CSI: Miami

Season 9 Episode 14

Stoned Cold

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Feb 27, 2011 on CBS

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  • The CSI Team Investigates When A High School Female Bully Is Stoned To Death And The Evidence Points To Her Victims.

    One word: excellent. This is the most devastating episode in the history of all CSIs. The plot was amazing and terrific acting with great twists. There are two things that I liked the most. First of all the storyline. Bullying is a current topic and it is a serious problem. The teachers do not react in this kind of situations and they just ignore everything (Believe me, I have been there!). The bully was absolutely crazy. Her victims must have been terrified of her. The suspects were not cliched, they were realistic. This is the best episode so far of this season and it is also one of the bests in the history of CSI. If you miss this, you make the mistake of your life.
  • Some weird camera filming errors....

    The one girl who is getting bullied after she is brought into the station, her mole is on the left side of her nose. Then later on in the show, a couple scenes later her mole switches sides. I don't know if that was a fake mole that they put on her face, and put on the wrong side later, or they just filmed her one way and did it as a mirror image in the next scene.

    The plot of the story was a little exagerated, and not very interesting. Not very convincing episode. I am just gonna keep comenting because there is a 100 word min
  • An evil female bully is found murdered and tied to a high school's goal posts. Her cause of death - stoning.

    This was by far the worst CSI episode I have seen of any kind. This episode was so badly written that I really don't think I'll watch another CSI Miami episode as long as I live. I really think that "Stoned Cold" was a perfect title for this episode but not just because of how the murder was committed but also because of how the team conducted themselves, especially Horatio. There's a huge difference between remaining objective and being "Stone Cold" like the team was. At no point did they have any conflict as to what had been going on and at no point did they have any empathy for the real victims. The fact that Blair had driven at least one person (probably more) to suicide (which was averted because his mother stopped him) was completely ignored by them. The fact that she was an evil psychopath didn't dawn on them either. Who are these people working at CSI:Miami, the Keystone Cops? At no point did the team investigate the school board for forcing the principal to stand mute and impotent in the face of Blair's evil onslaught. In other episodes we have seen the team bend the rules and decline to press hard enough to get the answers because they knew that the death of the "victim" made the world a much better place for everyone else. Blair's mother's actions should have easily told them what kind of a person she was but again, that was ignored. The writers essentially said to the world "If you're being bullied to the point that you want to die and going through the proper channels has no effect, too bad, you have to suffer and perhaps die because if you do what is required to stop it you will go to jail for the rest of your life. Congratulations CSI writers! You have proven your lack of intelligence and lack of personal responsibility. You failed to realise that pop culture shapes the opinions of the average human and CSI is definitely a part of pop culture. People who are being bullied will get the impression from this episode that they really have nowhere to turn. I hope that you can sleep at night and if you can, you're as worthless and stupid as Blair's mother and best friend, two characters that you created specifically to be mindless and delusional.
  • 9x14

    I agree with all the people who says this is the best episode for this season so far, maybe for me the best is "9x05 sleepless in miami" but this one was very good too, I really loved this episode, it remembers me old scholl csi episodes, the development was great and the bully girl did an amzing job, I liked the way in wich she was killed, it was different but maybe the reason why I´m not giving it a 10 is because the beginning scene does not match with what really happen at the momment of the murder, but in general this episode was amazing

    P.D: I´m from venezuela, I´m not an expert writing in english, please forgive my mistakes
  • High school abuser is found dead in the school yard after a party. She was tied and stoned.

    This episode is the best in this season. The case is fantastic! The end is really surprising. There were a lot of suspects, and whole investigation is exciting. I love the plot very much. Murder in a high school is unusual and different from other episodes. The murder weapon is strange and rare too. The best part is the end when you dont know who killed her until the last minute. Way to go CSI MIAMI. I love the new girl in the lab too. I hope the other episodes will be as good as this one. :))
  • surprising ending!

    First of all I like the way the victim was murdered. Being stoned to death is brutal, but it's also the first time it's been on the show and it's always nice to see something other than the classical stabbing or gunshot as COD.

    I love how they managed to reallt twist things up and have a surprise ending. First it seemed as if would be the classical nerd-revenge at the bully, but it was actually quite entertaining to see that it was the parents who finally got fed up with the bulluying.

    Very little Calleigh in this episode though, but sometimes some charachters get very little screen time.

    I am not happy about the new girl because I feel that she's stealing Traver's place and I want Traver's back. Hope CSI Miami will have an episode as good as this one next week!
  • Horatio and the team investigate the case of a female high school bully whose dead body was found tied to a goal post on the school football field. The victim was apparently stoned to death. The team soon finds there is no shortage of suspects.

    This episode is very flawed. The cliches certainly hurt the episode to a certain degree. The victim is one such cliche. She seemed to bleed contrivance. Another problem was the victim's mother. The mother denied there was anything wrong with her daughter and believed she set the standard by which all people are judged. Finally, it was obvious the two students were innocent mainly because too much focus was put on them. Like we never saw that before. In the end however, I found myself enjoying this episode. What helps it is it's clever ending. No too bad an episode.