CSI: Miami

Season 5 Episode 1


Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Sep 18, 2006 on CBS

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  • Mentiras

    Imagem coprletamente equivocada que passam do Brasil no exterior. Em primeiro lugar a nossa lngua NO ESPANHOL e sim PORTUGUS. Como que eles vo na favela que segundo eles " o lugar mais perigoso da cidade" vrios homens que eles tentaram mostrar que eram traficantes que mais pareciam mexicanos falando espanhol, cruzando os braos impedindo a passagem deles, isso foi completamente ridculo. Logo depois aparece outro garoto da favela falando INGLS fluentemente, os meninos que moram na favela vivem com o dinheiro contado, um curso de ingls inimaginvel pagar devido sua pobreza e o ensino pblico no ensina ingls com qualidade. incrvel como eles no sabem nada a respeito da nossa lngua, dos nossos costumes. Em terceiro lugar, o local onde eles acharam o sobrinho do Horatio, tinha homens com tacos na mo SEM CAPACETE e andando em volta deles de moto, foi simplesmente surreal. expressamente proibido andar de moto sem capacete aqui, aquela cena foi uma grande mentira porque quem mora no Rio no so aqueles "animais " que o seriado passou.E quarto lugar, eles vm em um pas que no o deles, matam um homem e nada acontece? Pra quem no sabe o Brasil no terra de ningum, aqui h leis e devem ser cumpridas, bandido e mocinho existe em TODO o mundo. Antes de mostrarem oque querem, quem "vende " a nossa imagem no exterior, deveria estudar muito bem o pas antes de mostrar absurdos como foi os que eu vi, no s apenas do Brasil, mas de todos os outros pases. As favelas existem claro, h perigo l como em qualquer lugar do mundo, porm no apenas traficantes que moram l. H pessoas de bem, que acordam cedo para trabalhar e trazer o sustento da casa, portanto, seria bom que a imagem dessas pessoas fossem respeitadas. Nem todo mundo que mora na favela gostaria de morar l, mas no encontra outra opo devido ao custo de vida muito alto. Portando conheam as outras culturas antes de mostrar mentiras.
  • Awesome!

    I have got to say I loved this episode! It was a great way to start the season off and I can't wait to buy the season on DVD! I love that they started off with them in Brazil going after Riaz, and that Natalia became a main character! Plus they brought back Yelina and Ray Jr.! Even though it was sad that Ray Sr. died, I'm still happy they brought those characters back. I've noticed people are saying that the episode wasn't correct, but aren't you just supposed to enjoy the show, not be so technical? Anyway, definitely a 10/10 for me!
  • Please, spare me the crap! Are Americans that ignorant only in movies and TV shows or is it true in the real world, too?

    OK! What if a Brazilian TV series showed, in one of its episodes, a scene supposed to take place in the United States, in which a Republican senator is sniffing cocaine in his office, right in front of a few important entrepreneurs he's having a formal meeting with? And what if that vey senator is then shown asking his secretary to call a number found in the personal ad of a prostitute offering her services in order to hire her for that afternoon, let's say, at his own office? What if such a stupid TV show made it all seem as something that usually happens in the US?

    I bet every single American who saw such an episode would speak up with their fair complaints that it was the most ignorant view of what things are like in real-world America ever imagined. Well... So, "mutatis mutandis" (Latin for "with those things having been changed which need to be changed" or simpler "the necessary changes having been made"), allow me to do it now! 1) There has never been such a thing like Brazilian authorities importing Brazilians who commit crimes abroad in order to bring them to trial in our country. That's not how extradition laws work nor is it something Brazilian police authorities are interested in doing, especially because, except for the idiots who wrote that episode script for CSI: Miami, everybody can clearly see how absurd it is. At this very moment, a quick glance at US newspaper sites on the internet can bring up a few stories of Brazilians who have committed crimes in the US - all of them have been subjected to the laws ruling the region where the crimes have been committed. Last but not least, let me remember here that the consensus in international law is that a country doesn't have any obligation to surrender an alleged criminal to a foreign state, as one principle of sovereignty is that every state has legal authority over the people within its borders.

