CSI: Miami

Season 4 Episode 25

One of Our Own

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM May 22, 2006 on CBS

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  • A disapointing episode

    I was looking forward to this episode, but it turned out to be a big mess, with no real CSI mystery, and hardly nothing making sense or fitting in together.

    Here's just a short list of what didn't make sense:

    1. Why did Riaz hire someone to boobytrap the BBQ? Presumably it was to kill a CSI, but how would he know the CSIs were coming, given that he didn't plan for all his people to be killed by the angry Afghan arms dealer?

    2. Why did Riaz want to shoot down a plane? This was never explained...

    3. It's also never explained why Riaz personally (not the Mela Noche, but this person specifically) wants to kill the CSIs and their families. Clearly all he and the Mela Noche got for this is more CSIs and police chasing them, so what's the point? Wouldn't it make more sense to threaten first?

    4. Why would Riaz pick a fight with a heavily armed Afghan arms dealer? I could understand Riaz making one mistake, but he made so many mistakes in this episode, it simply makes no sense. If he was such an idiot all his life, how did he survive until now? :-)

    5. The whole FBI investigation of the lab made no sense. Clearly, stealing the money was one person's job and not a lab conspiracy, so why did they act like it was a conspiracy, threaten Caine to shut down the lab, etc.? And at the end, it simply doesn't make sense that the DA was the thief. It doesn't make sense that she is willing to risk her job (and her freedom) just to get rid of Caine - and it also doesn't make sense that she'll think that what she did will even get Caine dismissed, since it was obvious it wasn't he who stole the money.

    6. Maybe this belongs in a review of the previous episode, but I still can't get over Caruzo's bad acting with all that Marisol business. At no point does it look like he loves her, or even cares about her. In this episode he seems to care more that a police officer is killed, than his wife was killed.
  • A decent finale with an interesting ending, leaving many possibilities for next season.

    Tonight's season finale opens with several Mal Noche men getting gunned down at one of their homes. The killer isn't shown, but the gun he uses is an automatic weapon.

    We cut to Horatio, Delko, and Frank examining the scene. None of the dead Mal Noche members are the one they're looking for, Antonio Riaz, the man who put out the hit on Marisol. Officer Jessop comes by and asks Frank who they're looking for, and he's briefed. He then tells Frank that he'll go and look around. As he searches the gas grill unit, he opens the cabinet door below, setting off a grenade by accident. It sends Officer Jessop flying into the air, killing him.

    After the credits roll, we join Alexx taking a look at Officer Jessop's body. She pulls a grenade pin out of Jessop's back. Attached is a piece of string, making it obvious that this was a booby trap. Elsewhere at the scene, Calleigh and Wolfe talk about Jessop. Jessop started patrol just as Wolfe was leaving it. Calleigh examines one of the gun shells left behind by the killer. The bullets are Russian, likely fired by an AK.

    At the crime lab, we see a number of federal agents getting off of the elevator. They make their way through the lab and talk to some of the lab techs and then end up in Maxine Valera's office and ask her to come with them for questioning. She would like to grab a few files, but one of the agents doesn't want her to touch anything. As they walk down the hallway, people look on, thinking she did something illegal. Dan Cooper comes out and tells Natalia that Maxine Valera must have been the mole, but she doesn't buy it.

    Elsewhere in the lab, Delko briefs Horatio on Jessop's body. The explosives used was TNT, which makes sense, as it was a grenade which killed him. Delko has also tried to reconstruct the bomb, and he's concluded that when Jessop pulled open the cabinet door, he set off the grenade because there was a piece of fishing line connecting the door and the grenade pin. Delko then does a search to see if this matches any other bombings in the past. He's fortunate to come up with a result, a Mala Noche gang member, Carlos Santigo. He used a similar bomb on December 19th, 2005 in Tampa. He was deported, but it seems he may be back.

