CSI: Miami

Season 3 Episode 14

One Night Stand

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Feb 07, 2005 on CBS



  • Trivia

    • Goof: During many scenes The MDPD logos on the hummers keep disappearing and reappearing.

    • Goof: About 10 minutes into the episode, Agent Elliott says "32 bills per sheet, 3000 sheets." Horatio responds "that's 10 million dollars." However 96,000 $50 bills would be $4.8 million. $100 bills would make his statement approximately correct.

  • Quotes

    • Frank: The room is rented to a...Fulana Perez.
      (Horatio and Ryan laugh slightly)
      Frank: What's so funny?
      HoratioFulana Perez, Frank, is cuban for Jane Doe.
      Ryan: Fulana means so and so.

    • Tripp: Tell me again where you mislaid your wife?

    • (Horatio and SS Agent Elliot have a turf war)
      SS Agent Peter Elliot: He's a federal prisoner now, printed over 10 million in counterfeit money and obstructed the investigation.
      Horatio: Yeah, in an attempt to help his family.
      Elliot: Need I remind you I represent the Federal Government?
      Horatio: And do I need to remind you that your lab in DC is over a thousand miles from here, if you want access to my lab...
      Elliot: Are you trying to bar us?
      Horatio: Put it this way I can make things very difficult for you.
      (Elliot signals his men to release the suspect)
      Elliot: I won't forget this.
      Horatio: I'm counting on it.

    • Eric: They were counterfeiting their way into the american dream.
      Calleigh: I guess they picked the wrong city, didn't they?

    • (Horatio and Ryan have a suspect cornered at the docks)
      Horatio: You're under arrest.
      Ryan: Counterfeiting, explosives, attempted murder.
      Horatio: And that's just for starters.

    • (Horatio and Ryan barely make it out of an exploding warehouse)
      Horatio: Know the bomb, know the bomber.

    • (Calleigh interrogates a suspect)
      Calleigh: Miss Lockhart this is going to sound strange, but most people have somewhat matching wedding bands, you're wearing a heir loom, his is gold.
      Miss Lockhart: We're married... just not to each other.

    • Eric: Could death have been accidental?
      Alexx: Maybe, but to leave a woman the way we found her, you've got to be guilty of something.

    • (Alex finds a piece of penile skin in a victim's mouth)
      Eric: So there was a fight or just bad oral hygiene?
      Alexx: Or just bad oral.
      Eric: No comments.

    • (a truck transporting money paper has been hijacked)
      SS Agent Peter Elliot: Lt. Caine...
      Horatio: Agent Elliot I believe this is record time for you.
      Elliot: A leak in the money supply line will do that... we knew the Dalton truck was hijacked on it's way to Texas earlier this week, just didn't know where the paper ended up, 32 bills per sheet, 3000 sheets-
      Horatio: That's... 10 million dollars.
      Elliot: Roughly, we got a suspect?
      Horatio: We're still working on it.
      Elliot: I have jurisdiction here.
      Horatio: Don't we all... Agent.

    • Calleigh: Two bodies, one hotel... any connection.
      Det. Frank Tripp: Saturday during cruise season.
      Calleigh: Say no more.

    • Det. Frank Tripp: This time of the year, half the hotels on columns are booked through a cruise line, population of Miami goes up up 30.000 a night.
      Horatio: Just like... our list of suspects

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