    2) A Brazilian drug trafficker whose name is Antonio RIAZ (!?) and who speaks SPANISH (!!!?) is another laughable detail to point out here.

    3) Two noticeably gringo-looking Americans walking up a referred-to-as "dangerous favela" in search of that bizarre figure with a Hispanic name and speaking Spanish who is allegedly a native of a Portuguese-speaking country where people tend to have Portuguese surnames is another hilarious part of that stupid episode - first, they'd never get to the starting point of their criminal hunt at such a favela without having an unpleasant encounter with someone who'd rob them at gunpoint; then, they'd never much farther than that without being machine-gunned by the traffickers who rule the most "dangerous favelas" in Rio. 4) A boy who lives in such a favela, who is able to speak very good English with Horatio and Delko is still more ridiculous, inasmuch as those tend to be boys who hardly ever go to school and are practically semi-illiterate, incapable of mastering even their mother tongue.

    5) Then, the scenes showing Horatio and Delko in search of RIAZ (!!!?) in the city were really shot in Rio. Nevertheless, the scenes are in fact a very confusing mixture of shots from several different parts of the city, sometimes far apart from each other, but shown in the episode as if they were near or even in the same place. 6) The fact that they killed the RIAZ (!!!!!!?) later on, and leave his corpse lying there, as if nothing serious had happened, and then leave the country with no problems at all for having killed someone here (where they're nothing but tourists instead of being regarded as police officers) is another insult to the intelligence of those who have at least a little of it.

    In the end, CSI : Miami in its first episode of the fifth season showed that, apart from being a long known not-to-be-taken-seriously series about investigative procedures (which are very distant from what a real-life CSI's job is), also presents itself as a stupid-making, uninformative fiction in respect to the world as portrayed in the show.
  • The fifth season begins with Horatio and Eric traveling to Rio determined to bring Antonio Riaz to justice for Marisol's murder. The journey takes a grim turn as Horatio's brother, sister-in-law and nephew become entangled in Riaz's new plans.


    The fifth season of CSI: Miami certainly did not get started off with a bang, but not on the wrong foot either. For one thing, as another review of this episode pointed out, the episode moved way too fast. There was not enough plot development before the climax which was unsatisfying though I did like how everything came together as Horatio found his nephew. The story line that took place at the lab could have been better as well. It was way too neat. It wrapped itself up too fast. Hopefully the season will get better.

  • North American Directors, Be smarter!

    ow my god!!! I am surprised in how North Americans don´t know anything about Brazil... and more impressive is the ability of mistakes that they can make! If you are going to shoot sth in a country please study the country first!! Stupid people!! Rio de Janeiro is not where they showed (like they said in the lines up), the song in the back, the names, the spanish language, and the part they show the buses are NOT from Brazil and maybe from Mexico, Colombia, Venezuela or someplace there. And that crime happens in Mexico not in Brazil. Please people be smarter!! It´s the same as if someone makes a movie about the USA and shows Canadian customs and crimes and speaking French, only showing the Statue of Liberty. It´s a very stupid mistake, isn´t it?
  • It was too fast paced.

    They really pushed everything into this episode fast. Too fast, in fact. They should have moved everything into a two episode viewing because Eric and Horatio killed Riaz off a little too quickly. Frankly, the only action I really enjoyed was seeing Ryan getting pissed off at Boa Vista. I don\'t blame him though. He said goodbye to a close friend (Officer Aaron Jessop) then they find out she\'s the mole. I could understand Ryan\' frustration towards her. He has only been working at the lab for two years and he was already declared a inforamation problem with his connections to his reporter friend.
  • Horatio and Eric go to Brazil

    What the crap is this, CSI: Brazil? Whatever, I don't like the beginning, as Horatio and Eric are in Brazil to find Antonio Riaz who are responsible for the death of Marisol Delko Caine, Horatio's wife and Eric's sister. Trying to locate him, Horatio gets help from Yelina and his people in Miami Crime Lab. Not a bad season start, but not good enough. Could be better. Surprisingly, I never thought Natalia Boa Vista will become a CSI, but at least now they have 4 CSIs. So sad about what happened to Raymond Jr, he does anything to bring his father back, not knowing that his father is actually dead...

