Season 9 Episode 3

2,918 Miles

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Oct 12, 2012 on CBS



  • Trivia

    • The orange paint used in the San Francisco Golden Gate is a proprietary colour developed in the 1930s, called 'International Orange', that can only be found in the bridge.

    • The episode title '2,928 Miles' refers to the distance between New York and San Francisco, the two cities where the action is placed.

    • Flack was born and raised in Queens and is a Yankees fans whereas Jamie Lovato is a Mets fan.

    • Mary Portico's case is #07 400 1027 whereas Ethan Grohl is #2012/71042.

  • Quotes

    • Oliver Epps: Damn! Take it easy, cop! Why you so agro?
      Mac: Sorry, I'm not from around here.

    • Flack: Looks like he took a pretty stiff shot to the nose as well.
      Hawkes: Yeah. Could've left him unconscious long enough for bleed out.
      Flack: Well, from the look of things, I'm guessing that didn't take too long.

    • Flack: What the hell was this guy doing with pictures of a dead girl in his backpack?
      Hawkes: Maybe his death has something to do with hers.
      Mac: Either way, it looks like one homicide may have just become two.

    • Cade Conover: God, I thought we'd never get through dinner.
      Jo: You didn't enjoy me rattling on about my work?
      Cade Conover: Of course I did. I just couldn't stop thinking about dessert.

    • Ellie: (To Jordan, about Cade Conover) I'd introduce you to the surfer dude with the hairy chest but I have no idea who he is.

    • Sid: Are you familiar with the words of Heraclitus of Ephesus?
      Mac: I'm not sure I got that memo.

    • Mac: Ethan would've likely had no need for contact lenses. And this one could actually belong to our killer. Good eye, Sid.

    • Mac: Mary didn't have a cell phone?
      Mrs. Portico: She did. She lost it. I told her the next one was gonna be on her dime. God, why didn't I just get her a new one?

    • Mac: Sadly, what was being handled as a runaway missing persons case is now being investigated as a homicide missing persons case.

    • Jo: There's no tougher job in the world.
      Flack: Being a cop?
      Jo: Being a parent.

    • Danny: What do you think about our daughter wearing body armor when she becomes a teenager?
      Lindsay: After looking at these photos, I'm fine with that.

    • Danny: (To Lindsay) Messer family... 0 for two.

    • Danny: Thank you for coming up.
      Sid: Oh, don't be silly. I spend all day in a refrigerated room with no cell reception. I live for these invitations.

    • Danny: This is our photo-topsy.

    • Sid: I once caught my own daughter faking a bloody nose with food coloring to get out of a spelling test. I know chicanery when I see it.

    • Danny: That's amazing... I mean, 15 years old and she's using.

    • Sid: Why is the glass face on her watch in this last photo fogged?
      Lindsay: Because it's so close to her mouth. She's breathing.
      Danny: Right, so she might have not been beaten to death after all.

    • Jo: We need to talk.
      Ellie: I don't want to talk.
      Jo: Why not?
      Ellie: Because it's just going to be one of those talks where you do all the talking.

    • Jo: (About Cade) He's an FBI agent. He's visiting from California. He and I used to work together at the Bureau.
      Ellie: Looks like you were doing a little bit more than that.

    • Jo: I am the adult, you're the child.
      Ellie: I'm not a child.
      Jo: Okay, you're a teenager. We still have rules in this family.
      Ellie: Yeah, and yours are different than mine... I get it.
      Jo: Good.

    • Jo: Ellie, was that your first kiss?
      Ellie: Are you kidding me right now?
      Jo: I can't believe you're not talking to me about these things.
      Ellie: Because, Mom, I knew you'd do exactly what you're doing.
      Jo: What, caring?
      Ellie: No, prying.
      Jo: Ellie, come on. I just want to know how you feel.
      Ellie: Well, I don't know yet, okay?

    • Jo: (Looking at a perp's picture) Holy sideburns. Not even a mother could love that face.

    • Flack: Looks like you've got your hands full as well.
      Jo: (Notices that Cade is entering the bullpen) Hmm... you could say that.

    • Jo: Agent Conover, thank you for coming.
      Cade Conover: No problem. I just wish we could have had this meeting at my hotel because we have these margaritas... the best I've ever had... at the bar.

    • Cade Conover: If she's dead she's your case, and if she's alive she's mine?
      Jo: Well, this one's tricky.

    • Cade Conover: You love taking advantage of me, don't you?
      Jo: You have no idea.

    • Danny: (After spending hours looking at evidence and trying to figure out details of a case) I feel like my eyes are going to pop out of my skull.
      Lindsay: Come on, babe, stay with me.

    • Mac: (Thinking of San Francisco) Manhattan isn't the only city with a Fulton Street... and we're not the only one with a Flatiron Building.

    • Flack: The Yankees have been rightfully anointed the gods of baseball, whereas the Mets...
      Jamie Lovato: The Mets are the heart. The heart and soul of New York City baseball.