    As Ryan Wolfe enters the an evidence collection room, he finds to people looking through evidence, and he's not sure who they are. A woman steps forward and identifies herself as Special Agent Heather Landrey. Ryan Wolfe isn't too thrilled about the feds being around the lab right now, so he explains how he's got evidence to process in regards to Officer Jessop's murder. In response, she tells him that she'll have to escort him with the evidence to make sure no one tampers with it. The other agent in the room comes across an envelope of evidence and hands it to Special Agent Heather Landrey. Wolfe's not pleased about them taking important evidence like that out of the box it was originally in. Special Agent Heather Landrey tells Wolfe that they received a tip from someone that someone had tampered with the evidence.

    In a separate room at the lab, Maxine Valera is questioned by one of the feds, Special Agent Perry, I believe. It's revealed that she didn't follow protocol. She didn't count the money in the evidence envelope. After hearing from Wolfe that the feds have moved in on the lab, Horatio stops by and talks to one of the agents. Horatio doesn't want them there and frankly tells him that he wants them out. We learn that the tipster has informed the feds that $12,000 is missing from the evidence envelope. Delko enters the scene and tells Horatio that airport security has nabbed Carlos Santigo.

    In the interrogation room that Valera was being questioned in, Horatio and Delko question Carlos Santigo. He was arrested at the airport because he had TNT residue on his left hand. Santigo tells them that he doesn't know anything about any bombs, but quickly changes his story when he learns that an officer was killed by a bomb. He admits that Riaz told him to do one final job, rig the gas grill with a bomb. He assures them that he didn't know a police officer was the target. They then ask him about where Riaz, but Santigo doesn't know where he's at, because the exchange of money was done via a wire transfer. Delko quickly gets out of his chair and moves the table a bit, scaring Santigo. Delko wants to know where Riaz is right now. Riaz is believed to be the one who called for the hit on Delko's sister, Marisol.

    In the lab, Calleigh is bagging up some evidence to move to another part of the lab. She's being shadowed by Special Agent Heather Landrey, who steps out of the room to use the restroom. Calleigh walks over and talks to Horatio. She tells him that the weapon used to kill the Mala Noche was Russian, which the Mala Noche don't use. This means an outsider is responsible for this. Monica West enters the scene and asks Horatio about why he's asking for Memmo Fierro to be transferred. He tells her that he'd like to speak to Memmo about Marisol's death. She warns him about making the situation any worse than it already is. Calleigh has made her way back to the lab and is then joined by Peter Elliott. He's a little surprised by all of the feds in the building. She tells them about the $12,000 that is reportedly missing. Calleigh is then asked to come in for questioning.

    Across town, Horatio joins Memmo Fierro. He wants information on Antonio Riaz's location, but Memmo wants protection in return. Memmo tells Horatio that he knows a man who may know where Riaz is, Rafik Omad. They did some business together, and Rafik Omad has a warehouse on Dodge Island.

    The Miami Dade PD enter Rafik Omad's warehouse to search for any weapons. Rafik tells them that he ships decorative vases. One of the officers enters from another portion of the warehouse with a large automatic weapon, likely the same one used to kill the Mala Noche gang members.

    Back in the interrogation room, Calleigh is being questioned by one of the agents. He doesn't go for the normal questions, he brings up personal matters, such as Calleigh's boyfriend's suicide and her father's drinking problems. Calleigh's less than thrilled with the line of questioning, so she tries to get him to change the subject. It works and they talk about normal procedures for evidence collection of money. She tells him that she photographed the money, counted it twice, and write down each serial number. She hands him her notes from the scene, which includes all serial numbers and photographs of the money.

    After the interview, Calleigh and Maxine Valera talk in the hallway about being questioned. Calleigh's surprised by how much information the agents have on them. Valera's concerned about being accused of taking the money, since she didn't follow procedure, neglecting to count the money and write down the serial numbers. Aaron Peters is then shown being escorted to the interrogation room, so the feds are still are still looking for the guilty party.

    Back to the interrogation room, we see Aaron Peters being questioned. He tells the fed that he followed all procedures. The agent then brings up the fact that Aaron didn't follow up on a report from a while back. He was concerned about Delko being in the crime lab when they were investigating a case involving Marisol. Aaron was concerned that Delko may have tampered with something. He tells the agent that the situation worked itself out. The agent asks Aaron if there were anyone in the lab that he would think would do something illegal like stealing the $12,000.

