CSI: Miami

Season 9 Episode 5

Sleepless in Miami

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Oct 31, 2010 on CBS

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  • After a man claims to have been drugged by a sleezy physic, Natalia must find the truth by going undercover.

    This episode is my, hands-down, favorite Miami episode ever! The opening scene was brilleant, we were just as confused and scared as poor Jason was.

    And as for Jason, he wasn't your typical guilty yet innocent guy. He had real depth to him, he was a former drug addict that was trying to get clean, he grieves for his father after telling him to drop dead then finding out he did a week later. Jason just added to the episode for me greatly.

    Another character whos depth and past was brought to light was Natalia. I feared that this episode would be deminishing to her character but in reality, it was the oposite. Though we have heard the Nick story before, "Sleepless" brought a new edge to Natalia's hidden past. He used a dream defence to get out of alot of charges, meaning the abuse must have been much worse than we've speculated.

    Even more depth was giving to Horatio, who has been noticably cold and distant in last and this season. He and Ryan vow to keep the truth of Nat's ordeal a secret (even to Nat) in order to protect her. The team-scene was also great as was the hospital scene. It was nice to see the teams bond be brought to light.

    My only problem was that I feel the episode was rushed. Nat's hallucination lasted only minutes. Even before that, when Ryan and H realised she was in trouble, they automatically knew how and where to find her. I was expecting after Ryan says "She could be anywhere" to jump to Nat's POV, probably speeding through traffic or running for her life, more "Nicks" popping up and flashbacks.

    And even after finding her, the next scene was the hospital scene. I think something else should have happened there, like the house scene then that. At least give some sign that Nat spent some time in the hospital before waking up. It seemed that her scenes were squashed together, then another while before she showed up.

    Though I have a few quaries with this episode, I can't fault it. Between the brilleant camrea shots and Special effects, to the depth and plots, this episode was one for the history books. I feel bad for the next episode, nothing can top "Sleepless" in my mind and surely many more.
  • Horatio and the team investigate the strange case of a man who claimed to have committed a murder in a dreamlike state. This leads to Natalia going undercover to find out what really happened.

    A definite improvement over the previous episode. Unlike the previous episode's bloodbath, this episode has a clever and entertaining story that hooks the viewer in from start to finish. It could not have been more obvious that the accused was innocent. That is a liability here, but it is a small one that does not take away from the overall enjoyment of this episode. Beth Littleford does very well in her role as a phony psychic. The scene towards the end of the episode, where she tells Horatio that she actually has "the gift", is very clever, even somewhat amusing.
  • 9x05

    this is maybe the best episode from this season so far, well, at the beginning, when a read the plot of this chapter I thoutgh that this one was going to be as stupid as "8x20 backfire" with a very unrealistic plot, but after I saw it, I was very fascinated with everything, I have to say that the begining scene was one of the best beginning scenes in the entire csi franchise, it was awesome!!!

    one of the best momments in the chapter is when natalia opens her eyes and suddenly we hear the same voice at the begining repeating "open your eyes", for me that was incredible. it was like if something really dangerous was going to happen, I loved the final scene when horatio tells ryan not to tell anything about what happened with natalia and the shootgun, maybe this is going to be used in a future episode, I don´t know but definitively this was an amazing chapter.

    P.D: I´m from venezuela, I´m not an expert writing in English, please forgive my mistakes
  • Perfect! Except for one thing...

    The only thing not perfect about this episode was that Natalia's hallucination lasted for such a short time. Maybe it would have been better if this episode had been in two parts and Natalia could have been hallucinating longer and the team would have ended up searching for her all over Miami?
    I think it would have been better, but even so the episode was awesome!

    I think it was about time that something happened to Natalia action in the form of going undercover and hallucinating instead of the traditional CSI Miami action of almost dying twice like Eric or being kidnapped like Calleigh. Don't get me wrong; I like that sort of action too, but for once it was nice that this was a kind of "calmer" action.
  • Love this show!! This season just keeps getting better and better. KUDOS TO THE WRITING STAFF!!! Exellent episode, as well...strangly curious...I like the way at the end of most episodes you give the viewer a feeling of "Finality"...no loose strings.

    Love this show!! This season just keeps getting better and better. Kudos to the writing staff!!! Exellent episode, as well...strangly curious...I like the way at the end of most episodes you give the viewer a feeling of "Finality"...no loose strings...but even last week with the escaped killer, a little "Cliff-hanger" is good too!!! WELL DONE, CBS!! KEEP IT UP! The tightly woven bond team expresses demonstrate a clearly their integrity to each other as well as to their profession. It is well written shows like this that keep me coming back. They are clean, not overly dramatic yet not at all boring.
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