CSI: Miami

Season 4 Episode 25

One of Our Own

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM May 22, 2006 on CBS

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  • A disapointing episode

    I was looking forward to this episode, but it turned out to be a big mess, with no real CSI mystery, and hardly nothing making sense or fitting in together.

    Here's just a short list of what didn't make sense:

    1. Why did Riaz hire someone to boobytrap the BBQ? Presumably it was to kill a CSI, but how would he know the CSIs were coming, given that he didn't plan for all his people to be killed by the angry Afghan arms dealer?

    2. Why did Riaz want to shoot down a plane? This was never explained...

    3. It's also never explained why Riaz personally (not the Mela Noche, but this person specifically) wants to kill the CSIs and their families. Clearly all he and the Mela Noche got for this is more CSIs and police chasing them, so what's the point? Wouldn't it make more sense to threaten first?

    4. Why would Riaz pick a fight with a heavily armed Afghan arms dealer? I could understand Riaz making one mistake, but he made so many mistakes in this episode, it simply makes no sense. If he was such an idiot all his life, how did he survive until now? :-)

    5. The whole FBI investigation of the lab made no sense. Clearly, stealing the money was one person's job and not a lab conspiracy, so why did they act like it was a conspiracy, threaten Caine to shut down the lab, etc.? And at the end, it simply doesn't make sense that the DA was the thief. It doesn't make sense that she is willing to risk her job (and her freedom) just to get rid of Caine - and it also doesn't make sense that she'll think that what she did will even get Caine dismissed, since it was obvious it wasn't he who stole the money.

    6. Maybe this belongs in a review of the previous episode, but I still can't get over Caruzo's bad acting with all that Marisol business. At no point does it look like he loves her, or even cares about her. In this episode he seems to care more that a police officer is killed, than his wife was killed.