Season 4 Episode 13

All in the Family

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Jan 23, 2008 on CBS

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  • Great but not superb

    An exciting start fades as the main and final acts flounder into run of the mill. The plot isnt one of the most exciting for this show but does move along at more than a pounding pace. Dialogue is as you might imagine swift to the point and purposeful. This reinforces the framework of the plot so that one stays focused.

    There are enough suspects to keep one guessing until the kicker clue is discovered and reasoning by Mack and co take us there.

    The Sandoval storyline is also completed here in a better than average way. It wasnt exactly a big thing, but it brought the overall quality of this episode up a few notches, though the actual final scene was far from being anywhere what it could have been. Perhap if theyd stretched it to one more episode...?!

    A very good episode, below what Ive come to expect this series but still better than most shows out there.