Season 3 Episode 9

And Here's To You, Mrs. Azrael

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Nov 15, 2006 on CBS
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The next case takes us back to Dr. Sheldon Hawkes' past and the reasons he chose to change jobs in the medical profession. The CSI team may find it extremely difficult to find out who committed the murder of the 19-year-old woman who recently started recovering from an accident.moreless

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  • The CSI's investigate a difficult case involving a young girl who was killed days after a near-fatal car accident. The story also revolves around Dr. Sheldon Hawkes previous job and experience.moreless

    I realize that the CSI's border on the brink of pure fiction in some of their hypothetical story lines, but this one was too hard to believe it would actually happen. Also it was clear to me immediately who killed the victim just based on the first scene showing the two mothers hugging after the death. One was clearly calm, almost smug, while the other was left speechless to the incident. Trying to believe that a mother could mistakenly kill her own child is too far-fetched. I realize that her face was damaged from the car accident, but there is no way I can believe that other aspects of the daughters body would not be obvious to her mom, her friend's mom, and her boyfriend. Seriously? I cannot believe all of the reviewers who thought this was a good episode. CSI: New York is my favorite of the CSI franchise, but if this is how naive they are going to treat me when writing plots, then I will have to stop watching.

    On the plus side you do get to learn about Dr. Hawkes previous work, and why he became a CSI. Other than that I take nothing positive from this epispde. Hopefully they will redeem themselves with the next episode.moreless
  • Without A Trace wannabee.

    When a mother erroneously kills her own daughter, you should clasp your hands to your mouth and shout, "Oh my God!". Without A Trace can get that reaction, every time. But this episode of CSI:NY doesn't pull that off – there's just not enough time spent forging an emotional bond with mother and daughter. And so the twist falls flat.

    Instead, the episode busies itself with a leaden-handed examination of the right to die (c.f. House to learn how to do this properly), and a potted biography of Sheldon Hawks. It all adds up to "shotgun plotting" – ram enough ammunition down the barrel and hope something hits home. But a single theme, better targeted, would have been more effective.moreless
  • OMG shirtless Danny!! Very pregnant Anna!! Emotional Mac!! Hilarious Flack!!

    Wow, what a great episode. The was they started the story off with us getting a glimpse of her life before the crash put a lot of emphasis on the saying, "Seeing your life flashing before your eyes." They did a great job with the music too.

    I about died when Danny took his shirt off. My God does that man look gorgeous. Better than any visions I've had. Lol, my brother was giving me weird looks while I freaked out about seeing Danny half naked. My eyes were wide when Flack tripped when he and Mac were chasing that kid down. I knew Mac was going to catch him 'cause you can't escape from an ex-Marine.

    I was shaking my head sadly when that mother realized she killed her daughter instead of Nicole. Anger makes people dod stupid things and she shouldn't have done that, no matter how pissed she was. Stupid woman. I guess this episode only goes to show how caught up in grief some people get.

    On to Hawkes. This season certainly seems to be a lot about him. At least they aren't over doing it like CSI: Miami with Boa Vista. It's really hard to lose a patient and given his age, I can see why Hawkes left like he did. I was pretty annoyed about how that Chief Doctor kept holding that over his head like that.moreless
  • Heavily emotional, in the line of the first season. (...and Danny takes his shirt off)

    After the darkness of Season 1, CSI: NY changed its style and became less anguished and less gloomy; in Season 3, most episodes even seem to start with a party. But this one may be the exception that proves the rule. It’s not gloomy or visually dark but it deals with heavily emotional subjects. I guessed who the killer was right away, but suffered until the end with the slow unraveling of such a painful story. Since there was only one case, instead of the usual two, great emphasis was put on Hawkes’ memories of his past and the reason why he left the hospital work – not exactly a light topic. Amid all that emotional turmoil, the scene with Danny taking off his shirt brings viewers some welcome respite. All in all, a great episode.moreless
  • Danny took his shirt off. Danny took his shirt off!!!

    Did I mention Dnny took his shirt off? Yowza. Now that's a man. I made Mom tape it.

    All Danny-ness aside, it was a really great episode. Sheldon is such a sweety. Loved the locker room scene. I knew there was more to Sheldon than just a pretty face! (A VERY pretty face, mind you.)

