Season 4 Episode 13

All in the Family

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Jan 23, 2008 on CBS

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  • I'd say the episode was... ok. But that's it.

    Well... the case was interesting. The gun was thrown out from the window, hit the gargoyle on its way down and killed a random person. Creepy when you think it could've been anyone but cleverly plotted. I too thought the bros had something to do with the judge's death. Sad when you think that they used Madison just to get closer to their future victim. And a thing to remember--popcorn is evil, heh.

    And now let's say something about our heros. They didn't really rock out if you ask for my opinion. The whole Danny case was somehow... weird. Although I am glad Danny did not try to get revenge himself as we were suggested at first. When I saw his empty holster I thought "look, who's got emotional" (like you know... "follow your instincts"-kind of emotional) but he was just trying to turn things back right. Typical of him. And I hope he won't be anyhow punished for not reporting his gun missing since he took Ruben's mom to the precinct to confess. Flack cares for Danny. Lindsay cares for Danny (as if we didn't know, huh?). We did not get to see much of Mac or Stella this time but it's okay since people tend to complain the show focuses mainly on them anyway. Which I on the other hand do not mind.