    This episode lacked of scientific investigation, but still good compared to the others episode.
  • horatio and delko travel to rio to track down marisols killer.

    i thought the episode would have been a lot better if it had been split into two. there seemed to be a lot going on in a short period of time, another episode would have meant the story lines could have been explored more.the story line with horatios brother ray could have been dealt with better there was so many more possibilities. also were there no consequences for horatio, i mean he did kill someone, even in brazil this is a crime!! i did enjoy the episode but it could have been so much better especially as it was the season opener!!!!
  • Not one of the better episodes.

    After the episodes that rounded up the previous season, this episode felt kind of... eh.

    There was a bit of a lack of focus for one, too much going back and forth between locations and storylines. The pace was also off, sometimes things happened really quickly and sometimes it seemed to be dragging. The whole thing with Horatio's brother dying felt like they rushed through it so fast that if you'd gone to get a glass of water you would have missed it. The following storyline with Horatio's newphew seemed far-fetched.

    I also wasn't so crazy about the Miami storyline. It felt like they should have dropped it altogether. It took them, what, three minutes to solve the case? And then they almost built something up with Boa Vista and the kid shooting his stepdad, but it was conveniently dropped after a short while.
  • Pretty unbelievable episode.

    Along with the other problems listed in previous reviews of this episode, I must touch on a few of mine. 1. We are led to believe that an officer from Dade County could travel to Brazil or any foreign country for that matter and commit a revenge killing...and have no repercussions! This to me is just outlandishly unbelievable. I am still waiting for the writers to touch back on this subject. On a side note, I am currently working on a script for this very episode that will deal with the Brazilians coming after Horatio and Delko for murder in Brazil! 2.Horatio's nephew(can't recall his name)smuggles heroin into the U.S. on an international flight and nothing is done about it! I know it is his nephew,but, come on! How do you explain away the dead body of one of his accomplices, without incriminating the nephew in the federal offense of international drug trafficing?

    Those are the main problems with the episode I had that were not mentioned. I like it better when they keep it a little more realistic. I know it is a TV show, but realism in a cop show is a good thing.
  • Hm... It started up nice, but the ending wasn't quite what I expected...

    The shot of Horatio all by himself at the statue of Cristo Redentor was a beautiful scene. (Poor tourists, probably were banned from the Corcovado, haha) Anyways, I was expecting to have them dissing Rio even more than they did, but at least there weren't any banana-ornamented "conga-line" dancing people passing by. *rolls eyes* Although the motorcycle-riding youths waving around chains and whatever kindda did the trip, along with the spanish speaking drug dealer named Riaz! *rolls eyes again*
    But moving on to story issues... I think I had higher expectations, I mean, they chased the guy across the american continent! (oh, and that pulling away shot was nowhere near Rio!) Somewhere along the lines and the favelas, they kindda got lost, IMO, and somewhere when Ray died, or maybe Ray Jr. was working with our spanish-speaking Riaz and becoming a mule, I think I got up to grab a snack... Oh, but the mention of the word saudade at the end was kindda nice, hehe. They made it sound so much cooler than it is, hahaha.
  • Quite laking for a personal revenge...

    For starters I thought the episode was lousy, there said it.

    It's strongest point IMO, was the intro, with H kneeling in front of a spectacular panoramic view of Rio, then the drumming intro of "Won't get Fooled Again", starts playing while H gets to his feet and puts his shades on. Truly a masterpiece opening sequence.

    However... as we say in Chile, "it started like and English horse, but finished like an old donkey", that's exactly what happened here, coz right then things went down the drain, as we see Delko and a local police chief going head to head over Rias's (the guys who killed Marisol, Delko's sis and H's wife and Of. Jessup) release for some lousy motive.

    Things got a little better as H and Delko seek local help in Rio, they get in touch with Yelina, who hasn't got the best news, apparently Ray Caine is working with Rias, and Ray Jr. is hanging out with Rias too. After a short search for Rias, H comes across a badly beaten Ray Caine, who asks him to save Ray Jr., then passes away in H's arms, I always wanted H's and Ray's path to cross somewhere down the line in the future but this was just cheap and lame, I did thought enjoy seeing Yelina in the series again.

