Season 4 Episode 18


Aired Friday 9:00 PM Apr 30, 2008 on CBS

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  • The Team Investigates The Death Of A School Guidance Councelor And It Leads Them To Something Much Bigger And Darker.

    I don't know how to describe this episode. It was amazing, unpredictable and very dark. I liked the opening scene as it was suspenseful. The direction of the case was surprising. The twist about the student aged 32 was really unexpected. Also his assistant was creepy. Like Stella said, there is a place called hell for those kind of people. Natalie's character was excellent and so was his father. The investigation was entertaining and fast-paced. It was also nice to see saga of "The Cabbie Killer" continue. We'll see how that concludes. I liked how this episode ended. It was unexpected and sad. Overall, "Admissions" is one of the best episodes ever made in this show. "CSI: NY" is the best of all CSIs and this one proves it. Don't miss this excellent episode!
  • A respected guidance counselor at a very prominent prep school, where the children of New York City's elite attend, is brutally murdered at a dance that he is chaperoning. The investigation soon takes a very dark and unexpected turn.


    "Admissions" is definitely one of the best episodes of the season. Very well written and exciting. I was certainly hooked on the story from start to finish. I had a little trouble buying how the villain, aged 32, managed to pass himself off as a 17 year-old (Nor did I buy it when Drew Barrymore tried the same thing in Never Been Kissed.), but that is just a small flaw in a killer of an episode. The whole cast, regulars and guests, are in top form here. I hope the winning streak of CSI: NY continues next season and beyond.

  • Wow!!! Great twists!!

    This was a very dark episode of CSI NY. With the topics of Rape and pedophilia being raised, however in a world where these things are unfortuantly present i think CSI NY dealt with them in a realistic yet sensitive way. The twists in this episode where great, and the fact that the investigation into the murder at the beginnig branched out into a much more disturbing case was interesting and i think a real reason why this episode stood out. Mac, Stella and Lindsey were on top form in this episode when questioning suspects. And as for the shock at the end, WOW! although in my opinion he deserved it!
  • One of the best episodes of the season.

    This episode was well written, well acted and just plain cool. :D I loved when they reconstructed the hall using all of the pictures from students' cell phones. It was so funny when Adam kept getting caught "playing". Ha ha ha

    I couldn't believe the two sick perverts that ended up being the suspects. How demented do you have to be to pretend to be a high school student for so long? That was crazy. All for the sake of manipulating and brutalizing teenaged girls...that was just a sick twist that I hadn't expected.

    When Lindsay questioned the rape victim, it was so sad. I felt really bad when her dad began crying. I wasn't surprised to see him snap in the end. I'm kind of glad he did; he's been a major pain to the CSIs. I thought this episode was just great.
  • An excellent case driven episode!

    This was a great episode that centered on two major cases rather than the ongoing personal drama. I have to admit, I am a Danny and Lindsey fan, but I do need a bit of a break. I missed the twisted and more than slightly sick cases that made me a fan of CSI:NY in the first place. At first, the case of a teacher murdered at an elite prep school's prom was more politically charged than it was sick, but as the evidence was gathered the more twists appeared. At first, it looked as though the victim may have played a criminal part in his own death but then the facts showed that even though he was no demure schoolteacher he was trying to do right by a victimized student - and that's what led to his death. The curveball came when we learned more about the killer/rapist/student/30-year old sexual predator. It was frightening the way that he and his "father" had utilized their criminal talents to prey on unsuspecting female students and were not just unapologetic about their crimes, they were proud of their ingenuity. Just when you thought that was it for the surprises, Mac's boss, whose daughter was victimized by the ruthless pair walks into the interrogation room and shoots the younger one between the eyes. Whoa.
    I also liked that they kept the Cabbie Killer thread going. I do like the carryover cases that aren't solved in just one episode and you have to wait to see how it plays out. With a suspect dying in police custody and a Cabbie Serial Killer on the loose, Mac's gonna have his hands full. Can't wait 'til the next one.
  • I wasn't a huge fan of this episode...

