CSI: Miami

Season 9 Episode 20

Paint It Black

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Apr 17, 2011 on CBS

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  • Horatio and the team investigate a murder of a female student at Dade University. In the course of interviewing the deceased's roommate Monica, Horatio soon finds out that Monica may be hiding a secret.

    Once I found out what Alexis/Monica's secret was, I predicted that the episode would be a retread of a plot device we have seen an infinite number of times. One personality is the nicest person in the world, the other is a total nutcase who would kill you if you looked at them funny (So therefore the killer has been found.). Thankfully I was wrong. "Paint it Black" avoided the aforementioned cliches and delivered one of the most entertaining episodes of the season. It has a very sharply written script that did a very good job of holding my interest.
  • 9x20

    good, but not exellent, I mean, I totally agree with all of the people who says this is one of the more interesting plots ever, it was original and very creepy but, the problem here is the way in wich it was developed, for the first twenty minutes, I found this episode very boring, it becomes catchy very late so that´s the main reason why I´m not giving it a good score. however, I liked the split personality plot and I would like to see more thins like these in future episodes.

    P.D: I´m from venezuela, I´m not an expert writing in english, please forgive my mistakes
  • Really freaky and really, really good!

    This was really great! I jumped from suspecting that the boyfriend was the killer to Monica simply lying and pretending to be innocent and sweet. Then I really thought that Alexis was the killer. As usual I was wrong. However, using the whole schizophrenia was cool and will make this episode memorable.

    I also like how Delko bonded with Monica/Alexis rather than Horatio, like usual. Sure, he bonded with her too but for once he wasn't the only one.

    I would have loved to see more Calleigh, but maybe the writers are going easy on her still (because of Emily Procter's quite recent child birth). I just hope they start giving her more time soon, because it's almost so little that you forget that she's even in the episode.

    I really wish Miami could do more freaky episodes like this, it put some extra "spice" on the show!
  • painters

    Story line was different and interesting, directing and acting were good. It is always sad when a life is lost because of someone else's selfish reasons. In this episode, a girl was murdered helping Alexis (her friend and roommate) overcome the mental illness but someone in their school didn't want Alexis (the painter) to get well.. It is a story of misplaced value. In this case, talent was valued more over the life of the painter, and at the cost of a life. Acting was good because you can see and feel the passion expressed by Bonavista towards the case when she called one of the suspects 'you stupid fool!'. It was a good episode.