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  • Best show ever! Realy gets you going on a trip into a crime scene investigators life! It's a must every week! Hope it lives on for a decade!

    this is the best show ever, including CSI Las Vegas of course! Every time it's a new case with new people. It's never anything near looking alike in two shows.

    It's all based on the Crime Scene Investigators from miami, They're always on the run and the killing never stops. This is a highly adrenaline serie! Got to love it!

    It can be a sunny day in miami when everthing goes black for someone. Then it is miami dade police department's job to find out WHO made it black. And with the Boss, Caine, on the case. They always win! ;)

    Acctualy this show keeps me going stronger every week. It's nothing like this show for me! When it startes I'm in flame and furry for almost a year!

    Must this show live on for a decade!
  • Every CSI show has its different focus.

    Every CSI show has its different focus. CSI: Las Vegas is all about the evidence. CSI: New York is all about the mystery. CSI:Miami is all about the people. I think its great. I love the story lines, the actors are great. The writing is excelent. I simply love the show. (I just wish they\'d stop changing the cast members!)
  • Is it because this is a spin-off that people don't like it?

    I have to admit that I like this show. It may not be as good as the original but it is living in a pretty big shadow what with CSI being the number one show week after week. It is the same as the original, some CSIs solve all types of things from murders to kidnappings, except the location has changed from Las Vegas to Miami.

    The only thing that I don't like about the show is I think that some of the acting is weak. It just doesn't have the great actors that CSI has. It still has great plots and I still like watching it every week.
  • okay

    Well, this show is definately nothing compared to the original, but the again, usually the second series is nothing compared to the original. I didn't like it alot but I still watch it. Maybe it was the storyline or the actors, but whatever it was, it did not capture me
  • Very interesting show. I live in NE FL and I have learned more about the state by watching this program. Now I'm more aware of what is around me and where I am and whoelse may be around. I feel more safe with this knowledge.

    This show is more about helping people and the injustice that people endure. It's not as in depth as CSI Las Vegas. I feel like the writers may feel as though people won't understand what they are talking about if they go into detail, but that is how people learn. And if some don't understand then they need to watch something that is more on their level.
  • It's alright, but not nearly as good as the original.

    "CSI: Miami" is - overall - a mediocre crime drama. This spin-off from the cool "CSI: Crime Scene Investigation" is much weaker than its parent, and I find the cast bland and not that talented. The writing is also much worse than the original, and the lead character has some of the worst cliche lines I ever heard.

    It's not the worst show ever...but I'm glad that NBC managed to hurt it with "Medium" - a much more
    interesting crime drama.

    Hopefully this show will either improve, or the viewers will see that this show is extremely overrated and stop watching. Because of all the episodes I've sat through when my family chooses to watch it, I've seen a total of maybe five episodes that we're actually good.
  • This show should be good. And it could be. Just kill off Caruso's character.

    I wanted to like this show. I love the other two CSI shows, and Crossing Jordan. I like the genre. And the setting of Miami offers some interesting plot lines. But the way Caruso plays the character of Horatio makes me ill.

    Why does Horatio even need a team of specialists? The other characters are good. Horatio is holding them back and Caruso just ruins this show.
  • It's even great the second time

    Well, with a great show like CSI, who wouldn't think that there was bound to be a spin-off one of these days. This show is it. CSI: Miami uses the foundation of CSI and put it a new city with new characters. Now this series does have it's differences. For instance, some people may prefer the hard-as-nails cop Horatio Caine (played by David Caruso) to the intellectual entemologist Gil Grissom (played by William Petersen). Or, people may prefer the straight-laced coroner Dr. Al Robbins to the more personal coroner Dr. Alexx Woods. Well whatever makes you tick, CSI: Miami definitely lives up to it's predecessor by pitching in some of it's own original ideas into a well established formula.
  • This show is great.

    CSI: Miami is a really good show. I think it is better than New York, but falls behind against the original CSI. They are all great programs, but some are better than others. In all of the CSI shows, the casts and settings are different, but the overall mood and concept stay the same.
  • Great Show Bringing Crime And Paradise Together.

