CSI: Miami

Season 6 Episode 13

Raising Caine

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Jan 14, 2008 on CBS

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  • While his wife makes a sales pitch to a group of prospective buyers, a wealthy real estate broker is murdered in his home. When Horatio arrives at the crime scene, he is stunned to discover that the murder victim's wife is Kyle's mother.


    If what appears on this website is correct, "Raising Caine" will be the final episode of the season due to the Writer's Guild strike. The season could not have ended on a better note. I'm happy to say that CSI: Miami is back after many disappointments. Elizabeth Berkley has definitely put the embarrassment of Showgirls behind her giving a terrific performance as Kyle's devious mother. The story was very well written and definitely leaves the viewers in suspense for the next chapter in this story. After seeing this episode I'm sure the Academy of Motion Picture and Television Producers will realize the importance of the Writers Guild of America.

  • Horatio, It's Julia.

    Julia, Horatio ex-girlfriend, Kyle's mother, shows up in Miami and she's now a wife of a millionaire. She wants Kyle back and will do anything to bring him back, including murder. Oh my god, this is one of the best episode I've ever watch in this series. Julia is hot! But not as hot as Calliegh. Great episode with creative plot. The ending is a cliffhanger, I don't like cliffhanger but I have to admit that this is a very good cliffhanger. The writer certaily did a very good job to this episode and this is the best season finale so far.
  • Nooo! Don't you dare leave Kyle with that shrew!

    Oh, I knew it... it would be just too beautiful if Kyle did not choose the wrong side. Maybe I'm too emotional about it, but heeey, Horatio did his best! They're not gonna disregard that, are they?
    And why do episodes always have to end in cutting edge moments? Is that woman gonna survive? I did not look that way, they didn't even really look for her, only Calleigh had some sort of a hunch... let's hope she'll be fine and will come back to reveal how dishonorable Julia in fact is. Anyways, I didn't expect Kyle's mother to show up! Plus for the TPTB for going in this direction, but wrrr, why is she such a shrew? I mean, was she always like that? Do good boys fall in love with bad girls? Does it work this way, haha? Right now I am a little trashed with H's... taste in women. Gosh, she's a devil.
    "Mrs Winston, Frank, is Kyle's mother." -- he couldn't have been more formal saying it. He deserves a big "wooow" as he must have been shocked as well, right? I was. And then wen she said he was wasting his time because he still loved her -- that was playing with his feelings. I hate people doing it. Die, Julia, die!
  • The producers should just put Kyle in the credits.

    Please don't get me wrong: I loved this episode and it's definitely one of my favorites from this season. I've seen it at least three times and I plan on watching it again. I pretty much live for this show.

    Now, having said that, is it just me, or is this whole Kyle story line exhausting? I loved it when the crimes focused on criminals BESIDES Kyle and his juvy blues. It seems like every few weeks we're seeing this kid. I did like the introduction of Kyle's mother, though, and I think it was a good addition to the series. I'm hoping that Kyle will now dissapear for the next season and we can go back to watching CSI: Miami instead of CSI: Kyle.

    Again, I know I'm not being fair about this episode and, as I said, I did love it, but I wish that we could have the old CSI: Miami back.
  • A good episode giving us a new nemesis in Julia Horatio's ex wife. Another episode focusing on Horatio's son with the introduction of his mother. She was trouble in the past and shows up the wife of a murder victim who was about to divorce

    A good episode giving us a new nemesis in Julia Horatio's ex wife. Another episode focusing on Horatio's son with the introduction of his mother. She was trouble in the past and shows up the wife of a murder victim who was about to divorce her. The show did a good job of making us wonder if she was really a bad guy. A lot of revolving suspects in her husbands murder and then the witness at her sons kidnapping trial. By episodes end we see that she had the witness killed and was most likely responsible for her husbands death. Good introduction to more of H's past and the childish whispers of the team over Julia's return were funny. Good episode can't wait to see what turmoil Julia brings to H's life and the team.
  • this is one of the best episodes of CSI Maimi!!!!!!!

    While at a murder scene H finds out that his murder victims wife is Kyle's mother. On the same day is Kyle's trial. She is detrimed to get custody of him and H is also. She wil do anything to get him back. This is one of the best epidodes i have ever seen. I love the way the episode played out. I want to know what happend to the woman in the car. she looked so helpless. When Kyle dicided to go with his mom i felt so bad for H. I hope this is not the season finale because i want to know what happend really badly
  • This episode was one of the best episodes of the series. It was nerve wracking, exciting, thrilling all in one.

