CSI: Miami

Season 6 Episode 19

Rock and a Hard Place

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM May 05, 2008 on CBS
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A man is murdered when someone drops a piece of slate off a bridge. The team tracks the slate to one of their own and Alexx's son becomes a suspect. Then to make matters worse Alexx finds him in a warehouse holding a bloody knife over his friend who happened to be the other suspect.moreless

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  • Dr. Alexx Woods' son Brian becomes the suspect in the murder of one man and the attempted murder of another. Horatio and the team do all they can to clear Brian's name.moreless

    I did enjoy this episode which is why I have given it a high rating. However, I did have my problems with it. The plot device of Brian Woods being implicated in the murder of a drug dealer is very old and has been used several times before on the CSI shows. Who did not think the episode would end with his innocence clearly proven? This is also a very sad episode because of the loss of one of the best characters on the show. Khandi Alexander was terrific as Dr. Alexx Woods. She will certainly be missed in Miami.moreless
  • Thank You Alex Woods.....

    As a fan of Kandi I'm thrilled she was given the opportunity to say good bye. The character of ME Alex Woods has been on reason why I have kept returning. Her character has always been strong and compassionate bring a very human element to the show. I thought the story line was believable. The idea of CIs being used and in this case abused wasn't too far fetched, especially given that a corrupted agent took advantage of a position. But this was all about Alex and her willingness to put what is best for her family and herself. Her final scene allowed her to say good bye and thank you to her co workers as well as her fans. It was classy, just like her and Kandi. I will miss them both.moreless
  • Needing a change?

    I found this episode to be rather below the line of average. Hardly acceptable, however the previous two parter was so good and so intense that i think they should get away with this.

    The episode looks OK, however the storyline jumps a bit too much to my liking. how the jump from a stone to a Medical examiners house goes is a bit too much and it shows. Way too many hugs and goodbye's in the end. the sad note here is the departure of Khandi Alexander. Defenitely worth a tear or two as she has an immense amount of charisma. I feel that this will have an impact on the series. How much? Time will tell.

    Too bad it this is such a average episode (very unusual in CSI Miami), i would have loved to see Khandi go out with a bang (not fatality wise).moreless
  • Goodbye to Alex one of my all time favourite M.E's

    This episode opens with speedboats out in the ocean. When one of them turns and he isn't on his speedboat any more. He is then found dead. Alex discovers that he died when something hit him. He was hit by a slab which was thrown from the bridge above him. They track down who bought the slab, and it turns out to be Alex's husband. When she goes to see Wolfe and see what is written on the slab, she quickly leaves and rings her husband. Alex's son Brian comes into the morgue and she asks him out right if he knows anything about the slab being taken. From him Alex learns that H has been to the house. He lets her that H picked something out of the grass and then left. She sends Brian home. The cigarette H found belonged to Trey. He is a friend of Brian's. Speed is recovered from the crime scene and Trey is asked about it. He denies that he knows anything about the drugs or the murder. Brain calls his mother and asks her to come and help, he is in a warehouse. When she gets there with her ME kit (strange), when she gets there she hears shouting and fighting when she finds Brain has stabbed Trey. He says he didn't do it and that Trey asked him to pull it out. She tries to help Trey whilst telling him not to die. She looks awful upset. Lucky she had her kit with her.

    Eric asks how come she is there, when she mentions Brian they both go to see him. But he's gone. She begs Eric not to run the prints as everything will go wrong. So he says he'll run the blood first and then the print, so she can go and find him. Natalia and Eric run the DNA.

    They get a codis hit of a Mary, who was on the speedboat earlier. The cops find Brian before his mother does and H is also there. Brian is found with a load of the speed pills on hi m from earlier. Alex and H interview Brian. Alex soon takes her son and tells H that they need a lawyer. Eric tests the plastic bag which the drugs were in for prints, Alex watches on. Alex goes to see Brain and begs him to tell H who gave him the drugs. He says he can't as he gave his word. Trey told him to get them and to dump them before Mary did.

    Trey tells Callie that he got arrest a month ago and made a deal. He is working for one of the agents. H and Alex talk, he says that Brain will be realised into her custody today and she quits her job. We then see Alex doing her last autopsy and saying goodbye to everyone at CSI. Calliegh has tears in her eyes. No words ever needed just smiles and tears. What a beautiful way to send Alex off into the real world.moreless
  • Recycled material and unnecessary special effects.