    CSI Miami Has To Be One Of My Favorite Shows Of All Time. I Have Always Enjoyed Crime Dramas, And This One Makes The List As One Of The Best. CSI Miami Has A Great Cast And A Great Setting. The Writting Of Max Allen Colins In This Series Is Very Creative. I Have Loved CSI Miami Since It's First Season. That Season Held My Favorite Epispde "Spring Break", And Made Me Understand A Great Cime Show.
  • Terrible.

    The science is sloppy at best, the stories- well, they often just don't add up, but the performances- the performances are so bad that sometimes I think that I'm watching a brand new kind of entertainment- one where everyone tries to flatten their delivery and reflect almost nothing human for some artistic effect I can't fully appreciate.

    David Caruso- I don't remember reading about him being hit by lightning, but apparently that must have happened since his days over at NYPD Blue. Nowadays, his performance as Horatio Whatever sounds more like a refrigerator motor running than it does any human voice. He's asked to play the hardassed tough guy in nearly every scene, and since he's got the build and demeanor of a mummified Fred Rogers, these scenes are knee-slappers. He's the one with the star quality on the show, so it's all downhill from there.
  • More of the same and that's a good thing

    "CSI: Miami" follows the very successful formula of it's parent, "CSI" (Las Vegas) with Caruso heading a team of criminologists who spend most of their time connecting the forensic dots to solve murders. Those who can get past Caruso's incessant smug smirking, an ME who talks to her cadavers, some very undeveloped characters, far fetched stories, and fast and loose science/technology will find fast moving and solid no-brainer entertainment with color, educational value, a social conscience, and good IL' family values subliminals. Season 1 develops a story thread involving the Caruso character's dead brother/narc and the cop/widow (Milos) which is carried over and pushed forward in season 2 making it of some import to watch the seasons in chronological order. As with the original "CSI", this series sibling has high end production value, a beautiful Miami Beach venue, cool show & tell didactics, and a never-a-dull-moment flow. Newcomers to "CSI" should check out the top of the Nielsen's "CSI" (Las Vegas) first as it sports the most popular ensemble. Once into "CSI:Miami" you'll find the cross-over to "CSI:New York" in the next to the last season 2 episode which puts Caruso in NYC working with comrade in gloves, Gary Sinise. Good prime time TV entertainment not to be taken too seriously which makes for an enjoyable continuous DVD watch for the not too jaded palate.

  • The characterisation of 'I don't get it' is the only one I could find from the list that would do this spin-off justice and its not the creative side that is the problem here...


    I have come to understand over the years that my liking in television shows does not originate from the written side of each episode only. More important to me are the characters and in CSI: Miami's case the actors. Plain and simple I don't like them. Perhaps its because I love the actors (characters) in the original CSI that the ones in Miami do nothing for me as far as entertainment. And my goodness do I find Emily Procter annoying!!!
    Fans of Miami can disagree all they want but there are a few of us out there that find the cast unappealing. It's a shame really because I'm sure that most of the cases are just as interesting and compelling as the other CSI's.
  • its gd but CSI is better

    its a gd show but it is not as gd as CSi buts its much much better than new york. its got the right elements of CSI. but you don't believe they are as tightly nit together like gils team and some of the stories are weak but you gotta to watch it because some of the stories are so good and oyu got to watch just for the guy eric
  • My thoughts on the show.

    One word: Fantastic! My ex said this show sucks but what does he know. I love this show. It's better than the original CSI. No offense to fans. I can hardly wait to see what happens next season. Will Horatio's sister-in-law still be there? Will Caleigh still be there? The reason I ask about Caleigh is that I saw her take her name off the firearms department list after Raymond Caine's old partner shot himself. There's another thing...Raymond Caine. All this time CSI: Miami viewers thought he was dead, but he was just in the Witness Protection Program. I liked Raymond Jr.'s reaction when he saw his dad step out of the plane. But I would have liked it better if the reunion between Raymond Sr. and his wife would have been more romantic. I suppose that kind of reaction is to be expected after seeing the husband you thought was dead standing right in front of you. This show is still coming on strong, so keep going!
  • It's a very good program and entertained, I have learned a lot of it. I love in the form in which they resolve the cases. My favorite is David Caruso. The others also are important. I'm watching the first season of the program in Spanish here in my count

    It's a very good program and entertained, I have learned a lot of it. I love in the form in which they resolve the cases. My favorite is David Caruso. The others also are important. I'm watching the first season of the program in Spanish here in my country.
  • This is my all time favorite show ever. I watch this show daily, rerun after rerun. I own all the seasons and havent missed an episode yet. I am obsessed with this show. If I could only watch one thing this would be it!