    As the epi goes on Hand Delko finally have a hand to hand show down with Rias, where H takes him down with a well placed stab in his chest, but not before learning that Rias has sent Ray J.r stateside muling his drugs.

    The Miami scene is facing some mayor changes, Calleigh steps up in H's place, Natalia Boa Constrictor (AKA "Tha Mole") has been promoted to Field CSI and is under Ryan wing, which doesn't have him all too cheary. "Calleigh Duquesne large and in charge" in Ryans words. Anyway there's a homicide and all things point to the step-husband whos is later acquited by the evidence, but not before his step-son shoots him blaming his mom's death on him. Natalia faces some tough problems for her mishandling on information on that case, but in the end things work out for her.

    H and Delko are back in Miami where the hunt for Ray Jr. and other drug-muling kids is under way, H finally catches up to him, taking a local drug lord down. Ray Jr. is finally delivered a to an anxious Yelina, who now thinks he she has no reasons to go back to Rio, but neither does she have motives to stick around Miami, H thinks otherwise "here's family".

    Wrapping it up, 1°) For a season premiere it could have been done a million times better; 2°) Why was Natalia promoted to CSI, she was new to the scene, personally I would've liked Valera to have been the new CSI; 3°) I hope Yelina's appearence paths the way for more of her appearing in the series; 4°) Being this a bloodlust/vendetta episode, I think the writers should've watched "The Godfather" trilogy to learn how to avenge family;
  • Uhmm.. okay??

    Wth happened with CSI: Miami?? It was sooo boring. Nothing happened yeah one thing: They shot that guy, I do not know his name anymore, so interesting was it :'D Lmao. And iewwwllllll Boa Vista is in the team now.. now that is Silly!!!! She is not like a detective girl, I think she doesn't know to hold a gun and shoot with it >
  • This reminds me why I love waiting for season premieres! The team's back in a strong episode for the fith season!

    I don't know about anybody else, but I found this episode a really wonderful season premiere for CSI: Miami. The overall beginning of the episode (before the credits) was what really jumped out and said "Hey! Watch me!" and that's all I needed...that and seeing Calleigh (man she's hot). Anyways the extended intro song and wonderful flyovers really complimented the episode's action and beautiful special effects. I try not to reveal spoilers, but Yelina is back and Horatio's brother gets killed by Riaz while Caine's nephew gets into the drug trade thinking he'll help his dad. A big mistake that nearly cost Ray Jr. his life. The heroin balloons in each of the kids already killed one and put another in serious danger. If those things burst in the body the person will die very soon of a drug overdose. To add to Caine's trouble Yelina tells him that his nephew's friend gave Ray Jr. a gun and now the race is on to get to Ray Jr. and save him before he dies for nothing...As for Riaz, that's the biggest spoiler so I'll let you find out for yourself.
  • Horatio's Revenge

    I have watched this episode three or four times and I still enjoy it. I loved the background of Rio.My favorite part was at the beginning were Horatio was thinking of everything that has happened, I just loved that part it brought tears to my eyes. I will say there was somethings I didn't like about the episode, like bringing back Yelina I didn't think they needed to do that or to kill of Ray again. It would have been a 10 for me if they had not dealt with Yelina and Ray. I loved the part were Horatio killed Riaz but I don't think it brought him any peace. This is an episode that I will keep watching over and over again, I will just skip over the part with Yelina.
  • We waited all summer for this season premiere and Cliff hanger that promised to be exciting and riviting.

    They did not live up to their promise. I was waiting for a great show and payback for Horatio and Eric for the death of Marisol. The show strated of with a bang and ended witha fizzle. I will keep watching anyways because CSi: Miaim hasn't let me down before. I am glad to see Boa Vista back she is a great character and I was glad to see Horario's sister in law back for one episode. Why did they have to kill Hartio's brother ? I mean that poor guy just got killed on Rescue Me. Can't a guy catch a break ?
  • This episode offered so much, yet delivered so little.

    First, let me say that of the three, I had always thought SCI Miami had the most to offer, even if David Caruso is a one-trick-pony actor. But many more episodes like this, and they might find themselves in the middle of the glades left as gator food.

