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  • more authoritarian tripe

    yet another show glorifying the worst of the worst in our country

    the COPS, the GOVT. the fbi the nsa

    I wonder which agency is paying to have this tripe produced
  • Mixed feelings

    I have mixed feelings about this show, because it has evolved in such a radical way throughout it's ten-year run. I only enjoyed the first three seasons to be honest. Let me explain.

    If you watch seasons 1, 2 and 3 you can tell that CSI: Miami was a show about forensic science because that's what it heavily focused on back then. After all, it was a CSI spin-off.

    But from season 4 and onward, the show really started to change. It started to turn into a cartoonish, action packed, over-the-top, high-tech cop show that started to focus less on forensic science and more on action and drama. Because of that, the show became less entertaining to me and it made me unable to take the show seriously. But hey, that's just me

    Also, in my opinion Horatio became more of a shady character rather than a heavily involved criminalist like he was in seasons 1, 2 and 3 who even frequently went to work in the lab with his fellow investigators, something he rarely did after season 3.

    So yeah, long story short, I think the show has lost it's identity over the years. I'm not bashing the show, I just have mixed feelings about the show from season 4 and onward because of the way it evolved from that point on.

    Although I do think it's a shame it got canceled so abruptly, because it didn't even get a proper series finale.
  • great show

    David Caruso is back, and with great support characters. The best CSI series there is.
  • csi miami

    we want it back it was and still is the best show out always keep us on please bing it csi new york is not that good and its sad you all take csi miami to keep csi new york on that not good and disrepct to csi miami. so rethink about it please and thank u i miss my family
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  • amazed

    I am surprised that this show can be produced without showing extreme blood,gore,violence and SEX...

    Please bring back CSI MIAMI it was the best show ever. The relationship between all of the cast was awesome. I think you guys made a mistake when you took it off the air. I miss the show so much. I think that if they can bring back the TV show 24, they can do the same thing for CSI MIAMI. REALLY PRAYING THE SHOW COMES BACK. THNKS.
  • ..

    I'm glad they cancelled this show. It's been almost three years since I last watched it. Horatio took cases way too personally.
  • Ultimate CSI Fan Forever And Always!

    The show is so wonderful and the it's colorful! The team is so awesome! It feels like you are watching a family working. Highly recommended. Horatio Caine is the best and the most heroic television character of all times! I absolutely loved Caruso's acting. It is a shame that Jesse Cardoza left the show. He fit in perfectly. I don't have a favorite season, they are all very good! But the least favorite may be the fifth season. It's sad it got cancelled. The final episode was not even that good but who cares? We still have 231 other great episodes! But anyway, a perfect show!
  • New Episode?

    Many CSI TV programme, I just like 2 CSI TV serial, there are CSI Miami and CSI NY. I wish and hope thats two tv serial is back in new episode and with same characters
  • Any title

    David Caruso on "CSI:Miami," delivers his lines in the same nauseating voice style as Mary McDonnell on "Major Crimes" I have never heard anyone, either in person or on screen, speak like they do. It is so forced, phoney and sickening. They both must have gone to the same acting school. Hearing them is like hearing fingernails scratching on a blackboard.
  • Fan of CSI miami

    Hope there will be another season/episode of csi miami to watched i really love it and my family too...
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  • It has its moments.

    I also think this genre suffers from a sort of parochialism in that da perps are always locals (for the most part) thus reinforcing the idea that anyone in an area is from that area when sometimes that can be the furthest thing from da truth. Pretty good acting all in all-That Guy With The Red Hair has come a long way from being 'kit kat' (some people will know what that means) find this show has some good plot twists from time to time. Keep it fresh.
  • Triep Stays , and the actual good ones cancelled, what moron decided that

    typical muppets, they keep the utter triep shows, and can the good ones.

  • they took the best CSI off

    Bring back CSI Miami! sure would be nice
  • its bs' csi miami ain't airing any more!!!!

    thisis such a stupid idea of the telemedia to stop such a great show . they so many like me who is eagerly waiting for the next episode...
  • CBS is rather stupid

    I CAN NOT believe they kept CSI in Vegas rather than Miami.

    CSI has lost everyone good, yet they keep it going. Its so dumb.
  • Must come back!!!

    I don't believe it!!! CBS sucks!!! CSI Miami must return...
  • CBS Crzy B!! st!!

    CBS has lost it's mind, they are cancelling all the great TV shows & replacing it with this reality crap.

    Bring back CSI Miami and don't touch any of your crime shows I am only one of many fans that want CBS 2 rethink their actions.

    You must be kidding that they took this show off the air. It was a very entertaining show and I used watch it every Sunday. Please put it back on
  • A clever title goes here!

    please, please, please dont stop csi miami I Ilike all of the csi crime BUT MY FAVOURITE WAS CSI MIAMI, HORATIO, not going to see him again after next week is unbelieveable. Please re-think your decision dont take him away????????
  • What in the name of everything criminal???

    Ok so I checked the site to see when the next season start and I find out its CANCELLED!!!! EH??? WHAT? COME AGAIN??? Have CSB lost their freakin mind????
  • What was CBS thinking?

    With all the stations that there are today and I must say there is hardly much to watch. One great shows was CSI Miami why why. At least couldn't we have had a chance to have an ending. What's next CSI NY? Moving it ti eight on a Friday is so hideous. There are people who really dislikes Reality shows more and more. Thank God for Bluebloods it shows what a real family is. That's just how I grew up. Please at least give the loyal fans closure
  • SO UPSET!!!!

  • Can't Be Cancelled

    It's My Only Favourite CSI it was the best of them actually the best Investigation drama ever it's never boring please review your decision bring it back
  • PUT MY CSI MIAMI BACK ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PLEASE

    I am so disapointed in CBS I dont watch much commercial tv but i do watch some of your programs and MIAMI is 1 of my Favorite Shows and now i cant look forward to it no more well i guess i wont watch any of your SHOWS ANYMORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Sad to see CSI: Miami cancelled

    When I found out that CSI:Miami had been cancelled I couldn't believe it because its one of my favourite shows and for ten years has entertained me and many other viewers.The show has produced some really good episodes.I am really going to miss it and it won't feel right that its gone with only two CSI's on TV.However Horatio's one liners will never be forgotten.
  • csi miami

    cant see why they are finished this all i love watching horatio
  • csi miami

    i really am going to miss csi miami it is one show that is never boring and i just hope one day they might bring it back shame on cbs
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