CSI: Miami

Season 9 Episode 12

Wheels Up

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Jan 16, 2011 on CBS

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  • Horatio and the team investigate the murder of a star player on a local roller derby team.


    When this episode first began, I was unsure if I were watching CSI: Miami or a season two episode of CSI: NY titled "Jamalot." I did like the episode. It kept my attention from start to finish. However that does not mean it is not without its flaws. I had a little trouble buying the resolution of the story. How exactly does somebody who is not on the team have access to the locker room? Why isn't the locker room at least under lock and key? The story concerning the biker boyfriend is also a little too goofy. Flawed episode.

  • 9x12

    ok, I know this episode was not brilliant but come on guys!!!, this was not a bad one eather, I can´t believe you are giving it a 7.6 and other bad episodes like "9x08 happy birthday" you gave it 8,6. maybe some csi miami fans hated this episode because it has not the same csi miami feeling, this episode was more like a csi ny one, but this wasn´t bad, actually, the only thing I did not like here was the reason why that girl was murdered, it wasn´t original, but in general, this episode was good, at least for me.

    P.D: I´m from venezuela, I´m not an expert writing in english, please forgive my mistakes
  • A great episode but with one flaw...


    Though I hate abusers such as the biker Jake, Horatio Caine is becoming an animalistic dirty cop. In Reality Kills he hit a guy with his Hummer, in Happy Birthday, he man-handled an injured suspect in the back of his Hummer while Natalia watched uncomfortably and in F-T-F he hit a guy with his car door.

    And now he's back to beating up abusers. Though back when he bet up the peadophile, we thought that was okay, cause surely it was a one time thing. But now, with a darker Horatio being shown every episode, surely it's a matter of time before someone like IA step in.

    Other than that, the episode was good, I was planning on giving it a 10 until that last scene. Seeing some of the lesser seen team (Walter, Ryan, Natalia, Dave and Tom) out and enjoying each others company was a nice sight.

    Its especially nice to see the team friendships, espeically with Horatio and Calleigh seem to be colder and more distant this season. Eric is borderlining cold, having a few occasional momments (mainly with Natalia, I noticed) where he's fun.

    The room mate, Lucy, was a beleivable killer. Normally Miami can't produce a good I-did-it-but-regretted-it-the-second-I-did story. Lucy's story and reactions while spilling to Eric and Natalia were perfect, well done to her.

    Also, the brother and sister story was good. I thought the guy would be a jealous/angry ex of the victim, but it turns out he was just angry for his sister. The sister was a nice show that, even the most defenseless looking of people (eg. wheelchair bound) can do well and be helpful to society.

    Again, I'm going to break down my analysis into characters.
    _____________________________________________________ Horatio: I think I've said enough about the darker Caine, I am hoping the writers fix this obvious problem, or atleast have a good reason for bad-cop H

    Calleigh: I was laughing when they used another actress just to show Calleigh standing. It's still clever how they manage to hide the bump behind numerous objects like tables and cars. She was monotone this episode, not bad, but not pratically good either.

    Eric: Like I said, borderlining. Though it was fun to see him help the girls renact the murder.

    Natalia: I must say, Natalia seems to be the shows lifeline these days. Between H's new attitude and Calleigh's restrictions to the lab, she's really been shining lately. A playful, funny side of Natalia was shown while striking the dummy with another tech. Her one liners and teasing to both the tech and Eric earned a good few laughs.

    And, though she showed some toughness when leading the brother off to question him, a bit of Natalia's weakness was shown this episode. The victim died as result of old abuse injuries, something that reminded the auidence and Natalia of her past and lucky escape. Eva LaRue captures the pained look while remembering perfectly.

    Ryan: Oh poor Ryan! The poor boy just can't catch a break! From hanging to Delko for his life,been drugged, to diving for guns in stinky water, to getting a right hook from a derby giantess, Ryan is certainly getting his action this season! I also enjoy his and Natalia's friendship been shown this season. The pair are seen high-fiving and laughing at the end of the episode, at the derby.

    Walter: Another fun time episode for Walter, something Omar shines while doing. His excitement of the derby is infective, making the audience anticipate some action (which we get in a wide-spread derby brawl - one Walter and Ryan jump in the middle of)

    A great episode for Eric, Ryan, Walter and Natalia but as for Horatio and Calleigh...I've seen better, but lately only worse. I hope the writers fix this
  • What is wrong with the Miami writers?

    First of all; good episode, not the best I've seen, but still good. Interesting twist about the killer, I was sure it was going to be about revenge. So that was a nice surprise. Now to the serious failure in this episode, my hero and favorite characheter; Horatio Caine.
    What in God's name is going on with him? I understand that he gets pissed off when he meets an abusive guy, but to become a vigilante? That's just wrong.
    Up until season 4 Horatio was a true hero, a good cop who didn't go around beating up suspects when he felt like it. I understand he has suffered alot through the seasons, but now he's become this bad cop; it's just plain police brutality and surely IAB has to notice this soon. If not them then the team should get him down to earth and get him back to the way he used to be!
    For someone who believes that you don't dishonor the oath you take as a cop, he sure is a hypocrite. He would never allow another cop to do what he does, but yet the can. It's hard to admire a man that has lost what made him special in a good way and now we remember him as some sort of cop-psycho (or at least about to become one).

    I don't know if the writers make Horatio that way because it's going to bite him in the butt later on, or if they think it's what we want to see. But they should really listen to fans and realize that Horatio Caine is on the wrong path now.

    In fact, Horatio's brutality ruins the whole episode. It would have been given a higher grade if it didn't make so pissed to the scene in the end. Wake up CSI Miami writers!
  • Writers and directors drop the ball.

    This was seriously a snooze for a CSI episode. From the opening to the ending scene there was no regular CSI feel at all, everything was muted. The derby scenes felt like film school grade material and the actors for the episode were short of making things realistic enough. It as if the whole cast were in out of body experiences and saying things at one point or another that just seemed to obvious for their character to say, very dull and easy to figure. Train wreck of an episode in more than one way. Did they cut their budget and just decide to slap stick it together?