    • Jamie Lovato: How are you such a pinstriper? Did you not say you were born and raised in Queens?
      Flack: Proudly. But fortunately, my father had the good sense never to let me root for a sad-sack bunch of boo...

    • Boyd Hackman: (About Lovato) You keep that crazy bitch away from me.
      Flack: Watch your tongue or I'll leave you alone with her.
      Boyd Hackman: I think she hurt my neck.
      Jamie Lovato: We think you killed Ethan Grohl.

    • Flack: You can't see much without your contacts, can you, Boyd? How many fingers?

    • (After assaulting and killing a young man)
      Boyd Hackman: It was his fault!
      Jamie Lovato: His fault?
      Boyd Hackman: Yeah! What kind of kid doesn't carry a wallet?

    • Jamie Lovato: (After interrogating Epps) Real charmer that one
      Flack: Probably a Mets fan.
      Jamie Lovato: Do you want me to give you a head start like him before I kick your ass? Or would you like to take your chances?

    • Adam: You ever run away from home?
      Hawkes: No. You?
      Adam: Few times. Yeah. I even, uh... I even ran away to be with this girl once. Yeah. Uh, except she, um... she only lived across town, and, uh, these two other guys showed up. Yeah. Ugh. It was crowded.

    • Jo: Ellie spent the night with her friend Sammy again while we rushed off to San Francisco. So who knows what kind of trouble she's gotten herself into.
      Cade Conover: Nothing you wouldn't have gotten into, for sure.
      Jo: Yeah, that's exactly what worries me.

    • Adam: My home life might've sucked, but... it's the evil you know, you know?

    • Bartender: Welcome to the Daisy Chain.
      Jo: Can you tell us if you've seen this young man?
      Bartender: Hmmm... nah. You want a smoothie?

    • Mac: Tell me what you did to her!
      Trent Garrett: Nothing she didn't ask for.

    • Cade Conover: You shot up a 15-year-old with heroin?
      Trent Garrett: I had to give her something for the pain.
      Mac: What the hell is wrong with you?

    • Mary Portico: I think I'm lost.
      Jo: No, sweetie, you've been found.

    • (Lovato has turned Flack's desk into a Mets themed one)
      Flack: You got to be kidding me.
      Jamie Lovato: Welcome home, Yankee. I thought your desk could use some sprucing up.

    • Jo: The look on Mr. Portico's face when he walked into Mary's hospital room, that's going to stay with me for a long time.
      Mac: Feels nice to be able to deliver good news every once in a while.

    • Mac: This one hit close to home, didn't it?
      Jo: Well, I mean, Ellie's a teenager, just like Mary and Lord knows we don't always see eye to eye. But God, I would hate to think one argument could change so much.
      Mac: Just got to keep the lines of communication open and give yourself a break every now and then while you're at it. You're a great mom, Jo. She's lucky to have you.
      Jo: Thanks, Mac. Would you mind telling her that?
      (Both laugh)

    • Jo: Just wait till you and Christine start plopping out cute little blonde babies into the world.
      Mac: Slow down, Jo.
      Jo: You don't fool me. I've seen you two.

    • Cade Conover: I wish you could have stayed, Jo.
      Jo: Please. All those blue skies and sun tans? Why would I want to do a thing like that?

    • Ellie: You seriously think he's cute?
      Jo: Jordan? Yeah. He's pretty good looking for a freshman. But you should pace yourself. They do get better with time.
      Ellie: You mean like Cade?
      Jo: Ah... you did notice.
      Ellie: No, 'cause that would be gross.

    • Ellie: Do you like him?
      Jo: Yeah, I think so. Complicated, though, you know? He lives there and we live here.
      Ellie: We could move.
      Jo: That's sweet, Ellie. You mean you'd do that for me?
      Ellie: Sure, but you'd have to buy me all new clothes.
      Jo: We'll talk about it later.
      Ellie: Do we have to?
      Jo: Nah.

  • Notes

    • Rebecca Lowman, who plays Sybil Portico, also in the CSI: Miami episode At Risk.

      Jullian Dulce Vida, who plays Boyd Hackman, also appears in the the CSI: Miami episode Tipping Point.

      Colton Shires, who plays Jordann parr, also appears in the the CSI: Miami episode Lost Son.

      Seidy G Lopez, who plays Harried Mother, also appears in the C.S.I. episode Fannysmackin.

    • Music featured:
      I Follow Rivers by Lykke Li (Lindsay and Sheldon process the evidence).
      Never Gonna Stop (The Red, Red Kroovy) by Rob Zombie (Mac chasing after Oliver Epps across the park).

    • Original International Air Dates:
      Canada: October 12, 2012 on CTV.
      Latin America: November 20, 2012 on AXN.
      Czech Republic: December 12, 2012 on AXN.
      Norway: February 27, 2013 on TVNorge.
      Finland: November 4, 2014 on MTV3.

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