    I liked that they kept their investigation going on the taxi cab killer but this episode was a bit much for me. I know that there are disgusting horrible things that happen in the world but this I didn't need to see. A teenage girl falls for a guy in her prep school and he drugs her and then she remembers feeling two people touching her. Come to find out, the guy is in his thirties and his 'father' is older than that and they raped her while she was drugged. I felt so bad at the end when her Dad killed the guy. Cause now the dad is going to jail probably for life, for killing the guy who raped his daughter. I thought there could've been more to this episode without the details of what happended to that poor girl. I'm looking forard to next weeks taxi cab episode, cause this one totally rubbed me the wrong way!
  • it was scary...

    ...to think that people like that, or worse, really walk the face of Earth. the case was really intriguing and the ending very understandable and touching. the final interogations sent chills down my spine. the hints of the cab-killer case and his next victim were really great, Im really interested how it is gonna all work out. as usually I loved both Sid and Adam. I wish they would interact with other members of the team too, and not only with Stella and Mac. Hawkes in a geek mode is the way I like him the most. but who rocked in this eisode was Lindsay. she was great with Mac and Anna simply rocked the interogation scene. she can say so much with just the look of her eyes. this is the way to go.
  • A rare gem of the season.

    CSI:NY has always been the underdog of the three shows but tonight's episode puts makes it the champion of creative plot twists. The writer's did an excellent job of incorporating the taxi cab killer within the prep school murder storyline without dropping the pace of the episode.

    Mac has one more headache to deal with when one of the suspects in the councelors death is the daughter of Inspector Stanto Gerrard. What really made this episode stand out was the twist was that one of the students turned out to be a 32 year old sex offender, who briefly dated and raped Gerrard's daughter.

    Gerrard's vigilante action at the end made him seem human but no less of a criminal. It's going to be interesting to see how the writer's handle this and what Mac will do to help out Stan.
  • AMAZING!!!

    My first 2 thoughts after watching it....

    - OMFG!!! for what Gerrard did

    - I LOVE FLACK!! The Boom, the 'just shut up', the EVERYTHING!!

    Prom case: Really interesting and unexpecting...turns out that the alcoholic and player guidance counselour was a good guy after all... and the sweet 'teenager' was a creepy 32 year old guy trying to get drunk high school girls...Creepy but awesome!!

    Taxi cab case: Continues really hot...I can't wait to watch the next chapter!!!

    Adam: Absolutely CUTE!! Playing with the photo of the guy pointing a gun!! And Stella catching him!! HE HAS A CRUSH ON HER!! then that thingy he did with all the photos from the phones was SO COOL!!!

    Gerrard: Unprofessional....and I'm ot talking about the end of the chapter...but It's quite understandable what he does and again I'm not talking about the end...

    Mac: Great as always...

    Stella: Quite absent but good!

    Hawkes: Lots of him and showing his smartness!! So turning on!!

    Lindsay: He appears a lot but she varely talks!! But she was great with Natalie...I'm quite nervous to see what would happen next week....

    Danny: Where was he? A little at the begining, to play a joke to Hawkes but then he disappears around minute 20 and he doesn't come back.,...I guess that means that we would have TONS of Danny next week....not that I'm complaining...

    FLACK: AWESOME!! Funny, brave, hot, cute....PERFECT!!! Did I was the only one that expected that the bad guy cut his tie when he pinched him with the knive? I would have loved to see him saying something like 'Man, you sliced my favourite tie....' and him pouting!!

    Awesome chapter....
  • Excellent !!!!

    What can I say I loved this episode. I thought the script was incredible. Very dramatic and had several different perspectives. The underlying tone of a serial murderer still on the loose was appreciated. The death of a guidance counselor with a secret of his own was GREAT. I also loved the twist that Griggs was really the bad guy, just somebody with a gambling problem. Then we are given yet another twist. The murderer ends up being and adult male posing as a teenager to get teenage girls. But in typical NY fashion, we have underlying tones such as political pressure for Mac. A laugh track intertwined that was great and Stanton making a decision that makes you feel sorry for him.
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