Season 3 Episode 19

A Daze Of Wine And Roaches

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Mar 21, 2007 on CBS
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At a French Revolution themed fundraising at the UN, specifically at the French consulate, Mac, Stella and Hawkes find themselves hurdling diplomatic road blocks investigating two murders. Meanwhile, Danny and Lindsay reunite on a "blinged" out cockroach that lead to murder.

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  • Mac and Stella investigate the death of a woman at a UN sponsored French revolution themed party. Elsewhere, on her first case back on the team Lindsay (along with Danny) investigate the murder of a popular New York City restauranteur.moreless

    This episode is disappointing and uninteresting. I never really became involved with the story of this episode or with any of the characters or the story. I will say that one positive aspect of the episode was how the story about the murder in the wine cellar turned out. Nobody could have seen that coming. The story about 15 year-old Evie is just plain dull. How do you make an appealing story about an unappealing person? It just doesn't work. Hopefully this episode will be the one dark spot on a great season of CSI: NY.moreless
  • Lol, fashionable cockroaches. Yum.

    Well, the title was certainly explained. Wow, Evie really had us all going and had Luthor arrested. I wonder if it had anything to do with the way she was brought up? The French Revolution scenes were cool and very accurate. You know, if you don't mention the fact she's loaded, it's hard to believe a 15 year old girl was the one hosting the event.

    The Deputy of Detectives dude was annoying. I kind of thought something was gonna happen when Sheldon touched her head wound. Lol, I love it when Mac plays politics. He's so funny in a very serious way.

    "So he was screwed to death.

    I'd give it a 6.5 at best. The landing was a little shaky." Okay, there's no way I'll ever get tired of watching CSI: NY if these two dweebs keep coming up with such ridiculous comments. I really hope bugs aren't the latest fad because there'd be a lot of peeved off girls, 'cause I'd be squishing every one of them if that happened. The idea was very cool, though. He was killed because of a roach. Well, Danny and Lindsay were right, people do die because of lesser things than their salaries.moreless
  • Lindsay's back in business! ROACH BROACHES ARE THE NEXT BIG THING because the cockroach is the unofficial mascot of the NYC. Hehehe. ;P Maria Antoinette?

    I love the flirting goin' on with D/L in this episode. Mon-tana. Mes-ser. :D

    The cases in this episode are so awesomely cool.

    First the guillotine one with the sneaky girl and then the cockroach one, MY FAVORITE. Hehehe.

    Danny and Lindsay are already off flirting while investigating the 'wine' case. "My favorite kind of wine is BEER."

    Roach Broach-A Girl's new best friend...

    Then when they get to the lab, the roach talk comes in, along with the 'We're more than beers and buffalo burgers, Mes-ser.' comment.

    Lindsay is so smart in dealing with the wine.

    Is it just me or do Danny and Lindsay both have this nack for leaving one another without goodbyes. Like here, Lindsay leaves and like in "Stuck On You" when Danny abandoned Lindsay to go inside the club thingy.

    Hahaha. :Pmoreless
  • Bugs and people trapped in guillotines... Just another day in New York.

    *The opera music at the beginning freaked me out momentarily. For a second, I thought my CBS station had screwed up and was airing Murder Sings the Blues again! I was about ready to cry!

    *That whole guillotine thing was freaky. FREAKY. And did anyone else get ticked because a) they thought Simone was going to be beheaded and she wasn't and b) everyone kept mispronouncing 'guillotine'? Or was that just me?

    *No one was half naked! YAY! Is that a record? A whole episode and not one half-naked person?

    *Dude. Flack's tie was just hideous.

    *They totally stole my diplomatic immunity idea! Who rocks? This girl.

    *Gerard is a tool. I don't like him. However, I suspect that his new promotion will mean he's going to be around a lot more.

    *Every time the scene switched, I went, "D/L!"

    *"Good to be back." - Hey, at least they acknowledged that she was gone. That's something, right? No long, drawn-out explanation, but a little something is better than absolutely ignoring the fact that she was gone for three weeks. Especially since, while she was gone, they acted like she never even existed.

    *Flack knows wine? Priceless! I love episodes where Flack actually knows something, because usually they make him look kind of clueless.

    *Danny's comment about his favorite type of wine being beer... Did he NOT order a bottle for him and Lindsay the night they were supposed to have dinner? And when Lindsay said, "Danny's knowledge of wine is the house chianti," how does she know that? ;) Just a little something to think about.

    *"My favorite kind of wine is beer."

    "Screwed to death."

    "What exactly was this chef cooking last night?"

    Oh, Danny, I love you.

    *It's great to see D/L back in top form. I wasn't expecting any kind of 'romantic' gestures between the two of them, but I was very pleased to see a return to the friendly, flirtatious banter that was present most of S2. That, I think, is the true dynamic of their relationship, and the fact that TPTB have gone back to that shows that, whatever happened in Montana after they faded to black in 318 made sure that Danny and Lindsay made long strides into repairing their relationship after all that *ahem* unnecessary angst.

