Season 4 Episode 13

All in the Family

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Jan 23, 2008 on CBS

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  • good episode...

    The team investigates the death of a judge that was killed in his home while he was watching tv. It turned out that his daughter's boyfriend and brother killed him because he took them away from their father. I didn't think the case was that interesting. I expected the outcome so it was not mysterious. What I did like about this episode was Danny's side - story. He did not come into work and he went after Ruben's mom which went after her son's killer. In the end, Flack helps Danny and the mother is stopped. This episode had great character development.
  • Great but not superb

    An exciting start fades as the main and final acts flounder into run of the mill. The plot isnt one of the most exciting for this show but does move along at more than a pounding pace. Dialogue is as you might imagine swift to the point and purposeful. This reinforces the framework of the plot so that one stays focused.

    There are enough suspects to keep one guessing until the kicker clue is discovered and reasoning by Mack and co take us there.

    The Sandoval storyline is also completed here in a better than average way. It wasnt exactly a big thing, but it brought the overall quality of this episode up a few notches, though the actual final scene was far from being anywhere what it could have been. Perhap if theyd stretched it to one more episode...?!

    A very good episode, below what Ive come to expect this series but still better than most shows out there.
  • The Team Try To Figure Out How A Woman's Death & A Judge's Murder Are Connected, Meanwhile Danny Tries To Come To Terms With Ruben's Death.

    Emily Miller Was Buying Flowers When She Was Accidentally Killed By A Gun Thrown Off The Roof, A Judge Is Murdered And The Team Tries To Figure Out What Happened.
    Danny Has Trouble Coping With Ruben's Death & Blames Himself For His Untimely Death.
    What Happened Was That Jake & Charley, 2 Boys Who Were In A Lot Of Foster Homes When They Were Kids And Judge Riverton Took Them Away From Their Father.
    Jake & Charley Killed The Judge & Had A Shower Afterwards To Get Rid Of Evidence.
    Emily Miller Was Just A Unlucky Victim, She Was In The Wrong Place At The Wrong Time.
  • A pretty good episode bringing an end to the Reuban's death/Danny storyline. The cases were pretty good a woman is shot and killed out of nowhere and the mother of Reuban the boy killed in an earlier episode with Danny goes after

    A pretty good episode bringing an end to the Reuban's death/Danny storyline. The cases were pretty good a woman is shot and killed out of nowhere and the mother of Reuban the boy killed in an earlier episode with Danny goes after the man who was being shot at. It was fun watching the first case be solved but all being an accident of the gun being dropped off a building was lame. As to Danny getting past Reuban his case was well done also. Lots of action and at first it seemed as if Danny may at least think of menacing the man from the robbery. In the end Danny and Flack were closer after Flacks declaration that Danny is his friend that makes it his business. Good episode and hopefully Danny is guilt free and we can move on to other storylines.
  • I'd say the episode was... ok. But that's it.

    Well... the case was interesting. The gun was thrown out from the window, hit the gargoyle on its way down and killed a random person. Creepy when you think it could've been anyone but cleverly plotted. I too thought the bros had something to do with the judge's death. Sad when you think that they used Madison just to get closer to their future victim. And a thing to remember--popcorn is evil, heh.

    And now let's say something about our heros. They didn't really rock out if you ask for my opinion. The whole Danny case was somehow... weird. Although I am glad Danny did not try to get revenge himself as we were suggested at first. When I saw his empty holster I thought "look, who's got emotional" (like you know... "follow your instincts"-kind of emotional) but he was just trying to turn things back right. Typical of him. And I hope he won't be anyhow punished for not reporting his gun missing since he took Ruben's mom to the precinct to confess. Flack cares for Danny. Lindsay cares for Danny (as if we didn't know, huh?). We did not get to see much of Mac or Stella this time but it's okay since people tend to complain the show focuses mainly on them anyway. Which I on the other hand do not mind.
  • Very good character development!

    Very good character development between the underused Flack, sensitive Lindsay, and hunky but good Danny. As it shows that Mac and Stella aren't the only ones in the spotlight. Sure you may not had agreed with Lindsay lying to Mac about Danny. But it showed that she did care. Flack is like the best friend that you wished that you had. Because he is like that. As Danny was trying to tell him to mind his own business. Because Flack cares, he did make it his own business. And didn't want Danny hurting anymore. Really good character development between the three!
  • A young woman is at a florist looking to buy flowers when she is suddenly shot and killed. In a building a short distance away from the crime scene, a family court judge is found brutally beaten to death in his apartment. Are the two crimes connected?