    We immediately cut to Ryan Wolfe being questioned. It seems like Aaron pointed the finger at Wolfe. Wolfe was the last one to leave initials on the envelope of evidence, so it looks like he was the last to handle it. The agent questioning him then brings up the idea that Wolfe has an eye problem. Wolfe knows that he only told one or two people about this as a test to find the mole, and it seems he/she told the feds.

    After the interview, Wolfe confronts Dan Cooper in the hallway. He pushes him up against the wall and accuses him of being the mole. Dan tells him that he had a few drinks with some feds a little while ago and he may have said something may have slipped out. Calleigh runs in and tells Wolfe to let him go. By now, a small group of people have formed to watch the confrontation.

    Down at the PD, Rafik Omad is questioned by Horatio and Delko. He tells them that Riaz was paid to do something for him and he never delivered on it, keeping the money. Rafik went to the Mala Noche house to look for him and he shot the other Mala Noche members when they wouldn't tell him. The transaction took place in the financial district, which has cameras throughout.

    In the lab, Natalia is rushing through and runs into Delko, causing them both to drop the things they have in their hands. While they pick things up, they talk about the feds questioning people. Natalia tells him that she's not been questioned and that she won't be. Delko then pieces things together and realizes she is the mole. He can't believe that during the entire time she's been there, she's been reporting on the lab.

    In the interrogation room, Delko is being questioned by one of the feds, Agent Cole. He tells Agent Cole that he counted and printed all of the money, as accordance to protocol. Agent Cole then brings up all of the problems Delko has had recently, especially with his sister. $12,000 is very tempting, afterall. Delko tells the agent that the information that they got on him is because their mole, Natalia was sleeping with him. He then leaves the room, despite Agent Cole's objection.

    Elsewhere in the lab, Horatio checks in with Dan Cooper, who has been examining the camera footage from the financial district. He was able to find Antonio Riaz in the footage, but he's also with a girl during some of it. Horatio asks Dan to leave and brings in Delko. He's shocked to find that the girl with Riaz is actually Marisol. Neither of them can make any sense of it, so Delko leaves to get Marisol's personal things.

    We cut to Horatio and Delko in the lab. They're looking through Marisol's day planner. They use the date from the camera footage and compare it to the day planner, and the planner says "meet Diego for lunch." Horatio asks Delko to run a search on Antonio Diaz and see if Diego is an alias. Delko quickly does a search on his computer and he verifies that it's an alias. They then grab Diego's phone number from the day planner. Horatio knows that they can trace the phone number via GPS.

    Horatio calls Antonio Riaz on the phone and there's a helicopter in the air. The people in the helicopter is tracking Diaz's location while he and Horatio talk. Diaz clears a few things up for all of us. He wasn't dating Marisol. Instead, he was selling Marisol drugs. Horatio tells him that he'll catch him, but Diaz tells him the only thing he'll see if a "fireball over Miami." The transmission ends before they can get a lock on Diaz's location.

    In the lab, Horatio and Delko examine shrink wrap from Sharif Omad's warehouse. It appears that it belongs to a weapons case, specifically one used to house a shoulder-fired surface-to-air missile.

    We quickly cut to helicopters in the vicinity of the Miami airport. Antonio Diaz has a plane in his sights just as Delko and Horatio arrive. Realizing that if Diaz fired his missile, hundreds of people will die, so Horatio shoots him in the leg. Horatio and Delko walk up to him and Horatio takes too shots at him, which scares him a little. Diaz promises Horatio that if he doesn't die, he will continue to kill people Horatio loves. Delko kicks him in the face instead of shooting him. The police finally arrive to arrest Diaz.

    At the lab, Wolfe is accused of taking the money from the envelope, so he asks to see the evidence against him. He points something out to Special Agent Heather Landrey. There is a second piece of tape over his. Also, there's corn starch powder on the tape. The lab here doesn't use those kinds of gloves because it can contaminate the evidence. They're after the wrong lab!