    Did anyone else find the timeline confusing? Delko tells the Brazillian official the paperwork was sent 6 weeks prior, yet Ryan refers to the day being Calliegh's first day in charge. It's obvious Caine and Delko have been in Rio for some time, since they know their way around the city. Riaz, who has been so selective and thorough in killing people up to this point manages to lose a knife fight to Caine in one ridiculously poor move? So they killed Ray after killing Marisol, possibly renewing the flicker between Caine and his sister-in-law. Is she coming back? Who is the drug lord killed at the end and how/when did they get the drugs out of Ray Jr? Too many questions not answered. And lets be honest, Boa Vista as a CSI? There is no way in heck that a mole would be welcomed, reluctantly or not, into the group of people she was spying on. If I'm to suspend belief that much, at least make her competent and confident, not the babbling screw-up she portrayed here. I really hope the rest of the season isn't as choppy as this effort. Otherwise, this will become the first of the CSI's to get the axe.
  • Not the best CSI Miami Episode, especially for a season opener.

    Horatio does gets revenge for the murder of his wife and loses his brother again. I guess he really is dead this time. This episode was a bit disappointing, especially for a seanon opener. The sideways look that Horatio does seems to have become more exagerated and they would do well to suppress it entirely. Personally, I find it distracting, irritating and totally unnecessary.
  • Worse episode so far due to poor script, but good location and decent camera

    CSI: Miami used to be the favorite one of all three shows, but recently the show has in terms of writing really gone down the drain. The Rio episode is a shining example of what has been going on for some time now - putting less emphasis on cases and detective work and more on Caine's personal issues, thus building up his personae and the towering ego to go with it. Building on ridiculous premise that Caine's arch-enemy can be tried in Brasil (as if it were an US colony) for the crimes he commited in US and get acquitted because some pencil pusher blacked out the names, the story leads you to believe that if you are an american police officer, you can freely walk without any problem whatsoever through heavily armed gangland territories and assasinate citizens of another country without anyone asking you any questions. Conveniently, your foe in this story waits for you in front of the helicopter with two knifes in his hands. Who cares if you need a free hand to balance your swings in a knife fight - you need to have two knives to drop one so the good guy can stab you with it, since you are still armed. If this is not the bottom of the bad script barrel, I really do not know what is. On top of all this, there is the return of Yelina. Kicking her out of the show was the best move the writers ever done in this show, and now they reverted it. The scenery at the location is quite nice and the camera is not as bad as the appaling script. Please, no more, or there will be another less loyal watcher.
  • We're back for season five. Not the best episode of CSI Miami - but the potential was there. I still love this show, it just needs to take theese great ideas and execute them fully, not half-way and rushed.

    Ok, I'll admit it - the episode was missing a little something. I agree with some of the other posters here - it could have been so much better if they made it a two-part episode. That way episode one could have been focused in Brazil and then episode two could wrap everything up in Miami. I kept feeling like they had great ideas that they just couldn't quite execute to their full potential. If you just talk about going to Brazil, killing Riaz, Ray Jr getting involved in the drug trade, Ray being killed . . . it sounds so exciting. But they just didn't have enough time to explore everything. The case in Miami was solved in about 10 minutes, and even the aftermath, with the shooting, was too short.

    Other than that - good episode. The shots of Brazil were breathtaking. Makes me want to go visit South America. I have always loved the different lighting and filters they use on this show. I love the sun and bright colours. Here are the other reasons that I enjoyed this episode: I like Natalia. I think it will be good to have her out in the field. They just have to stop writing her as this teenager who doesn't know better and is trying to get back into the cool club after screwing up. Eva is a much better actress, one of the reasons I loved All My Children, so if they would just give her a chance. I don't mind the tension between her and the other team members. I liked it when Ryan told her off. But can she stop saying I'm sorry, and I didn't know - all the time? I also liked seeing Calleigh in charge. The scene between her and Ryan was cute. Cooper was right; she would make a good lieutenant. She handles herself with so much poise. She is my favourite CSI (from all three shows) for a reason. The beautiful, southern belle with a brilliant set of brains and she knows all about guns. I wouldn’t mess with her if I was a criminal. Here's hoping that it only gets better from here.
  • From bad to worse

