CSI: Miami

Season 7 Episode 15

Presumed Guilty

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Feb 09, 2009 on CBS

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  • Pretty good episode with a little twist in the end.

    A young woman named Lindsay Garland is murdered and Alfonso Reyes is setup to take the blame and goes to prison for the murder. After new evidence, in form of a blow flies that have infested the victims body-bag the case is reopened. The blow flies prove that Lindsay was killed outside and not in the locker room where initially presumed. The defense lawyer in the case, Derek Powell tells Horatio that a witness named Tammy Whitten had come forward, but disappeared just as fast and was a known crackpot who had attempted suicide on multiple occasions. Further evidence in the form of blood in the victims car leads the CSI's to Kevin Sheridan who is take in for questioning. The judge who tried the case refuses a search warrant and Derek Powell takes him on as a client. Powell is there every time the CSI's try to gather evidence and somehow gets it nullified. Sheridan is pulled over in a traffic stop by Ryan Wolfe for a broken taillight and is once again rebuked by Derek Powell who is on the scene. Wolfe takes pictures of the taillight and takes them back to the lab for analysis. Upon inspection of the taillight pictures it is found that the break was from the inside and an eyeball could be seen through the break that turns out to be Tammy Whitten. This evidence produces a search warrant for Sheridan's house, where nothing turns up. The police look for Tammy in the trunk of Sheridan's car but it is empty. Horatio says to arrest Sheridan and hold him for 48 hours. After hearing all of the events, Derek Powell gives Horatio a clue as to where the girl may be. A search party is dispatched to an area and Tammy Whitten is found. Sheridan confesses to the crime and implicates the Judge Thorpe, who tried the original case and denied a search warrant for Sheridan's home helped him put the body in Alfonso Reyes's locker and frame him for murder. The judge had sent an innocent man to prison.
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