CSI: Miami

Season 4 Episode 15


Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Feb 06, 2006 on CBS

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  • This episode basically characterizes CSI: Miami, with its unpredictable plot and sudden turning points.

    When I first read about this episode being played on my local CW station in syndication, I wasn't really looking forward to it, until I actually watched it taped afterwards. This episode pretty much reasons why I watch "CSI: Miami". It's because the plots are unpredictable, and characterization and plotting is very deep. It is amazing how intelligent the CSI's are when they are able to trace evidence to specific types of objects, like the dead man in the beach getting killed by a belt buckle, and the investigators noticing a man at the beach w/o a belt. That's why I tape my local CW station's late-night reruns of the show every weekend (it shows two episodes late Saturday/Sunday nights) because I look forward to the exciting , dramatic plots of each episode.
  • Tying up some loose ends - and revealing a little more about the characters.

    If I have to critcise this show, it would be that when the writers want us to know something of the backgrounds of the team, they can't seem to focus too well on the plot at the same time. The result was, I felt, that the solution to the crimes of Walter Resden was rushed through and probably tied up too neatly.
    Along the way, we learnt that Natalia and Eric had had a relationship and Eric showed himself to be a good guy, despite his past reputation with the girls, when he promised to stand by Natalia if she was pregnant - which in fact she wasn't. Personally, I think this was a good thing, and I would like to see the writers get back to basics in future episodes and stop the constant hints at romance between members of the team - this show doesn't need that, and if it was felt that including more love interest would draw in more viewers, I feel that they've got it wrong and it may have the opposite effect.
    Slightly too unbelievable that the girl who saw her parents killed by Resden should then unwittingly go on to have a relationship with him, but it all led to the point where it transpired that Resden murdered his foster siblings because they didn't help prevent his abuse at the hands of their foster father.
    We then learnt that Horatio too, was an abused child - this and other things we have learnt about his childhood, tell us why he is emotionally unable to open up to people, why he hides himself behind those shades, and why he goes beyond the call of duty to help women and children who are suffering or have been hurt by violent men. To anyone who watches the show on a regular basis, this much should be obvious, so I don't understand why people knock this character.
    All in all not the best of episodes but at least it answered some questions.
  • Skeletons During a volley ball tournament the evidence of a murder leads to walter Reisen

    The killer used a man's belt (walter's m.o.) Jennifer has a new boyfriend and Natalia thinks she might be pregnant. The trash man was paid to transfer a body. Another murder was in the same way Wilson family was. Walter Reisden was dating Jennifer and going by Lee. The bodies were frozen. Jennifer left with Walter. The kids were all from the same house and were all foster children together. Walter was beat and thrown in the closet walter wanted his older brother to tell him his story. Reisdens DNA was on a seat belt and H stood up for Walter. H was beaten on. The other bro stood up for him.
  • The bad guy was creepy instead of threatening

    The whole pregnancy thing was a huge let down. For once it would be nice to see the story go the other way instead of always being a false alarm. The woman whose parents were murdered was annoying. You know someone is after you and go internet dating? How stupid can you get.
  • H's nemesis is back.

    We were first introduces to Walter Resdin in an earlier episode. He was able to get away, but not this time. Horatio is able to tell that the body found on the beach is more of his work and we learn he is dating the daughter of two of his victims but is not telling her his full name. We learn that Resdin was abused as a foster child and that he is paying back everyone that did not help him. Most of all we learn that Horatio was abused as a child. I still think Valera is the mole and I am glad that Natalia wasnt pregnant. Eric isnt ready for fatherhood.
  • Horatio's old nemesis is back. We finally saw ending for storyline that started in "Under Suspicion".

    I was really afraid to see this episode. All babyscare rumours, I was already banging my head to wall. But it wasn't anything like that.

    Walter Resden, a man who first appeared in "Under Suspicion" is back. Last time he got away but this time... it's time for H to catch the bad guy. It was quite surprising that in the beginning, Delko was out with Dan Cooper and not Ryan Wolfe. I mean, despite arguments what those two CSIs have had, I thought they'd hang out more nowadays. But, the body was found and investigation started.

    It was quite amazing how fast H connected body to Resden, but it felt like "damn, H won't catch him". Resden was really giving me the creeps - just like bad guys should. Anyways, the storyline went smoothly and we even saw the babyscare results, which point I yelled "YAY!" since I don't want my favourite show to get "The Bold and the Beautiful".

    So, without any soapbubbles, episode went forward very nicely and I was quite surprised for the explanation why Resden was a serial killer. Childhood trauma. Well, it's a common reason but how can you make so creepy man to be someone, who you feel sorry for? I guess again it was good writing by Elizabeth Devine and John Haynes. I was happy to see this storyline to end, but still ED and JH had added something what made me think for more... H's past and his childhood. How did Resden know about H's father? Were they neighbours? Were they in same fostercare some time? H has some unsettled things in NYC that has something to do with his mother's killer... did his father kill his mother? Well, I can tell they let something for us to think of...

    So. Conclusion. Even this was H-centred episode, it was again good old CSI what the show suppose to be. I loved to watch this episode. Along with "Nailed", it's one of the best in season 4.
  • This episode is the conclusion to 406 under suspicion episode.

    This was a good episode and it all started off with no Ryan Wolfe for 20 minutes yipeeeeee!! Instead they had the lab guy Dan Cooper (Brendan Fehr)hanging out with Delko. Brendan Fehr should have been casted instead of Jonathan Togo!

    Anyway Resden is back in this episode and is dating Jennifer, the girl who is under Horatio's protection after her parents were murdered and
    Boa Vista and Delko's relationship takes a turn... a lot of flashbacks but we do get an ending to this storyline in this episode.

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