    OUTSTANDING! Every epsiode is full of suspense and wit. This is an all around show that everyone should enjoy. The cast is excellent and Jerry B. is even better. Horatio is full of great one liners (those of you who watch know what I mean). You dont know what you are missing out on. Dont miss another epsiode.
  • This was probably the best show i have ever seen. It is so cool. I dont think there is anything better.

    I tink that if you want to watch a cool, exiteing and action packed show this is it. I concider this show the best show i know. I do think that it getts annoying how the leader-guy keeps putting his glasses on and off. But still this show is supper cool.
  • Sister show to CSI, but far from superior

    Miami does the same thing the original CSI does... Except it has more sunlight and a somewhat easier to know lead character. Unlike Grissom, who maintains a stoic distance, Horatio gets involved emotionally. The contrast between his style and Grissom's is what makes the show stand out from it's superior brother.

    As with the original and New York, the recreations can be... disgusting at times (I got ill watching a finger burn), and the speed and science can, at times, be a bit hard to swallow. Still, the series makes the most of the setting and manages to maintain a seperate identity.

    Now, if it could just stop changing the cast...
  • A good show definately worth watching, though it lacks the intense action found in other similiar shows.

    CSI: Miami is one of the few shows I can be bothered to watch these days, up there with (but not above)"The Simpsons" and "Malcom in The Middle".

    The main attraction of this show is the fantastic suspense that the director creats excellently, both through the sometimes classic, sometimes sinister backround music and brilliance of the lead actor's performance.

    Another attraction of this show is it's (slightly subdued) visual thrill, it's setting in Miami greatly contributes to this and the fact that this is no low-budget single camera affair is immediatly apparent. It can also be seen that they are attempting to attract teen audiences (such as myself) with innumerable Hummers (which are driven by the CSI detectives) and other flashy cars seemingly thrown in at random, just to give car fanatics a good time.

    Un-fortunately this show, like many others, fails rather spectacularly in the action department, it lacks the adrenaline filled, testosterone enhanced action which comprises the majority of todays shows viewed by teens. It has just enough to keep those interested in forensic science interested (that is if they are joining the show midway, and not already enthralled in the suspense)

    Overall this show is satisfyingly good, and, remains relatively true to forensic science (with some timescales creatively "rearranged" for the viewers benefit) But myself, and I suspect almost everyone else won't care about this, rather the will be gripping the edge of their seat in suspense.
  • Nowhere near the quality of the original, Las Vegas series, but still good.

    My only complaint is with Mr. David Caruso. He is a very talented actor as I have seen in many other series, but some of his mannerisms are annoying to say the least. Why he always needs to affix his sunglasses to his face before saying something 'impactful' or important (and why he tends to have his hands on his hips 90% of the time, OR why he turns his head to the side to talk frequently) is beyond me, but the rest of the show is still great.
  • CSI:Miami is such an awesome tv show. I watch it every day and I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!

    This is the best show I've ever seen. I love it. It has nerve-racking scenes that make you want to watch more. I;ve gotten all my friends hooked and they love it, but not as much as I do. I have both seasons so far, both books, the games and EVERYTHING!!!!!
    I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Like the other CSI, but in Miami.

    When CSI Miami started, I didn’t watch it, because I never liked David Caruso. I’ve talked to many people who are big fans of CSI but won’t watch CSI: Miami because David Caruso is in it. Well, I’ve got news for you: David Caruso is not so bad. He strikes an excellent balance between the smug, know-it-all scientist and policeman, and the humble, likeable man who is the character Horatio Caine.

    There seems to be a clear effort to make Horatio Caine the opposite of Gil Grissom. Where Grissom (who most often goes by his last name) has poor people skills, is awkward around children, and at times seems confused by police procedure, Horatio (who goes by his first name) is sociable, works well with kids and is a decorated police lieutenant.