    Natalia catches up with Calleigh in the hallway. She wants to explain herself, so Calleigh stops walking and allows her to speak. We learn that Natalia only leaked positive news about the lab, nothing negative. Calleigh then receives a call from Wolfe, who thinks he knows who took the money. Calleigh tells him she thinks she knows who called it in. She then leaves Natalia.

    Calleigh catches up with Peter Elliott in the lab. She accuses him of taking the money from the envelope. He wore powdered gloves and returned the evidence envelope $12,000 lighter. He checked out the evidence just recently, so he's the most likely suspect. She asks him why he cane back this morning and pretended to process the evidence. He tells her to put something back. He pulls out a bundle of bills. Calleigh just can't believe this. He won't admit to taking it, however.

    Outside, Peter Elliott talks to his fiance, Monica West. He knows that she took the money. He tells her that she shouldn't have used all of the personal information he told her to start an investigation into the lab like that. She then admits to taking the money to turn the heat up on the lab. Calleigh then enters the scene. She convinced Peter to being a recording device during this discussion, so they have her admission to the theft on tape. Monica isn't exactly happy about this, especially from her fiance, for pete's sake. Two police officers enter and arrest Monica and take her away.

    In the morgue, Wolfe is looking over the body of Officer Jessop. Wolfe places Jessop's badge on his chest and slides him back into the morgue's refrigerator.

    In the cemetery, Horatio is visiting Marisol's grave. He's interrupted by Agent Park. He tells Horatio some very bad news. Riaz has given them some important information about a terror cell and instead of trying him here, they're deporting him. Delko then finds out about Riaz's deportation. They then decide it's time to go after him, even if they have to go all the way to Brazil to get him.

    The season finale was a bit disappointing. There wasn't as much action as I expected there to be. Last week's episode was a bit more action-packed. I'm not that passionate with my rating for tonight's show. It wasn't great and it wasn't bad, it was somewhere in between. The ending was very intriguing. It leaves for a lot of out-of-country possibilities for next season, so we'll just have to wait and see...
  • The death of one of their own.

    This episode set one week after Marisol's death and Horatio, together with his team are still finding Antonio Riaz. While investigating the shooting that results the death of 5 Mala Noche gang member, one of their own is killed--Officer Jessop.

    Later on, you can see FBI is coming in to investigate the stolen $12,000. And later on we learned that Natalia Boa Vista is the mole in the lab, and then everybody hates her.

    What is so interesting about this episode? Let me tell you that-NOTHING! I thought this episode will be great, but I find out that it is boring after watching this episode.
  • The "one of our own" title refers to many revealing plot lines in this season ender.

    One of our own- the cop killed by the grenade, who was the grenade meant for, Riaz had it placed but I'm sure he wasn't planning on having his guys shot and the cops showing up. This is a surprise a loose end in a CSI plot. One of our own- the mole finally revealed, FBI all over the lab, trading sexual favors for information but wait, she never betrayed her friends to the Feds. One of our own- Marisol buying drugs from Riaz, what should have made Delco and H disappointed with her only made them hate Riaz more. One of our own- the DA setting up the lab and her boyfriend in Secret Service for her own agenda. Don't mess with Calleigh and he chain of evidence. I suspended a lot of disbelief but found it fascinating that Riaz was going to blow up a jet with a missile. I guess I'm surprised that this scenario hasn't happened for real.
  • Mesmerised by the pain of others

    This episode has a few sides that are not just notable, but exceptional to say the least.
    First there is the Marisol. Let me as a guy start with the shallow part. Alana is one of the most beautiful women i have ever beheld. Of course, in this series she did get 'the curse'. Becoming the love intterest of the main star is like getting a 'red shirt' role in Star Trek. The producers desperately require a character like Horatio to be single and available. Hence... bye bye Marisol, and having a brother as a starplayer helps it all.

    The deeper part here is that the story has more then one good twist. The main story is that someone we know will get hurt.... a lot. This and the involvement of a drug cartel makes this one hell of a ride.

    As a cliffhanger, this is the best cliffhanger any CSI has ever produced, and i feel certain that we will see a lot more action before long.
  • Graet Finale. Nice conclusion to the 3 part continuation. Although it is continued in Brazil!

