CSI: Miami

Season 2 Episode 5

The Best Defense

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Oct 20, 2003 on CBS



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    • Ricky: You're not gonna get him. My family's gonna pay for the best legal defense you've ever come up against. And when this is all over, I'm still gonna open my club. Aaron's still gonna be my lawyer. You know why? Because the best defense... is money.
      Horatio: Ricky, the best defense is an honest life.

    • Hagen: I care about a confession she freely gave me that. Now she's saying I coerced.
      Calleigh: Well, John, if the evidence is good, then the confession will stick.
      Hagen: Whose side are you on?
      Calleigh: I didn't realize that evidence took sides.

    • Calleigh: Angelo's got nice taste in cars.
      Speed: Hard to go wrong when you spend 80 grand.

    • Delko: According to the vic, this cowboy came through the front door, guns blazing.
      Speed: I wonder if he tied up his horse.

    • Speed: Club where people come when the door guy turns you down everywhere else.
      Delko: So this is your hangout, Speed.
      Speed: You know, did you ever think about taking up stand-up comedy or something like that? Because you're really very funny.

    • Hagen: You know she stabbed him eight times?
      Delko: Yeah, you've told me that eight times.

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    • Kenwall Duquesne: And here, the police allege that Gloria reached into the glovebox, took out a screwdriver and stabbed Duane. Stabbed him and stabbed him and stabbed him, like a friend of Julius Caesar.
      In the tragic William Shakespeare play Julius Caesar, Caesar is brutally stabbed to death by several of his closest friends.