    May I just say... SQUEE!

    *Lindsay's face when she realized that she was holding an emerald was priceless.

    *They got new evidence envelopes I see. They're white, and they say DNA. Remember the plain old manilla envelopes?

    *The blood on Hawkes's gloves was enough to run a tox screen? Seriously?

    *Dude... Lindsay is totally checking Danny out in the scene where she explains the cockroach. Totally. I caught at least two instances of her sneaking a peek. *giggles* I love it. LOVE IT! Plus, the frequent glances they exchange... Eye sex, baby. Pure and simple. No more of this avoiding each other - they're looking at each other full on. Do or die. D/L OR BUST!

    *The touching of the small of his back is such an intimate gesture. I had a mad gigglefit after that little bit. It's so little, but it's SO MUCH, too. She could have touched his shoulder. She didn't have to touch him at all. But she did. That says a lot.

    *I love how Danny adopts an accent when he says 'Montana'. It's cute because it's kind of a twang, and I don't know if that's really how they talk in Montana, but the fact that he was doing that... I don't know, maybe it was an indication of how long he was there?

    *The D/L interaction is BACK, baby! Now just give me a scene like this - one scene, all I'm asking - every week, and I'm set!

    *Okay, Mac seriously broke some protocol. You'd think Gerard would have, I don't know, put up a bit more of a fight. Especially considering his attitude in 311 and the beginning of this episode. Also, isn't he technically Mac's boss now? I'm just saying. And, actually, this isn't the first time Mac has broken protocol. And for a Marine, who's so by-the-book, that seems a little, I don't know, out of character? Or is that just me?

    *Wouldn't you notice the blood spatter on Cooper's hand right away? I mean, that right there is an indication of murder, but he's been in the morgue two days.

    *"We're not all beer and buffalo burgers, Messer." And OH MY GOD, THAT SMILE!!! I JUST ABOUT DIED!!! It's a total, 'that's my girl'-type smile, too. He's all giggly over his Montana. I so need a cap of that.

    *By the way, I love that he's back to calling her Montana. I kind of missed it this season. He usually called her Lindsay, except once or twice.

    *When they're talking about the labels and she just walks away, he goes, "Well, let me know!" It reminded me of 214, when he follows the trail of glue into the club and she just goes, "Okay, bye!" So funny.

    *Danny said 'boom'. Twice. In one scene.

    *Oy with the puns already. Seriously... They're a BIT out of hand.

    *There are three types of tears? Are you kidding me?

    This is where I stopped taking notes, so I have to go on memory.

    *EW. BUGS. NO BUGS. BUGS ARE BAD. That was just creepy. Creepy creepy CREEPY.

    *Lindsay had a gun! I love seeing Lindsay with a gun, you almost never see her with one.

    *I loved loved LOVED the expression on Danny's face when he's like, "You killed this guy over a cockroach?" It was just the perfect Danny WTF face. I so need a cap of that, too.

    *Oh... So the bodyguard dude did it? But it was really the little girl's fault? Whatever.... D/L IS BACK!!

    Did I say enough? Did I squee enough? That episode was just... I can't even really describe it. It feels to me like NY is finally FINALLY back on form! After 304 I felt the quality of the episodes slipping a bit, and maybe it was because of the lack of Anna or what, but now I think it's getting back to the way it used to be.moreless
  • Lindsay is back, and we learn more about fashion.

    This was a really nice episode. Finally Lindsay is back in New York, and she was great. She looked much happier and more relaxed.

    The cases:

    1) The cockroaches: Ew, cockroaches are fashion? That's weird. But the case was really interesting. It was nice to see Danny and Lindsay working together again, and seeing them with Adam was nice as well. I especially loved Lindsay's 'We're more than beer and buffalo burgers, Messer.' and Danny's look after that.

    So, the guy killed the chef to save a cockroach..... Alright. We always learn something new......

    2) Marie Antoinette: This was great, too. I love how Stella solved the case and found out Evie was lying because of her tears. But the girl was really scary.

    Great episode, great cases and DL!moreless
Anna Belknap

Anna Belknap

Lindsay Monroe

Carmine Giovinazzo

Carmine Giovinazzo

Danny Messer

Eddie Cahill

Eddie Cahill

Detective Donald "Don" Flack, Jr.

