CSI: Miami

Season 7 Episode 9

Power Trip

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Nov 24, 2008 on CBS

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  • Creo que este episodio puede ser mejor

    Me encanta esta serie, y pienso que este capitulo fue una idea de los productores para nada productiva, se idearon de la nada un inspector de Homicidio reasignado a las oficinas de los CSI, inspector que nunca habia sido mencionado ni habia aparecido en episodios anteriores. Este inspector de la nada esta obsesionado con un caso que milagrosamente esta relacionado con un homicidio actual, y resulta ser que el inspector entonces se involucra demasiado en la investigacion del nuevo crimen. Aunque la investigacion correspondiente del crimen fue intensa y tipicamente interesante de la serie, me parece que hubieran podido crear un capitulo menos evidentemente inventado
  • Another good one

    In this episode of CSI Miami the following happens. When a body is found with burn marks on her body the CSI team investigate. Her cause of death is heart failure due to electric shock, from the volt that were put through her body. The team soon find another case which they believe is connected and then another one, in which the victim survived. The team, mostly Eric, soon believes that Reggie a cop in the department may be involved in the case. The team track down the last victim's vehicle and where she last was before she was killed. Then H gets a phone call that another body has been found. We soon learn, as does the team, that the last victim was killed by Reggie, the cop. He tried to frame the main suspect for the murder so that the case would be closed. The team soon get a match off of a print found on one of the victims and it matches that of the surviving victim's fiancée. He attacked all of the women, including his fiancée. At the end of the episode we see That Reggie has hanged himself in his jail cell.
  • Better than average episode.

    The investigation into a series of electrocution style murders is hampered by a rogue cop's determination to get reinstated. While Horatio and the team try and come up with a viable suspect, a vengeful cop points the team to an opthamologist who remains a prime suspect in the case. The case becomes more interesting when a witness turns up who reported espcaping the serial killers hands months before. The only person on the cops side is Calleigh, who quickly changes her opinoin after it appears the cop has killed a woman and framed the primary suspect for the murder. The biggest twist comes at the end when it's revealed that the woman who escaped death did so at the hand of her boyfriend who couldn't bring himself to kill her. I found myself caring more about the woman who was living with a serial killer rather than the cop. The ending was a bit of a surprise but as a whole the episode was on of the better ones in quite sometime.
  • One cop, is determine to beat the CSIs!

    You really shouldn't mess with H or his team of CSIs. As they get it done really well. As one cop, Reggie Wallace, will find out. And it cost him beyond his job. You see, Reggie, was a former partner of Hs. And that he wants to solve the case, at all costs. Meaning step over people's toes, to et it done. What he does, is tamper with evidence. And murders a couple of people. To do that. He feels guilty and after he is arrested and charge. Feeling that he can't handle prison, he hangs himself. In his jail cell. H is saddened. That is what you get when you try to win at all costs. In the end, it comes back, and bites you in the rear end!
  • Not Impressed.

    Okay, I was a little bit intrigued by the promo but as the episode progressed, it just got more and more medicore. I am curious as to why Delko staying at a motel and has all the script bottles on the table. But that was about the only question I had through out the episode. We have a psycho who gets off electrocuting women with battery cables. The suspects are a cop and the one from the orignal victim. But low and behold it's not either of them. It's a fiance of the original victim, who in the process of his attack fell in love with his victim. Writer's strike or not, these scripts never change.
  • Horatio and the team investigate a series of murders which point to a serial killer. The crimes are similar to an attempted murder investigated by Frank's former partner Reggie Wallace. Reggie determined to catch th killer takes great interest.

    This is a good episode. David Caruso and the rest of the cast are again, as always, in top form as they persue the killer. However, this episode does have a significant flaw: the detective, in this case Reggie Wallace, who becomes so passionate about solving the case that he tampers with evidence and even does the unthinkable to solve it. We have seen that too many times in various shows. We have also seen it on the other "CSI" shows where police tamper with evidence (It was the reason Aiden Burn was fired on "CSI: NY."). Good but disappointing.
  • It was one of the better ones. Girl is killed and it is up to the team to find out who did it.

    First, I have some questions. 1) Who was the Kid that Ryan dropped off. I have been watching the show since the beginning and there has not be any mention of Ryan having a child or nephew for that matter. 2) Eric looked like he was in a motel and not his house or apartment. What is up with that?

    Besides the fact that once again the case was solved in a day, it did throw me off on who the real killer was. I knew it was not the cop at least for the first victim. But it never occured to me that the killer would be the second victims boyfriend.
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