    This episode was great. I could do without caruso's cheesey one liners and angle shots. But the show is great so I must keep watching. This episode finally revealed the mole, I never thought it to be NBV. Quite the shocker with the state prosocuter taking the money and framing the lab. The gang leader who killed marisol ends up getting released to Brazil which conclused the finale!

    This episode was great. I could do without caruso's cheesey one liners and angle shots. But the show is great so I must keep watching. This episode finally revealed the mole, I never thought it to be NBV. Quite the shocker with the state prosocuter taking the money and framing the lab. The gang leader who killed marisol ends up getting released to Brazil which conclused the finale!
  • Someone dies, Horatio vows revenge. Where have we seen that before?

    The fact of the matter is that this was supposed to be a season finale. It felt like there was forced suspence with the cheap music and scarce dialogue. The plot line of the episode has been done over and over again in this series and with always the same outcome. At least Horatio's wife is out of the series now. It didnt even see that he loved her. I thought he just pitied her because she was sick and married her to make her last months happy ones. Their relationship wasnt even documented that well in the series. I thought it wasnt taken seriously enough and that it was rushed. The mole in the department was caught. It wasnt a big suprize, in my books, because it was the newest member of the team. Big honkin' deal.
  • I've seen better episodes, but...

    The new girl ends up being the mole, no real surprise there.

    Horatio's wife, Delko's sister, dies...

    Horatio and Delko vow to put the murderer away, even if it means going to Rio de Janeiro...

    In some ways, both are predictable. In other ways, it's not.

    I'm sorry to see that Marisol will no longer be in Horatio's life, but I could never really see Horatio married in the first place. He's really a loner, both professionally and personally (in my opinion), and tends to help others before letting them take care of him.

    I don't recall anyone, before Marisol, that was able to reach Horatio on a deeper level, not even his brother's mistress & child.
  • They found the mole...and I find that I don't really care.

    After months of waiting, after all those episodes where they hint about "the mole"... There's a mole in the department, we've got to find the mole. After Ryan testing seemingly everyone in the entire lab with false information. After miscues and false leads and me praying to God that the mole is Natalia so they'll fire her and Calleigh and Ryan can get together like God intended, the mole was finally revealed.

    *drum roll*

    It's Natalia. I am so surprised. This is my surprised face.

    There wasn't even a big reveal. No showdown in the lab with the mole and all the CSIs. No shouting match in the halls. Just Natalia telling Delko, "Hey, guess what, I'm the mole." And as glad as I am that I was totally right and it is Natalia, I really wish she could have had it out with one or more of the CSIs. She tried to explain herself to Calleigh, but Calleigh just ignored her. I think Ryan should have yelled at her the way he yelled at Cooper for telling the Feds about his eye. Because she obviously used Delko and Ryan - slept with them to get information - and I so wanted the two of them to just have at her.

    Also, the whole confrontation between Horatio and the guy that ordered the hit on Marisol was really anticlimactic. And then the Feds just let him go! Fat chance. He's a notorious gang leader who killed a cop's wife and who knows how many other people. They're not just going to let him go. Okay, so they didn't let him go, but they basically did, deporting him to Brazil. You know they just wanted a reason for Horatio to go down to Brazil next season (season premiere, I'm telling you) so that he could reunite with his brother.

    And they killed someone. Granted, it was a recurring character who was in maybe five episodes, but is it necessary to kill someone in the season finale? "CSI: Miami" does that a lot. 3rd season premiere, Speed dies. 3rd season finale, Hagen dies. 4th season finale, Jessop dies. Are you noticing a pattern here? Who's gonna kick it in the 5th season premiere?

    At least it didn't upset me as much as the "CSI" finale.
  • Horatio's wife dies, everyone wants revenge, people are unhappy with each other, Boa Vista turns out to be the mole. Not the best episode of CSI: Miami yet.