    There is a lot for the viewer to take in here, but since this episode is very well written and the numerous plot lines are given sufficient screen time, it's very easy for the viewer to follow and is quite entertaining as well. This episode is, however, not without its flaws. The scene of Madison saying through her tears how she wishes she could speak to her now dead father was a little too cornball for my tastes. Seeing Lindsay step out of character and lie to Mac as to Danny's whereabouts is another flaw. Despite that, don't miss it.
  • Waw! Great!

    First, the case: Great. Amazing how the brothers planned everything and they almost leave away with it. It was all the popcorn fault! I noticed too that the birds man didn't have a african grey parrot...but maybe he had it somewhere else, I dunno...Really cool the way the gun is fired accidentlly by the gargoille!! Great job from Lindsay, she seems find most of the important things. Danny: It only appears like 10 minutes in all the chapter and his story stoles the protagonism to the murder case. He deserves and Emmy, seriously. He showed us another time that he is a great actor, I felt his pain and his desesperation....And the fact that he looked so incredibly sexy and hot doesn't affect me at all at the moment to make the previous statement!

    Lindsay: Really worried about Danny. Talking to Flack and lying to Mac. Knowing her the fact that she lies to her boss is really indicating how much does she care about Danny. I wished she appeared more in the DAnny situation...But I'm glad we haven't seen that scene the spoilers addicts were afraid of, the one Danny shuts the door at her face...

    Flack: The greatest friend. He has this superhero complex but he does great the job! I wish he had told Danny about Lindsay's concern. ANd with Angell, I like that, they really fit together...
  • Great story, nice production.

    The story:
    The main murder is realy well written. It starts with unfortunate event. It has nothing to do with the murder itself but I think that it make story much more nicer.
    There is also backround story. This part is still about Ruben who has been accidently killed when he was with Danny. Regular viewers will like it and non-regular viewers will not get disturbed by it.

    The production:
    CSI series is always produced nicely.
    There are not many blured scene in this episode. They could sneek in some more. Blured scene is about gun falling of the roof. Realy nice scene.
    Main story is filmed on the street at first. Realy bright scenes. Then on the roof and in dead guys apartnment. Most of the time as usual they are int he lab. And the segments that are showing how they killed the guy are filmed at night.
    Story with Danny is filmed mostly on the street and at the end in police station.

    So this is realy daylight episode, that is realy usual for CSI:NY.
    I like it and I give it 9,3. This is preaty good.

    I hope you are enjoing my reviews.
  • EMMY Nod for Carmine Giovinazzo !!!!

    Okay, I know Mac had the case but the focus was on Danny. The case of the murdered Family Court Judge was interesting enough. Especially after you throw in the innocent bystander and the whole throwing the gun of the roof. It had enough twists to keep it interesting. But for me the focus was Carmine EXCELLENT portayal of Danny in this episode, can we get him an Emmy nom, Please. Excellently scripted for a character dealing with his own guilt, needing to do his job and wanting to help a victim. Which shows that when you have the acting and the script you have and EXCELLENT episode.
  • *Coddles Danny*

    Wow, what an episode. The epsidoe summary wasn't kidding when it said Danny wasn't dealing with Ruben's death well. Although, I'm glad it didn't say anything about Rikki because that would have been a HUGE spoiler. When Don went to Danny's apartment and found the gun holster, minus a gun, I had a brief freak out moment.

    Only to find out it was Rikki who took it, well, that didn't really make matters any better because of the trouble Danny could have gotten into.

    So, onto the crime of the week. When I saw how beaten up the Judge was, I totally knew it had to have something to do with Madison and her boyfriend. I figured maybe he didn't approve of her relationship or he was abusing her or she didn't like him and the two boys took matters into their own hands. Well, I was sort of right. Man, he's a cruel judge, and Mac's right. No one gained anything from his death, side from that construction guy.

    Hmmmm, Mac's comment about Lidsay not catching whatever Danny "had" makes me wonder if he knows about their relationship....*wonders off in pondering thought*
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