CSI: Miami

Season 8 Episode 8

Point of Impact

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Nov 16, 2009 on CBS

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  • awful

    csi miami jumping the shark at its best, what are the writers thinking???

    I used to like the first seasons of this show, but with every episode one realizes that the writers had to be stoned, a lot of the recent episodes like this one makes no sense, maybe the show is aiming at giving you a more scientific feels to it?

    but like c'mon, every character that appeared is now a suspect? and a 14yr old is the driver, put a single eye to get the shock effect? it's really too much, and all I get to see lately is images, are they trying to get an artistic feel to it?
  • Not a great episode, and noticing a trend this season

    It seems since Jesse and Walter have joined the cast, the writers have at times made Ryan appear clueless, petty and lazy. While the others seem to be quite knowledge about different forensic procedures, Ryan is made to stand there and look puzzled as things are explained to him. The scene where Ryan seems more concerned with eating lunch than determining how the accident occurred was painful, even more so when Walter (whom I l think is great) proceeds to educate him in procedures that Ryan should be aware of. The episode earlier where Ryan thinks he can fool the agricultural farm owner to allow the team to investigate the grounds illegally, only to be shown up again is equally painful. Just when the got rid of pompous Delko, who undermined Ryan at every turn, now this...
  • Great episode, but would have liked to see more of Victor!

    I like this episode very much, however, I would have liked it more if Victor had had more scenes. I mean, it became this big thing that Pau Gasol was going to be in this episode and it turns out he was only there for like three minutes. However, his charachter was a real hero!

    I like the ME Tom, but what I don't like the fact that he is a man and white. (I don't mean it in a rasist way). CSI and CSI NY have white, male ME's. I liked the fact that Miami always had an ME with different skin color. Tom is still great though, but... oh well, Alexx will always be the best!

    There were alot of funny scenes in this episode. Ryan and Walter's hand gesture. The lab tech Dave and Horatio, when he told him to cross his fingers and toes.
    Calleigh sneaking up on Walter. H saying hit me (not like H at all). All the teasing that goes on between Ryan, Walter and Jesse is great!
    And the scene when Calleigh smelled Jesse for drugs.
    All those little scenes makes the episodes better!

    Overall, the episode was great!
  • Unbelievable!

    There are lots of unbelievable scenes in this episode, lots for a non-fiction show. The fiber from the daughter's pants was inserted in a slot that was so narrow if not invisible! Not to mention the fiber is soft that it would rather bend and stay with the pants rather than be inserted. Ok, if ever the fiber was luckily inserted, it would not be cutoff from the pants! Then, the daughter was thrown away from inside the car outside without any door or windshield open! I don't think she would be thrown that far if she exited from the broken window. The mother who wasn't driving, was found in the driver's seat with an eyeball pop-out! I think it's not possible even the car went upside down and up. The son hid the marijuana within the car's engine. Why not just hid it on his shoes.

    However, the good side of this episode is the moral lesson.
  • The team probes a fatal two-car collision.

    This was the best episode of CSI: Miami I've seen in a long time. Admittedly, I tend to watch Castle, but "Point of Impact" actually seemed to concentrate on telling a story, as the show did in the early seasons. Horatio didn't drive off halfway through the episode to investigate a separate case on his own, there was no Delko around to huff and puff over anything (or for Calleigh to express concern over a brain injury or whatnot), and the CSIs were actually gathering and analyzing evidence, as opposed to acting like cops who put on lab coats for a scene or two. Even Horatio wore a lab coat in a scene. It was interesting how one set of CSIs would pose a question and in the next scene another CSI or set of CSIs would be getting the answer. The CSIs may have been a little quick to accuse people (think Catherine on CSI seasons 1-3), and if you know there's a possibility of getting a false positive from a corpse, you'd think taking the blood-alcohol a different way would be standard practice, but those are minor quibbles. Overall, with it's greater emphasis on storytelling over fancy establishing shots "Point of Impact" was a marked improvement over what I've come to expect from this show.