    Unfortunately, for a "shocking" season finale, I wasn't very shocked. I do like CSI: Miami, can even stand Caruso's corny lines, but I absolutely hated this episode. And I also have the feeling they kill off the most people in CSI: Miami out of any CSI. The beginning was hard to follow, I lost track of where things were going, and I just plain out hated the blandness of the season finale. And why the heck are they going to Brazil or wherever? And the most pathetic thing I have seen in these two episodes has got to be David Caruso AKA Horatio Caine is married to Marisol Caine for less than an hour on the show. They don't even kiss in those two episodes. They only hold hands and say corny dramatic stuff. I am not sure if I want to watch the fifth season.
  • So predictable and goofy. More funny poses from Horation Caine. The only reason I'm giving this an 8 is beacuse I'm not concerned with quality of what I watch.

    I think Horatio Caine has some kind of nervous fidgeting disorder. Every time he talks to somebody he keeps turning sideways to them and doesn't stand still. He was talking to the FBI head and I was laughing how many times he turned his body sideways from left to right to left, probably 15 times in the whole scene every time he said something or camera view changed. Delco's sister buying dime-bags from a crime lord of that caliber. I imagine a person like him would be sitting in a mansion by the pool all day, pulling the strings. The crime lord using the surface to air missile is stupid, just like the last season finale, some thwarted terrorist attack, not at all exciting last season or this one. Now it's up to Delco and Horatio to go to Brazil and probably use a sniper rifle to shoot the crime lord from a hill. Oh, well, Gibbs in NCIS did that too. I feel like this show is using the same old cliches over and over, especially borrowing from other TV shows.
  • Just to perdictable for me.

    Talk about awful writing! What were they thinking! This episode was so perdictable that it made the show so painful to watch. It took me a matter of about 2 minutes who was going to die, who the mole was, and that the ADA was actually a rat. I am new viewer of CSI: Miami and if this kind writing keeps up, I won't be watching much more of it. When it comes to lame season finales, CSI: Miami may have actually taken the prize as up until I watched this episode, I thought Law & Order: SVU had the prize hands down.
  • The mole thing got stupid

    A state attorney risking her career by stealing gang money was so stupid. Name one person who would do that? The mole turning out to be what's her name was completely predictable. The headstone of Caine's wife was a huge goof. Sorry to see the cute cop bite the dust.
  • This show gets worse and worse. I guess I have to choose silly, since they don't offer a choice of pathetic. When a supposed drama leaves you howling in laughter due to the poor acting and worse writing, it's gone beyond camp and is time for cancellatio

    I know all the diehard Caine fans will hate me for the suggestion, but maybe season 5 is not worthwhile. Or perhaps it can be turned into a half-hour sit-com. But either way the show needs to find some competent writers because the crew they've got now are beyond pathetic. So Caine's wife/Delko's sister was hanging out with bad guys and nobody knew? What does that say about Caine's rush to marriage? And how about that scene where he admits he didn't even know his wife three months earlier? Are we to believe that a gang lord of that level is selling dime bags of pot on the street to sick girls? Wasn't that the reason Delko was copping for her, because she was such an innocent she didn't know how to do it for herself? But now we are told she was hanging out with someone of this caliber? And then the lab scenes. Does anyone think they can mouth off to Feds like that? How about that graveyard scene at the end? And the season-long mole ploy... first it turns out that the obvious mole only said good things, the less obvious mole was just gossiping over drinks and the obscure mole candidate was pillow-talking to his irrational lunatic girl-friend. Those aren't plot twists. That's chaos ad ridiculum.
  • Exciting, Pivotal, and Tied-Up

    This episode had a little bit of everything. I think we finally see Calleigh getting rid of her amorous feelings for the Finance Guy, specially after he put her lab at risk.

    I was sad to see that Marisol died, It was very strange when she was found cavorting with the enemy though.

    The excitement of the episode peaked out when the plane was almost shot down, I did NOT see that coming, although they did preface it with the phrase "they'll do anything for the right price"

    The writers tied up a lot of the mal noche plot really well with this, yet still left enough of it open to create more and more situations.

    Obviously this was a pivotal episode, as it revealed the mole (although I still think there's a leak in the Dept), as well as pretty much sticking it to the Feds, (who've essentially wasted their time on the entire matter).