    I must have something against this show to badger it as much as I've done and even though I still watch it, it's because I love the scenes in it and now having said this a few times, I have to say it once again, I truly hate Horatio's posing!
    This was a total nonsense episode that leads Horatio and Delko to Rio, here we bump into Yelina and Ray jr, who is a spoilt little brat so not much change there. We have Ray sr. return for approx. 30 seconds before his demise and I hope this is the last time too. I have no idea why on earth Ray and Yelina even went to Rio. Why not Canada? Must they go where there was so much crime?
    Crime scenes were dull although I think it's cool having Caleigh in charge of things. Ryan is still a total moron and I'm glad Dan Cooper is still in the show. Brendan Fehr and Adam Rodriguez are probably the only 2 actors in the show who can actually act! Kudos Brendan, hope they know you ar worth it!
  • Revenge seeking Horratio & Delko...

    No Big surprise there... and of course, H. has to rescue his nephew yet again. I didn't even reconize the nephew - was a new actor brought in to replace the nephew, or did the old actor just grow up some since his last air-date?

    After Ray Sr.'s death, H. says 'I love you.' to him. I can't really picture him saying that to anyone, so it was wierd to hear those words from him. He doesn't strike me as the type to say them often, even in the circumstances that H. was in...

    But that's just me, of course. I dunno. Maybe my interest in CSI is starting to wain, but this episode wasn't the best written ... it just seemed average.
  • H and Delko go to Brazil to seek revenge on Riaz. In a word: anticlimactic.

    When you have to wait three, often four, months between the season finale and the next season's premiere, the premiere had better live up to the hype. This episode, unfortunately, did not.

    Maybe it had something to do with the fact that they killed Raymond so early and with very little fanfare, which they obviously did so that Horatio would have more cause to kill Riaz than Delko. Because of course H must kill Riaz. It's in the freaking stars.

    And did this big final showdown occur at the end of the episode? No. Halfway through. Because that makes perfect sense. And then we spend the rest of the episode searching for Ray Jr. and some new guy, and his death is more exciting than Riaz's.

    Also, as I am not a fan of Natalia, I don't like that she's suddenly in the field. Why is she suddenly in the field? And what purpose does it serve? However, even though I don't like Natalia, I thought Ryan's attitude towards her - while warranted - was a little callous.

    Next week better wow me. Seriously.
  • Caine and Delko chase the bad guy to Brasil for revenge.

    Watching this show I felt like I was at a NYC diner where the time limit at each table was 20 minutes and I had to get out right away. No lingering...no chance to talk to my friend. Just eat and get the hell out!

    At the very least, this should have been a \"TO BE CONTINUED\"...2 episodes...maybe 3. Anyone could have guessed that the good guys would eventually get the bad guy. When the episode started I said to myself, \"Ok. Neither Delko or Caine can kill this guy cuz, well...they\'re cops...UNLESS it\'s a clean shoot\" Boy was I wrong. Not only was the death of Riaz a joke (death by knife?) but the fact that Caine was able to kill him and just leave Brasil with no hassle from the Brasilian police was a problem for me and a missed opportunity to extend the story. I recall the Brasilian police being a little uncooperative in the beginning of the show....

    Someone on this show must have been able to get their hands on Star Trek\'s transporter. How else could Delko and Caine have gotten from Brasil to Miami so fast? That\'s about a 6 hour trip IF you don\'t make any stops anywhere. By the time they got back to Miami, it should have been getting dark already! Anyway, that\'s just a techincality and not really that important. There was certainly enough here to leave us wanting more until next Monday. How did Raymond Sr get caught? Who beat him? Who left him hanging? Not such important things but definitely a way to stretch the story without feeling like we were being rushed away.

    The B story:
    I don\'t think I can accept Boa Vista as a CSI. After all, she was the mole. That being said, Ryan was still out of line the way he treated her but I can understand his anger because he was affected by her directly. I wish I could say I would have had Calleigh\'s attitude about it but I can\'t lie...
    Regardless of whether or not she knew (or didn\'t know) the kid she was talking to was the woman\'s son, she still shouldn\'t have been talking about it. I am considerably older than the son and even I understood Boa Vista to mean that they would get \"him\" meant the guy that was being questioned. I don\'t buy that she meant that they would get the \"mother\'s killer\".

