CSI: Miami

Season 7 Episode 6

Wrecking Crew

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Nov 03, 2008 on CBS

Episode Recap

The episode opens with Calleigh and Eric questioning a witness named William Campbell, to whom they have provided a safe house for fear of retribution from the man (who also happens to be in the mob) he is testifying against. William says he was at a club called Spiral Bar entertaining clients, but had nothing to drink when he was in the bathroom and saw a man he would later find out was AJ Watkins and went into a stall. Another man walked in and asked whether the name Joey Salucci rang a bell and said "this is for Emma" and shot AJ. William called 911 to report the shot thinking the shooter would get him next. His quick thinking of jumping on the toilet save him and when he finally left the stall, he reported that the body was gone. An explosion of sorts then rocks the safe house building in the middle of this testimony. When the floor falls out beneath them, William slides off the edge and Calleigh grabs him, but she can only hold on for so long until to her horror, he falls to his death. She is of course beside herself. The explosion was caused by a crane crashing into the building.

The construction site manager is questioned about who could have been operating the crane and he claims the site has been shut down due to the slowdown of the housing market. Very timely reference. The scene then cuts to a man laying flowers at the grave of Emma Salucci. Horatio appears and asks Joey how he is doing. Apparently H locked him up for two years and then his daughter Emma fell asleep a couple of weeks ago at a bonfire on the beach and was left there all alone when a couple of guys on ATVs came through and accidentally ran her over.

A blood sample found on the crane belongs to a Kurt Greenfield who claims upon questioning to have known Joseph when he worked for him a very long time ago. He then admits to doing some under the table work again last week but had been asked to leave. He doesn't seem very suspicious or interesting at this point, but we'll see.

The Campbell family (his wife and son Noah) come down to the station to talk to Calleigh and Eric and the wife tells them they failed her husband. Eric offers them witness protection and then Calleigh gets slapped! Poor Calleigh! I mean I know this woman is grieving, but I am sure Calleigh feels bad enough already.

"We're going to find the one who did this," Eric tells Mrs. Campbell.

"We trusted you once. I won't make the same mistake twice."

Wolfe finds some glass that fell from the building that they think was run over by a moving car. From the tire tread marks on it they track down the model and make of the car. Mick Ragosa owns that model of car and is a known associate of Joey Salucci.

Tripp and H find Mick, and see his damaged car. He says he plays poker with Joey and just happened to be driving by the crime scene, but they don't believe him. He offers more info by saying he got word on the safe house and followed Campbell there but he was surprised when it was raining glass.

A so-called tattle tale system in the crane shows Natalia that the crane was being operated remotely. The remote, which only has a range radius of 500 feet would have to have been operated from a neighboring rooftop. Calleigh and Eric head to a parking structure down the street that matches the requirements and find the remote in the trash. Lab evidence connects it to Noah, the son of William Campbell. His mom asks him not to talk to the officers, but he wants to tell the truth. He didn't want to be in the witness protection program so he thought he'd stop his dad from testifying. However, he lost control of the crane when he only wanted to scare his dad so he wouldn't testify. At least at this point the mother apologizes to Calleigh.

Horatio asks for the 911 recording and Calleigh wants to look for something that wasn't in William's testimony. On the recording, they hear a toilet flush in the background from the next stall from which they determine the shooter was flushing evidence. Wolfe and Natalia go to the bar bathroom but the toilet had already been printed. Plan B was to go deeper into the toilet with a camera. They see a 9MM shell casing. They get into the sewage pipes and extract the casing. There's lots of new fancy equipment in this episode, one piece of which helps H to find a print on the casing. It's Mr Ragosa's. They ask him what he did with AJ's body.

Evidence reveals that AJ's body was buried on a beach. H goes right to where Emma was killed and the body was there. The GSW was in his kneecap but they determine he died from strangulation.

There's trace of pollen on the body that's determined to be from a white lily at which point they flash to scene with flowers at a grave. Salucci comes in and H tells him Mick started the job but he finished it off by dragging AJ to the beach and strangling him.

The episode ends with Calleigh staring at William's body in the morgue and flashing back to having to drop him. But in her mind, she saves him this time. As Salucci is carted off H looks at a picture of Kyle and winces. You get the sense he might have done the same thing for his son.