CSI: Miami

Season 7 Episode 10

The Deluca Motel

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Dec 08, 2008 on CBS

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  • Eric's life maybe in danger

    In this episode of CSI: Miami, the following happens. In the Motel where Eric is staying, gunshots re heard and a dead body is found, blindfolded and floating dead in the pool. The team soon believe that the victim was part of a hazing for a college. The evidence soon supports, what the team are told, that the hazing and the bullet/death are not connected. Soon Calliegh finds a dead body in one of the bathrooms in the motel. We soon see that his girlfriend is heavily pregnant, she found him after he collapsed and it was too late to do anything for him. She put his body in the bathtub, so that she could keep collecting his disability money, for her and the baby she is carrying. Everyone is worried about Eric, as no one knew he was staying at the motel. He soon confesses to Wolfe that he thought someone was watching him in his apartment and so he moved into the motel. The body of the man, who was helping Eric, is found murdered and so Eric is pulled off of the case. We learn that one of the other couples staying in the motel had some money, which they hid in the air vent, and has gone missing. He had his gun which accidently went off and it killed the college boy. The pregnant woman gets told that her boyfriend died of a heart attack. Soon Calliegh asks her to show her where she found his body and Calliegh discovers a bag filled with money in the ice bin. Eric asks his mother about his birth and he confronts her, that his birth certificate is a fake. He then pulls out his real one, which shows that he was born in Cuba, not America like he had believed all of his life. He also learns that his biological father is not that man who raised him. His mother apologises and he says that it's ok. The money from the ice bin has no "legal" owner and so Calliegh hands over the money to the pregnant women, all $26,000 of it. The woman gets emotional, and starts to cry and she hugs and thanks Calliegh, for changing her life and the life of her unborn child. When the killer, who killed the man in the bar, is found, we learn that she was hired to kill Eric. We learn the name of the person who put out the hit and H and Wolfe, try to learn of his location. The person, who put a hit out on Eric, is actually his birth father.
  • The 10th episode of season 7 CSI: Miami. In this story a murder occurs at Erics motel. He finds out some information about his past that puts him in danger.

    The Deluca Motel was one of two favorite episodes so far this season (The other is Gone Baby Gone). In the episode A college student is found dead and multiple gun shots are fired. Another student is brought in and confesses to hazing, but denys shooting him. The shooting ends up happening by accident. Horatio finds out that Eric was staying at the motel because he thought he was being watched, and he was right. He then talks to his mother about the situation. She lied to him, he was born in Cuba, and his biological father is Alex Sharova who appears to be after him. Eric also finds out that Kate Hawkes was ordered to shoot Eric but missed, which is why there were more multiple bullet casings at the crime scene. Calleigh also works with a pregnant woman whos husband turns up dead in the result of a heart attack. She recieves some money she found by claiming it, and it leads her to a better life.
    This episode contained a lot of character development on Erics part. It also revealed a big secret. I am excited to find out what happens between Eric and his father.
  • Deep Secrets Coming To The Surface.

    Delco's keeping secrets but as expected Horatio sees right through him. I love watching Calleigh think on her feet. Ryan showing concern as well as friendly teasing for Delko was a nice change over the usual barbs. The hazing scenario was including in this episode why, other than giving Dr. Price something to tell Horatio. The Reston's look and sound guilty within the first twenty seconds of their interview. Delko looking into his parentage is waking up some ghosts and they aren't happy about it. Overall, not bad, but I think that's primarily because Horatio's presence was barely felt. Calleigh as always was my hero. Our one comedic scene was a too funny Tripp giving Calleigh a boost.