    This episode was over the top. It had the plot of Kyle's mother being back and wanting custody over him. Horatio and Julia fight over custody of Kyle but in the end Kyle chooses his mother, Julia. At first I thought this episode was going to be sappy but it turned out being exciting and had a lot of twists and turns. I'm sad that this episode was the season finale because now I'm going to have to wait to find out what happens next. If this episode was the finale then it was a very good cliff hanger. I hope the writers strike is over soon so new episodes of CSI:Miami are back and I can find out what happens.
  • Is this the season finale?

    I hope and pray that the writer's strike will end asap. As I hope that this ain't the season finale unless it is otherwise. It is good to finally see H show some emotions as that is rare that he gets to do that. But children, especially his son get to him for reasons. And that H I think has a heart for that. Hate it that Kyle has to chosen to live with his mom. H's former lover and that she seems to be up to no good either. As hopefully Kyle will see through his mother's eyes. And that hopefully, H will be reunited with his son once and for all.
  • Is it just me, or have things just become very dangerous?

    Sadly, this episode was the season finale for the show due to the Writer Strike, but this was a great episode either way to end the season even if it wasn't originally planned to be.

    While investigating a billionare's homicide, Horiato has come across his old ex-girlfriend or whatever who is the mother of his son. The episode begins to dive into a spinning cyclone surrounding this mysterious woman and her involvment in this man's murder and the disappearance of a key witness to Horiato's son's trial. Things have certianly gotten worse.

    A great plot, a brand new villian has appeared, and many other things make this a strong episode and make me happy this episode was able to be made due to the strike.
  • WOAH...action-packed story about Kyle's trial, the return of Kyle's mum and poor H in the middle of it all. Great episode that'll keep you at the edge of your seat - that's for sure.

    Okay..So this episode was not what I expected when I heard about the return of Kyle's mother. But first things first. She is introduced as the widow of this week's murder victim, a billionaire shot in his own house. Throughout the episode Julia seems guilty, if not of murder but at least of playing everyone. So perhaps she has had her rich husband killed, perhaps not. We don't know. She certainly seems to try to steal Kyle from H...and she succeeds. After he is set free he has to choose who he wants to stay with. And god knows why- he chooses his mother over H (small note - it was sweet to hear him call H 'dad'). She might be behind her husbands death, at least indirectly...AND she could be connected to the impending death of Kyle's victim? Oh, so many questions..

    All in all - very entertaining episode, action, feeling, intrigue, and a 'wait until next time'...Whatelse can we ask for?
  • Great Episode!!! We get, drama, murder, romance,a trial, and an emotional Horatio. Who could ask for more. Now to wait for the writters to come back and continue this amazing plot, which is very exiting and dramatic

    all i can say is WOW!! this episode was better than i expected and more. Though the murder wasn't that interesting, the drama surrounding Horatio, Kyle , and Julia was very addicting to watch. I was like "wow, oooh, heyyyy and whaaaaat?!?!" every 5 seconds. We finally get to see H not be the big man and have everything turn out for the better. It shows that he's only human (eventhough there are speculations that say he's not). I felt bad for him because he called kyle his son so many times in this episode and yet kyle chose to go with his mom leaving H heartbroken and stuff. I was also happy that we got a Hiphugger scene, which was what i really wanted. Eventhough it was only a small conversation and a smile and some grinning it was better than nothing. it gives some more hope that these two will hook up, or would've gotten together by the end of the season if it weren't for the writers. I can't believe they left us at that!!! That was probably the best cliffhanger i've seen from them in a long time. So now we gotta beg the writters to come back because seriously i'm not gonna wait till september or whenever they feel like coming back to watch miami. Why do the writters have to be so cruel and just leave us like this !
  • OH MY GOD !!!!

    what the hell just happened !!! that was probably one of the best episode of CSI Miami in a long time i mean i was waiting for H to fail for so long i'm glad they finally made him human it's still hard to see him suffering like that but i found it more realistic amd more moving than the marisol storyline !!!

    Now let's hate that julia she is good talk about a mastermind!!! i mean she played me all night long i was like ok i don't like her but she can't be a a murderer i mean Horatio Caine would know better he would never date someone like that !!! all i have to say i wow i can't wait for the end of the strike i need to see the end of this !!!