    I will admit that this show has grown on me since day one - if only to see if Horatio ever speaks to somebody face-on. I felt the plot line in this episode was a stretch. It just seems too convenient that each character has had a family member or friend involved in a terrible incident, whether as a suspect or a victim. Earlier in this same season, Horatio's son was a suspect and now it's Alexx's son. To me, it feels like the show is running out of new ideas and is recycling older episodes, attempting to disguise them as something completely different.

    Additionally, the attempts to make the show seem more cutting-edge and modern backfired, I was rather confused when Valera was analyzing evidence and the image kept splitting into rectangles and moving around. What was the point of that? This episode just supports my initial reaction to the show.moreless
David Caruso

David Caruso

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Emily Procter

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Adam Rodriguez

Eric Delko

Khandi Alexander

Khandi Alexander

Chief Medical Examiner Alexx Woods

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Jonathan Togo

Ryan Wolfe

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Rex Linn

Detective Frank Tripp

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Katherine Moennig

Mary Landis

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Agent Brad Sylvestri

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Toby Hemingway

Trey Holt

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Boti Bliss

Maxine Valera

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (5)

    • Goof: At the end, when Horatio appears in the morgue to talk to Alexx, you seem to hear his footsteps approaching, but his shadow doesn't move because he's clearly just standing still.

    • Goof: Before the opening credits, we see the dark blue jet ski that the victim was killed on pulled away from the shore, higher onto the beach. Then after the credits, we see it back by the water again.

    • We learn that Alexx's husband's name is Henry, her son is Bryan, and her daughter is Jamie.

    • Goof: Just after the victim disappears off the jet ski, you get a full-on view of the left side of the jet ski, it is clean. Once the cops show up and the victim is pulled from the water suddenly there is blood spatter. Also a problem with the directionality of the blood. The blood pattern seems as if he sat on the jet ski and bled out instead of being knocked off at a moderate rate of speed. In addition, there are no body interrupting points to show that anyone was ever seated on it.

    • Alexx Woods (Khandi Alexander) tells Horatio that she needs to start spending her time with the living thus resigning from her position of Medical Examiner.

  • QUOTES (4)

    • Bryan: Sorry if I'm embarrassing you in front of your friends.
      Alexx: My friends? Those people are officers of the law. And they took an oath to solve this murder. And right now, all of the evidence is pointing them directly to Bryan Woods. Now, maybe in the backs of their minds they're hoping it's not you, for my sake. But once you get in front of that jury there won't be any hope. Those 12 people won't know me they won't know you, and they definitely won't know that you're covering for someone you think is your friend.

    • Bryan: You always say your word is your bond. I gave my word.
      Alexx: Baby, you don't give your word to drug pushers and murderers. You save it for the people that care about you, that you care about.

    • Alexx: There appear to be some dark flakes in his hair. He didn't hit something...something hit him.
      (Both look up)
      Horatio: So we have death...from above.

    • Alexx: This room used to bring me so much peace. I know that sounds strange but we meet people on the worst day of their life. And I always felt that it was my duty to be the last voice they heard and I never, not once, took that lightly. I almost lost my son today, Horatio.
      Horatio: But Alexx, you didn't...you didn't.
      Alexx: But after today...this room just doesn't feel the same. I need to spend more of my time taking care of the living. (sad smile) It has been my honor to work with you, Mr. Caine.
      Horatio: Back at ya. And Alexx, that door will always be open. Okay?
      Alexx: (nods)

  • NOTES (3)

    • International Episode Titles:
      Czech Republic: Rodinná záležitost (Family Matter)

    • Original International Air Dates:
      Denmark: June 5, 2008 on Kanal 5
      Finland: August 9, 2008 on Sub
      United Kingdom: December 9, 2008 on Five
      Norway: January 6, 2009 on TVNorge
      Germany: March 17, 2009 on RTL
      Czech Republic: January 12, 2010 on TV Nova

    • Featured Music:
      Tick Tick Boom by The Hives
      Farewell Alexx by Jeff Cardoni (during the final scene as Alexx is leaving)