CSI: Miami

Season 5 Episode 20


Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Apr 16, 2007 on CBS

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  • Celebrities in rehab. Good episode.

    This was an awesome episode. I really enjoyed the Britney Spears thing at the end. The story line made sense, which doesn't ALWAYS happen. lol
    But overall I really enjoyed the episode. And did anyone see the preview for next week? Calleigh and Eric are supposedly gonna kiss. Now that is the episode that I can't wait for :D
  • Britney Spears thing in the end

    A famous actor is killed but it wasn't on the
    Set that made it looked like it was but it
    Was in rehab. As his personal assistant and friend felt he
    Had to killed the actor in order to prevent him from Revealing any secrets. In the end, it showed this woman
    Shaving her hair like Britney Spears did a few months ago.
  • Celebrities in rehab! Woo Hoo!

    This episode was quite average. The writers finally move the goody-too-shoes characteristics to Delko and at the same time he gets to show his vulnerable side.

    The team seems a bit too big for this one case. Boa Vista was there earlier, found a hair, then didn't do much the rest of the episode. I guess because it was a high profile case, everyone would be on it, but it didn't look as if a lot of people were busy.

    What is the deal at the end of the episode with the Britney Spears reference? Totally useless waste of airtime. It did nothing to advance the storyline and all it did was fill the remaining 30 seconds of the episode. I would have score this episode higher, but because of the frivolous ending, I had to dock the score to under 8.0.

    Four more episodes left!
  • A famous actor is killed- but not on set but in rehab ...

    Very good episode.....interesting plot-line. Clean story..no B story this time, which makes it easier to follow. Famous actor is found on set in the trunk of a car. Turns out he was killed in rehab by his best friend. Did't see that one coming. The rehab twist was done well. Performances of stars and guest stars were good. Saying that one has to mention the scenes between Eric and Jolene - which stand out. Very well playe well on both parts - complements to the actors. Horatio is seen with less of his mannierisms, almost no glasses or hands on the hips. Only a couple of one-liners...
    All in all - pretty good episode. Entertaining all the way.
  • Still not at it's best, but a pretty good episode.

    I'm glad Miami seems to be picking itself up again after a few bad episodes eariler on. It means we're probably going to get a good finale, which is always positive.

    As for this episode, the drug thing has been done to death but doing it from the point of view of people in rehab was an interesting new twist, and I really loved the continiuity and interaction between Jolene and Eric. It was just a really sweet touch.

    Horotio was minimal in this episode, but he still got his one liners in, of course. Ryan was still annoying me, I must say, but I quite liked Natalia in this one. No enough screentime for Calleigh, but she has some good lines with Alexx.

    Pretty great episode.
  • Better - different but better.

    I thought this was a good episode but just had too much going on and too many suspects. I think the scripts are better when they can focus on a couple a suspects instead of a half a dozen. This episode had too many "backstory" characters. From the "B" actress studying for a role in rehab to the "possible" suspect selling celebrity stuff on E-Bay. Then you have the personal assistant,the manager of the rehab and we haven't even mentioned the members of the stunt team. The one bright spot in this episode was the scene between Eric and Jolene. I thought it was well written and well placed. The understanding and compassion from Eric was just enough to make an impact. Horatio as always had his annoying one-liners.
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