    The remainder of the cast is good, but the original cast required changes, unlike the original CSI, whose cast remains the same as the beginning. The science is shown graphically even more than in the original series. Some of the science is laughably made up in spite of producers’ claims to authenticity.

    CSI Miami is very good. Give it a look, especially if you liked CSI (Vegas).
  • As fan of CSI I was curious about CSI Miami. The first episode was quite good but not the best. But I gave it a chance and watched it regulary. Now CSI Miami is one of my favourite shows.

    Spin Offs aren´t as good as the original! That´s the opinion of most fans. It was the same with Star Trek and several other series and sometimes they´re right. But not here:
    The producers found a good way to give every CSI series it´s own face. I love all which came to Germany so far.
    The characters are not boring, I like the storyline of Horatio and his little niece. Also his hidden love to his sister in law.
    Family and relations are not appearing without sense. The story is always continuing. Ok, the always present sunglasses of Horatio are a bit annoying but I guess Mr. Caruso needs them in the sunny Miami as he is red haired and maybe sensitive to light.
    The cases are up to date and also not boring. I like that show very much.
    In my country CSI Miami is more successful as CSI Las Vegas. I don´t know why but it changed from little TV station to a big one and has now millions watchers more.
    I say: Give it a try and don´t stop after watching one episode.
  • spinoffs? What is with these things?

    As a fan of the original CSI I must confess I had rather high expectations for this show... and all I found was dissapointment... I'm not sure exactly what the writters did, but these show has lost all the magic the orignal caught my attention with...

    It's a waste of television space not to mention the fact the main character has a VERY strange obession with his sunglasses.... what the?

    A huge disapointment... What were they thinking?
  • It's a great show. I like it more than csi:las vegas.

    Csi : Miami takes csi in whole new way of watching csi. It enjoy watching it more than the originally csi : las vegas. The cast in csi are more stronger than csi las vegas. And because it plays in Miami it gives it a little more of that latin flavour. I can watch csi miami all day long without getting tired of it. It doesn't have that black comedy that some of other drama series have and that's why I like it too.
  • This show is a spin-off of one of the best shows ever, CSI Las Vegas.

    To bad it has to compete with his counterpart. eventhough it is staged in Miami.... the creators and writers have an obvious hard time coming up with a descent idea and stick with it. it is great they use the idea of the cuban immigrants and drug problem as a big part in their crimes, but there are more cimes than the two mentioned problems ....

    I can't deny that the group works great together.. to bad Sofia Milos is leaving the show... But we still have Emily Procter, Khandi Alexander and Boti Bliss to look at while watching this show
  • Boring

    the major flaw with this show is how "great" and "allknowing" Horatio Crane is. and its in need of serious character development. Compared with the parent show (CSI in vegas) this one gets very dull very fast, all the characters are so one dimensional and uninteresting. If you cant root for the character, then the lasting interest in this show gets tired quite fast. bleh
  • csi miami is about 10 investigators investigating on crime scenes.it is an all around great show!!

    i love CSI miami, being a csi investigater is my DREAM job. huratio (david curuso) is my 1 and only idol i love it!!!!! csi is just an all around absouloutly great show, the investigators are so good at what they do and the are so prisise! its like when i watch it, i am actually in the show. when i get older, am am going to work as hard as i can, day and night id i have to to be able to be a csi investigator! oh and i also want to have aa hummer just like huratio when i get older
  • Like eating non-fat yoghurt - it's just not the same!

    This is a CSI spin-off, and being a big fan of CSI, I thought I might give this show a try. And I did. But, just like I mentioned, it's like eating non-fat yoghurt - it's not the same, no matter how hard you try.

    Some spin-offs work, and some don't. Unfortunately, this seems to be one of the latter. The cast is not particularly strong, and the storylines aren't great either. What bothers me a bit is that whenever I watch this (just because it happens to be the only thing on), it seems the entire show is focused on David Caruso.

    I probably won't watch this again, unless you paid me. Then I'll probably take your money and run. Go and watch the original CSI!