CSI: Miami

Season 10 Episode 13

Terminal Velocity

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Jan 29, 2012 on CBS

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  • On a scientific note ...

    This is the first episode of CSI Miami that I have ever seen. I liked the fast paced neat and clean detective work. The twin twist was intriguing. However, the key to solving it was clever but so improbable! Anyone with half a brain uses gloves and other protective gear when handling concentrated acids. Yes, nitric acid will turn your skin yellow if it splashed on it. But what's the first thing you should do? Rinse with ammonia like they did in the show? No way! Water, and lots of it.

    On another note: I wish my lab was as modern and sleek as the one on the show. It's a beaut!
  • where is horatio?

    Interesting storyline. Wow, 103 kids! When I was watching this episode, I was thinking maybe at that time, very few guys were willing to donate their sperm haha.. I mean, wow! 103 kids!! I love these writers for always concocting up weird stuff to entertain us, the viewers, haha.. I noticed only one thing in this episode - the lack of Horatio. The mystery was practically solved by Walter, Ryan and Bonavista... I am not complaining, I am just saying :-)
  • Totally unrealistic on so many levels.

    First, if identical twins are genetically identical (as the show claimed these were), how is it that one twin has Wilson's and the other doesn't? Secondly, the high estimate is that Wilson's occurs in 4 out every 100,000 people...so one carrier has TWO kids (at least) with the disease????????????? Wilson's is generally treatable, only occasionally requiring a transplant, yet one of this guy's kids is already dead and another is dying unless he gets a transplant. Right.

    Pretty much the only thing in this show that wasn't far-fetched was that none of the donor's kids killed him.

    And in real life, crime scene techs don't decide that someone is the killer and go track him down; they give the info to the detectives, who, one hopes, keep an open mind until all the evidence is in and don't go dashing from one prime suspect to another as they did in this episode.

    I don't generally watch tv. I watched this because our parents of donor kids group alerted everyone to the subject matter. This episode reminded me exactly WHY I don't watch tv. What utter tripe.
  • Very Interesting

    I thought this was quite an interesting episode. It wasn't as "WOW" as some other episodes, but it wasn't bad either. It was, quite obviously, great because of the fact that the victim had 103 kids! (although, in my personal opinion you're not a parent just because you contributed with DNA).

    I thought for sure that one of the donor kids or mothers of those kids would be guilty, but as usual (because I am bad at guessing who the killer is), I was wrong. Also, this particular episode focused more on Ryan, Walter and Natalia which I like.

    They don't always get that much screen time and that's bad sometimes. Although, it seems like Calleigh has had very little screen time this season.

    Walter and Ryan; you have got to love those two and their teasing back and forth. They are the comedy-duo for sure and that is always extra fun considering the show is always so serious otherwise.

    So well done by the Miami writers this week, well done.