    So, the story felt rushed but all in all it was an ok episode. I gave it a high rating because I love this show anyway.
  • Not my favorite episode... It didn't live up to last season's finale.

    So the ep. was only ok for me. There were some good parts, but there also seemed to be lacking something, I'm not too sure what it was. I did like seeing Calleigh take charge and be the boss, it suits her. Ryan was giving Natalia a hard time, which I believe she deserves. So that was entertaining. The story itself didn't seem to capture the essence of what was happening. There was no chase much and it was hard to stay concentrated ( I doodled while watching, which never happens). I liked Delko's fight scene, And horation got there just in time. All-in-all, I was dissapointed. I hope next weeks episode will be better.
  • AWESOME Episode!!!! Eric and H get closure. H gets back with Yelina. Calleigh looks great! What more could I ask for??? The into was AWESOME, the music going into the theme. Great Show, A

    AWESOME Episode!!!!

    Eric and H get closure. H gets back with Yelina.
    Calleigh looks great! Ryan and Snake lady go at it. LOL
    Frank is a cool dude and alex needs to cover her chest! LOL

    What more could I ask for???

    The into was AWESOME, the music going into the theme. Rio looks beautiful. The team and Calleigh being in charge was great. She did an excellent job. LT. Duquesne, how do you not love this? Next weeks episode looks great too. Calleigh being run off the road. I hope H and the team comes to her rescue! Great Show, Awesome ep! David Caruso
  • Great episode re affirmed faith

    This episode contrary to what im reading was great. At times CSI:Miami can be a bit slow on the uptake and in my opinion not as good as the other two. However it is still enjoyable, this episode was great and for me just moved it up a notch on my ladder. The story was jam packed and thats what i like a lot going on and not too boring. Running stories together is a general CSI trick and i always enjoy those episodes where more than one crime is being investigated. To see them cross the border and make the show very personal was good. It was great to see Sofia Milos again i missed her.

    One thing thaqt bugged me was how much Ray Jr had appeared to have grown. A little unrealistic i think maybe they couldnt get the normal actor. But that doesnt spoil the episode.

    I hope we get a new thread this series maybe to do with other characters that would be nice. Im hoping for more good eps in the future
  • Bad way to begin a new season

    Hated the way they ended last season, hated the way they began this season. How many times are you going to kill the brother? And how many more dangerous situations are you going to put the nephew in? Just bad writing plain and simple. Is it maybe time to take a CSI off the air?
  • What are you people talking about.

    I loved the season premire of CSI Miami. It was great; you people must have missed the season finalie last season. This episode was about vegence by Horatio & Delco look for the man who killed Horatios wife and Delcos sister and now there after him. I enjoyed the episode though I don\'t know what you people are talking about.
  • What the hell is hapening with CSI: Miami?!?

    Seriously, what the hell was that?!? Okay, the episode started kinda okay, with the flashbacks, but when i saw Horatio up on that graveyard in front of the huge statue up on some hill that looked as if he was in heaven (OMG), I knew something was different...

    Another thing - what was the purpose of that second case? To show how to new CSI screws up? That's the same thing that happens to every new guy in all three CSI-s... Seriously...

    I felt like I was watching Desperados, or Once upon a time in Mexico... Personally, I hate Horatio Caine as a charachter and Caruso for his insanely bad acting. He looked like Antonio freakin' Banderas... A bad version... And they killed that guy who killed Marisol just like that... Come on... The episode had a huge potential, but they screwed it up. Badly. Still, I watch the show, cause I'm a CSI fan... And that 'picture in picture' picture, :D whatever it's called?! A lame excuse to get more viewers, to make the show better beacuse the producers know it's going downhill... Already seen in 24, anyone who uses it looks like stupid. CSI: Miami is going down soon. The first of the CSI's to get cancelled. I'm sure of it. I'm not gonna like it but that's the way it's gonna be. For sure.
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