    Well done finale, I'm really looking forward to spending a little time in Brazil with the cast and crew.
  • we could review most of the big issues of the show through out this episode

    It was a very special episode! Very well written! Several twisting and turning outcomes are consisted but we could also review most of the out standing issues in the show through out this episode.

    Too sad to see the good looking officer as Jessop died at the beginning, I was hoping to see his character’s development in the show since Delko keep loosing his charm and Wolf is getting fat! Too bad, officer Jessop is dead.

    Unlike the season finale of other CSI programs, CSI Miami did not have any main members injured in the hospital. However, I did not feel much of the excitement from this episode since the dramas of CSI Miami mostly involved with the livings of the leading roles.
  • An excellent episode that was let down by a lack of creativity in relation to the Mole.

    The Conclusion of Season 4 of CSI: Miami certainly lived up to my expectations in all but one single area: The Mole. The Writers ended up going for the most obvious choice for the mole in Season newcomer Natalya, they could have swerved the story in so many ways but instead opted for someone who seemed far too blatantly obvious to the viewer to really be the mole. With the \"evil\" District Attourney and Calliegh\'s ex, two more new characters this season being involved, it feels like the writers specifically wrote in all these characters just for the mole storyline. It would have been find had they turned out to be \"Red Herrings\" but with all of them involved and unlikely to return next season; it seems like a complete waste of tv time that 3 characters were built up all season only to be easily written out under one storyline.

    Aside from that, the episode was very good. The FBI investigation of the crime lab kept me guessing about the mole until the revelation and The contiuation of the Horatio/Delko revenge plot carrying over into next season should make for some good TV come september!
  • It was pretty good but not like super great. I like how we finally found the mole but it was not that exciting the rest of it.

    It was OK. Not a great season finale but still pretty good. I think the last episode should have been a season finale it was much more exciting than this one. Actually hardly anything happened here. The mole was found out but i knew it was her all along. it was pretty obvious. She was the only one who was a big enough character for it to matter but not such a big character that it ruins the whole show if she is the mole.

    I find this show is pretty confusing sometimes and very unrealistic but i like it anyways.
  • Mole finally found out

    Loved it when the team stood up to the arrogant feds
    Wished that either Ryan or Eric would had hauled off and deck the jerky agent that was interrogating them
    But Caine is cool, calm, and collected and wished not just he told them to "Beat it" but showed them where the door was and not to let the door hit them in the butt
    Dan Cooper seems to be a little more human and hope he becomes a more regular character as I like him a lot
    Didn't you notice there was some sexual tension between Ryan and Agent Heather?
  • We're going to Brazil!

    I can't wait for next season to start. This was a really good episode. The case starts out with a hit on some Mala Noche members and a familiar officer is killed while helping in the investigation. They find the guy responsible for this hit and learn they owed him some money thus leading them to the financial district. They get the video of the area and learn Marisol had contact with the guy who killed her, but they soon learn she was just a pawn in the guys plan and she never knew anything other than he was buying her "pot" for her. I thought Horatio and Delko did a good job handling the Mala Noche and even though they find the guy responsible for killing Marisol, they could not stoop low enough to kill him. Something they might regret since the Fed's are deporting him.

    ALso, the Fed'd have took over the lab due to missing money, everyone is questioned. Ryan discovers someone opened the package with powdered gloves which is something they dont due and Boa Vista tells Eric she is the mole. THat gets around and Calliegh runs into her. Boa Vista tells her she had know choice in this that she didn't want to do it and that she never gave them info on the lab. It clicks with Calliegh who stole the money. While Boa Vista may have been put there by the Feds, she was a mole, but not the one out to get the lab.
  • Not bad.

    Possible spoilers!

    Well the ending left me wondering if they really will be going to Brazil to do some shooting for the next season of csi miami. Now we know what part Boa Vista played she shouldn't be having a fun time in the next season if she continues. Poor Valera getting drilled for no reason and Jessop noooooooooooo!
    I still believe that Brendan Fehr (Dan Cooper) should have gotten the part of Ryan Wolfe, but who cares now. Hopefully Brendan will continue on in season 5. Delko and Horatio they make a good team and I hope they get that guy. Hoping Calleigh gets that agent guy now that he's back on the market.
    It wasn't a great episode, it didn't have much suspense like some episodes from season 3 that were 90 minutes long and I just hope they decide to put an end to Horatio's posing in the upcoming season. I must admit there were some great new shots of Miami in this episode, very nice indeed.
  • Part two of two parts of the season finale. The mole is outed, Feds check out the lab, and Mrs. Horatio Caine's killer is caught, but wait ...!