Gary Sinise

Gary Sinise

Detective Mack "Mac" Taylor

Hill Harper

Hill Harper

Dr. Sheldon Hawkes

Melina Kanakaredes

Melina Kanakaredes

Detective Stella Bonasera

Shailene Woodley

Shailene Woodley

Evie Pierpont

Guest Star

James Black

James Black

Luther Vandeross

Guest Star

Ross Gibby

Ross Gibby

Jackson Pillock

Guest Star

Carmen Argenziano

Carmen Argenziano

Deputy Inspector Stanton Gerrard

Recurring Role

Robert Joy

Robert Joy

Dr. Sid Hammerback

Recurring Role

A.J. Buckley

A.J. Buckley

Adam Ross

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (3)

  • QUOTES (19)

    • Stella: (About Evie) The science says she knows something.
      Mac: A distraught young girl's tears? That'll never hold up in court.

    • Lindsay: But first we have to find out who this roach broach belongs to.
      Danny: Shouldn't be that hard, who puts their bling on a bug?

    • Stella: The thing's just a prop, it couldn't have hurt her.
      Mac: This blood is from a small cut on her forehead, certainly not fatal.
      Flack: So if the guillotine didn't kill her... what did?

    • Stella: It's not illegal to be a sociopath.

    • Danny: Seems like the two of you might have a little history together.
      Clarissa: Yes, he didn't like it when I said he only had two recipes; one for failure the other for disaster. I was only being honest.

    • Julian Feeney: I got a tasting downtown in an hour.
      Danny: Cancel it, alright? Because even if you didn't kill Alec Green, this whole wine scam thing you're pulling is ten months for fraud. Alright, how do you like the taste of that?

    • Lindsay: Any idea on how your jewelry wound up in Mr. Green's mouth?
      Clarissa: Roaches like dank places filled with hot air?
      Danny: (laughs) That's funny but you know what, when we found him, he was stone cold dead.

    • Sid: It's two to three days old. Someone wanted her hurting.
      Mac: Someone wanted her dead.

    • Danny: Get outta here, these are real stones?
      Lindsay: Uh huh, and I'm thinking this chain was attached, which makes this roach jewelry, or a pet, or a jeweled pet.
      Danny: Or roach-broche.
      Lindsay: Hey, it could be the next big thing.

    • Luther: I can certainly answer any of your questions or write them down and have Evie respond by e-mail.
      Flack: Well, that's not how this works. See, we're old school: bare light bulbs, cold concrete rooms.

    • Hawkes: Mac, I can think of 20 different poisons that can be undetectable in an hour.
      Mac: You need a fresh blood sample.
      Hawkes: Which we get how, when we can't touch the body?
      Mac: We already have it.
      Hawkes: What?
      Mac: (nods towards Sheldon's hand) At our fingertips.

    • Danny: Since when do you know so much about wine, Montana?
      Lindsay: We're more than beer and buffalo burgers, Messer.

    • Lindsay: I mean, isn't the cockroach kind of the unofficial mascot of New York?
      Danny: Very funny, take it easy there, Montana.

    • (A roach crawls out of the mouth of the vic.)
      Danny: What exactly was this guy cooking last night?

    • Danny: And then he gets...screwed to death.
      Flack: 6.5 Mess, a little shaky on the landing.

    • Lindsay: Flack, I think Danny's kind of wine is the house Chianti.
      Danny: That's where you're wrong. My favorite kind of wine is beer.

    • (In the wine vault)
      Danny: So this is where they store the million-dollar grape juice, huh?

    • Lindsay: Flack, I thought you worked on the UN case.
      Flack: Oh I did, Saturday night in the city. You know how it is.
      Lindsay: Good to be back!

    • Luther: Again, I would be more than happy to pass your card along.
      Flack: (laughs) You just don't get it, do ya?

  • NOTES (4)

    • Christopher Maleki, who plays Gavin Bridge, also appeared in the C.S.I. episode The Descent of Man.

      Rey Valentin, who plays Julian Feeney, also appears in the C.S.I. episode The Gone Dead Train.

      James Black, who plays Luther Vandeross, also appears in the CSI: Miami episode Invasion and in the C.S.I. one Willows In The Wind.

    • Spanish episode title: Días de Vino y Cucarachas, meaning Days of Wine and Roaches.

    • International Airdates:
      Spain: Tuesday July 17, 2007 on AXN Spain.
      New Zealand: 6 June, 2007 on TV3.
      Turkey: Monday, July 2, 2007 on CNBC-e.
      Norway: Wednesday, October 31, 2007 on TVNorge.
      Greece: Wednesday, October 24, 2007 on Skai.
      Germany: Monday, January 28, 2008 on Vox (Tod auf dem Schafott).
      Finland: Wednesday, September 17, 2008 on MTV3.
      The Czech Republic: Thursday, June 11, 2009 on TV Nova.

    • Music Featured:
      L'amour Est Un Oiseau Rebelle (Habanera) by Bizet.
      Give It To Me by Timbaland feat. Nelly Furtado & Justin Timberlake.
      We Share Our Mother's Health by The Knife.

      *unknown remix.


    • Title: A Daze Of Wine And Roaches.

      The title is a take off on the Days of Wine and roses, starring Lee Remick and Jack Lemon.