Barker, bound for Cuba separately from the suitcases.

The shower soap shows prints from Juan, the first guy. Juan had not only dropped the luggage, but also killed the bellman. Juan asks for a deal, and Horatio tells him to write down the name of the contact person inside.

Horatio gives the name to Agent Elliot. Horatio sees Bart Jameson being taken in by the feds. Horatio tells Agent Elliot that if the feds ever wanted access to the lab here, then Bart Jameson goes free. Agent Elliot reluctantly agrees. Bart Jameson is taken home to be with his daughter.