CSI: Miami

Season 8 Episode 23

Time Bomb

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM May 17, 2010 on CBS
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Episode Summary

Horatio's ex-girlfriend is killed in an explosion and the killer may be someone in their own department.

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  • some twists.

    This is my all-time favorite CSI Miami episode. From the beginning I hate this Stetler guy with every fiber of my being. And after eight seasons he gets what he deserves. Finally! I'm truly relief now. I'm also satisfied with the conclusion of this dirty one-of-us story. It seems it is hard to be at the situation of Eric. Everybody looks at him in a different way. Mostly non-supportive. And we are the only ones who know the true story. At the end, the scene between Ryan and Delko is awesome. And last scenes, at the seaside with Calleigh and Eric is one of the cutest moments. Friends or lovers, they are so cute together. I always like their relationship.moreless
  • WOW! I was not expecting that!

    This has got to be the most exciting episode ever! Or at least one of the most exciting episode CSI Miami has ever had. You could feel the team slipping a part for a moment as Eric came clean and then they found each other again as Rick was being led out of the lab in cuffs. I was really not expecting Rick or Sully to be the bad guys. What a betryal against Horatio from Sully! They've been partners before and you could see that Horatio felt hurt when the truth came out. How all the trust he had in Sully just went away. Rick was the biggest shock! I mean Rick has always been annoying, but a criminal? No, I had never thought Rick would do something like this. Never.

    I guess we'll never see Rick again. It actually feels strange somehow. He's always been the one from IAB to turn up on cases. R.I.P. Rebecca Nevins!moreless
  • Unbelievable

    First it was sad to see Rebecca Nevins go but then again I felt that ever since she and Horatio broke up I wondered what was the point of having her there. Except for the times she was the vindictive ex, I just don't know. And to top Rick Stetler is the thief. Since day one Rick has been a royal pain but I would never have thought that he would do something like that. And it seemed so sure that it wasn't Walter cause why would they make it so ovbvious. For a moment I thought it could have been Frank because didn't he lose everything when he got taken by a con man. It would have been the thing that made him do it. What happened to Stetler almost mimics what happened on The Shield when Forrest Whitaker's character also an IAB cop who after failing to get anything on Mackey decided to frame him which blew up in his face.moreless
  • oh my god?

    I can't believe it was Rick all along trying to betray the team, but then again he's always wanted to take down someone and that team. I'm surprised and not surprised at the same time. The fact that he planted evidence to blame Ryan was cruel, why do they atomatically assume Ryan would betray the team. The team members did not think so but its so sad that they think he would do something like that. The bright side of the episode was that Eric & Calleigh are still together not the point of the whole show but at least something good happened. Can't wait for the season finale its going to be good.moreless
  • Quite interesting

    In this episode of CSI Miami, the following happens. We open this episode seconds after the previous one ended. When shifting through what's left of the car they find a GPS and use it to find out where the bomber lives. When they get there they see that it is Ryan's house. As Eric and the team search the house for evidence, they find the missing diamonds inside. Wolfe is arrested and taken away. But soon they find more evidence which proves that Ryan is innocent and that Rick is the one who framed him, stole the drugs and diamonds and also planted the bomb. And so he is arrested and Ryan is released. We end the episode with Eric and Calleigh alone at the pier. They discuss what Eric has done, and how it has damaged their relationship.moreless
Brett Rickaby

Brett Rickaby

Drew Pollack

Guest Star

Ramon Fernandez

Ramon Fernandez

Tino Garvez

Guest Star

Adam Rodriguez

Adam Rodriguez

Eric Delko

Guest Star

Rashawn Underdue

Rashawn Underdue

Duty Officer Olansky

Recurring Role

Christian Clemenson

Christian Clemenson

Tom Loman

Recurring Role

Christina Chang

Christina Chang

Rebecca Nevins

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (1)

    • Goof: The sequence of events at the beginning of this episode do not match what happened at the end of the last episode (Mommie Deadest). Here we see Eric turning back to speak with Calleigh and a paper from his folder flying out of his hand as he turns, and then the car blew up and Calleigh runs over to help him. In the previous episode, Eric turned back indecisively, flips open his folder and a paper blows away, as he is reaching for it the car blows up, then he is seen struggling to sit up by himself before Calleigh gets there.

  • QUOTES (6)

    • Eric: (at the beach, looking at her) It's quite a sight.
      Calleigh: That view never gets old.
      Eric: (smiles)I wasn't talking about the view.
      Calleigh: Flattery will get you nowhere today.
      Eric: I know it's gonna take me a while to earn back your trust.
      Calleigh: You're right about that.

    • Rick: 20 years. I gave my life for this. And what do I got to show for it? I got high blood pressure, I got two ex-wives, and I got a pension that ain't worth spit.
      Horatio: We all do. That's the nature of the sacrifice.
      Rick: Cut the self-righteousness, Horatio. You know better than anybody that this place chews you up, and what are you gonna get at the end, Horatio? You're gonna get an exit interview, and you're gonna get a cheap watch. So, I stole from some thieves. Big deal.

    • Ryan: And what is he doing here?
      Eric: Hey, I'm just trying to help.
      Ryan: Oh, you're just trying to help? What's the matter? Your investigation with Walter hit a dead end, Eric? (sarcastically) Speaking of which, make yourself at home, Walter, please. Don't get up. All you guys can take a look around. Go through whatever you want. You're going to find anything, so ha, ha, ha.

    • Natalia: I just don't feel good about doing any of this.
      Calleigh: Yeah, me, neither. I guess just look at it as not searching a suspect, but a way to exonerate Wolfe.

    • Eric: I was doing it to protect you guys!
      Calleigh: You almost got yourself killed. How's that protecting anyone?

    • Calleigh: (angry) Well, then are you the reason why people are getting dragged into Rebecca's office?
      Eric: You don't know what you're talking about.
      Calleigh: Then why don't you tell me the truth?
      Eric: I'll explain later, okay? When there's time.
      Calleigh: Fine. Whatever works for you.

  • NOTES (2)

    • International Episode Titles:
      Czech Republic: Výbuch (Explosion)

    • Original International Air Dates:
      Canada: May 17, 2010 on CTV
      Slovakia: June 23, 2010 on JOJ
      United Kingdom: December 14, 2010 on Five
      Norway: January 25, 2011 on TVNorge
      Finland: March 14, 2011 on MTV3
      Germany: May 10, 2011 on RTL
      Czech Republic: December 8, 2011 on TV Nova