CSI: Miami

Season 5 Episode 20


Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Apr 16, 2007 on CBS



  • Trivia

    • Goof: Upon examining the body, Alexx discovers that Brody scratched and cut himself underneath his ears and the side of his neck while trying to free himself from the rope. During the reenactment of the murder, Brody only grabs for the front part of the rope.

    • How is the centre director supposed to have lowered Brody's hanging body by lifting it by himself? This is not possible as another person would be needed to untie the knot, and there is no indication the rope was cut.

    • The episode refers to the murdered actor as having "reached level six" in his recovery. The "twelve steps" themselves are never mentioned by name. Incidentally, it is step nine where one starts making direct amends.

  • Quotes

    • Eddie: Look man, I didn't do anything.
      Horatio: Everybody's done something, Eddie.

    • Rod: Look, I told you, I had nothing to do with Brody dying.
      Eric: Well we're gonna hold you here for a little while, just to make sure of that… I don't trust you actors.
      Rod: I'm a stunt guy!

    • Natalia: I guess it's true, everybody has a secret.
      Horatio: Some of us more than one.

    • Eric: You're not going to let them down. They want to help you.
      Jolene: How do you know?
      Eric: A couple of months ago I got shot. (points to his head) Back here. And I was scared to come back to work
      Jolene: You were?
      Eric: Yeah. I didn't want to ask for anybody's help. I ended up making a few mistakes. But every day it gets a little better. And it'll get better for you too. Your friends and your family, they just want to be there for you. You're going to be okay, Jolene.
      Jolene: I guess I'll have to be. Somebody stole my other option.

    • Calleigh: I think it's a good thing that you can't leave.
      Holly: I know, this place is like prison.
      Calleigh: (laughs, looks around) Trust me, it's nothing like prison.

    • Holly: I passed out.
      Calleigh: From… what? This is rehab.
      Holly: Uh, yeah, side effect, from being an addict. Sometimes I get blackouts.
      Calleigh: When you need an alibi?
      Holly: No! No, I cared about Brody.

    • Calleigh: It's a guilty pleasure. (Calleigh opens her locker and removes a gossip magazine) I've not read it yet, but Holly Reese is on the cover. She just went to rehab.
      Ryan: Is that right? I thought she was the one celebrity with a good reputation.

    • Natalia: I found something.
      Ryan: Oh yeah, what's that?
      Natalia: It's a hair, black, but it's too long to be Brody's.
      Ryan: Bet you it's female.
      Natalia: Well, yeah! Big star, probably had his pick of any of the girls in here.

    • Mr. Ashford: You are wasting your time, gentlemen. White Sands saved Brody's life. He couldn't have been killed here, trust me. This is a safe place.
      Ryan: Well, we looked into the history of this place. It's uh... it's not that safe.
      Mr. Ashford: Well, what do you mean by that?
      Horatio: Two people died here, Mr. Ashford.

    • Ryan: Thank you Alexx. I knew you could do it.
      Alexx: Do what, honey?
      Ryan: Get me probable cause for a warrant.

    • Calleigh: Brody Lassiter, I don't believe it.
      Alexx: You're a fan?
      Calleigh: I only saw Blitzed three times. It's that whole "bad boy" thing; I guess I like it.

  • Notes

    • International Episode Titles:
      Czech Republic: Nepovedená léčba (Unsuccessful Treatment)

    • International Air Dates:
      United Kingdom: November 28, 2007 on Channel 5
      New Zealand: December 2, 2007 on TV3
      Norway: December 18, 2007 on TVNorge
      Hungary: June 12, 2008 on Viasat3
      Czech Republic: January 27, 2009 on TV Nova

    • Featured Music:
      "Push It" by Rick Ross
      "Rehab" by Amy Winehouse plays when Horatio and Ryan visit the rehab center.
      "Numb" by Sia
      "Miami" by Will Smith

  • Allusions

    • At the end of the episode when the supposed pop singer shaves her head is a reference to real pop singer Britney Spears who checked herself into rehab and shaved her head.

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