    I really like this show a lot, but I think the networks are starting to look at the quest for advertising dollars here more than they want good stories and satisfied viewers. Everything this evening was so pat, so formulaic, so been-there-done-that. I hate using that expression so much, but I had deja vu feelings the entire time. I felt bad that the law enforcement officer died; on the other hand, I've used grenades, and I've heard that "click" sound, so would he not have heard it, too, and pitched it into the water? Then we have the Feds coming into the lab, mucking around in everyone's business. I'm amazed people didn't get detained for mouthing off to them, too, because the Feds don't play. They've got The Power, they know it, they're often obnoxious about it, end of story. There was the obligatory missing money story, which got solved rather poorly, I thought. Lots of shooting, shouting, high emotions, and revenge tonight. Then, just when you thought it was all done, we have Caine & Delko probably going to Brasil next season to see Justice Being Done. Sigh. I guess I'm jaded, but tonight's episode didn't seem especially good. I'm sure others will disagree; so be it.
  • To Live and Die in...Miami?

    Felt like an 80's movie to me.

    Question: If Eric's name is actually Delektorsky, then why does it say "Marisol Delko Caine" on the headstone?

    Who didn't know who the mole was?

    And back to the headstone, do you really think the feds would show up at a dead woman's grave WITH the man responsible for her death to let the husband know the killer won't be tried?

    Whoever wrote the scene where Caine throws the feds out (Beat it!) has obviously never worked with them. Not only wouldn't they have left, they would've taken over the whole lab.

    The first season was so promising...maybe that's why I'm so hurt
  • Part 2 of the Season 4 finale. Horatio and Eric are still searching for the man who is responsible for Marisol’s death. Back at the lab, overrun with FBI agents, the mole is found out.

    This is the best episode of Miami that I have ever watched. I also believe this was the best season finale of the shows that I do watch, expertly done. I will start with the bad first, mainly because there isn’t much. I felt rushed through the episode, and I know I will have to watch it again to catch everything. There seemed to be a lot of skipping around, that seemed confusing at first. That aside, the plot was EXCELLENT!!! I had my suspicion throughout the season that Natalia Boa Vista may have been the mole, but then I would change my mind. I love the way the mole subplot unraveled throughout the episode, changing your mind from person to person, then not caring about the mole and caring who took the money. It was fantastic. Seeing Marisol with the man responsible for her death made you think, but then her honor was reinstalled. The twists and turns were phenomenal. Then to have Horatio and Eric do the right thing at the end and NOT kill Antonio Riaz, made my heart swell. They could have that much pain and anger inside, and still do the right thing, even though everyone of us wanted them to kill him. Justification comes at the end, when it’s hinted they WILL get their revenge, and us another reason to look forward to next season, I know I can’t wait already and it’s only been over for 16 mins!!!
  • We out who the mole is and so much more...

    This show is one of the best and this episode proves it. It was an amazing way to end the season. I had my thoughts on who the mole was but it's still a shock once found out. The actors were great in showing both their surprise and hurt at the revelation. I loved Calleigh in this one. I couldn't believe who stole the money and how they caught the perp. It was a good way to end.
    Calleigh is always calm and collected and that's what I like about her, but when Ryan loses it and pins Dan Cooper to the wall, she screams and tells them to forget about it. That was just great! We get to see another side of her.
    This was an emotional episode for Horatio, Eric and Ryan. H and Eric both lost a loved one recently and it's hard to get to terms with it, especially when they see her on an old video surveillance with 'the enemy'.It shocks them, but it's soon explained. Ryan lost an old partner and although it's hard on everyone it seems to affect him the most.
    I love the ending. "We're going to Brazil."
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