    We can't forget about Mac, either. My dad got a little choaked up when he was talking about the cancer, as he lost his dad in a similar fashion. Mom got choaked up at the ending scene. I got choaked up when Danny took his shirt off.moreless
Anna Belknap

Anna Belknap

Lindsay Monroe

Carmine Giovinazzo

Carmine Giovinazzo

Danny Messer

Eddie Cahill

Eddie Cahill

Detective Donald "Don" Flack, Jr.

Gary Sinise

Gary Sinise

Detective Mack "Mac" Taylor

Hill Harper

Hill Harper

Dr. Sheldon Hawkes

Melina Kanakaredes

Melina Kanakaredes

Detective Stella Bonasera

Kimberly Pfeffer

Kimberly Pfeffer

Nicole Garner

Guest Star

Stefanie Butler

Stefanie Butler

Heather Rollins

Guest Star

Sheryl Lee

Sheryl Lee

Ellen Garner

Guest Star

Robert Joy

Robert Joy

Dr. Sid Hammerback

Recurring Role

A.J. Buckley

A.J. Buckley

Adam Ross

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (7)

    • Since the previous episode Consequences, Lindsay is usually shown shoulders up to conceal Anna Belknap's pregnancy. However, when she is in the lab with Hawkes, she is not shown shoulders up and her pregnancy is really obvious.

    • Since the previous episode Consequences, Lindsay is usually shown shoulders up to conceal Anna Belknap's pregnancy. However, when she is in the lab with Hawkes, she is not shown shoulders up and her pregnancy is really obvious.

    • Adam fixes Danny's cell phone after Danny spills coffee over it.

    • Danny takes his shirt off for the first time in this episode exposing his torso since he is not wearing his usual undershirt.

    • Goof: It is explained that Nicole's monitor didn't register anything since the killer put it on herself. However, when Mrs. Rollins was smothering her daughter thinking it was Nicole, her blood pressure and heart beat would have gone up as she strained to hold the bag over her face, which would have been registered in the monitor.

    • We get continuation to the Hawkes storyline that was started in 2x02 Grand Murder at Central Station about his decision to leave his surgeon career for the medical examiner's office after losing two patients on the operating table.

    • This is the first time we get a reference about Mac's family. In this episode we find out that Mac's father died of small cell lung cancer and that he asked him to put an end to his suffering to which Mac refused.

  • QUOTES (9)

    • Flack: Prior to two days ago, when was the last time you saw your daughter?
      Frank Russo: It's been a long time. Look, after I lost custody, my ex got remarried. Family's been moving around a lot. I didn't even know they lived in the city till about a week ago. I read about the car accident in the paper. Imagine that. Finding out your daughter's in a coma next to an ad for big screen TVs.

    • Paramedic: Mister, it seems that you saved this man's life. Are you a doctor?
      Hawkes: (after a deep breath) Yes.

    • Hawkes: It took me 300 surgeries, practicing my profession, to learn that sometimes it's just your time. And there's nothing medicine can do about it.

    • Stella: Kid was given a second chance.
      Mac: Question is: who didn't think she deserved it?

    • Mac: When we look at the heart sensor pad that you left in the room, we realize that you and your victim share certain genetic similarities.
      Mrs. Rollins: I don't understand.
      Stella: It means that the person you smothered with the plastic bag wasn't Nicole Garner. The person you murdered..was your own daughter.
      Mrs. Rollins: No, that's not possible, (raising voice) that's a lie.

    • Mrs. Rollins: You have to understand, my husband died last year, Heather was all I had.
      Mac: There is nothing about this that I understand.

    • (Danny and Hawkes talk about him quiting medicine for being an M.E.)
      Danny: So you just walked away?
      Hawkes: Yeah, learned the hard way that I didn't want to be the guy standing next to someone's body, when they took the last breath… so, I took a job at the ME's office. Figured if God had the last say when someone died, I could do something about it if they were taken away too soon… at least that's what I keep telling myself.

    • (Mac shares with Hawkes his father's death)
      Mac: My father died of small cell lung cancer… he spent the last 8 months of his life in bed, on a feeding tube. After a while medication didn't do anything for the pain, one day he asked me- he begged me… to end it for him… I couldn't do it.
      Hawkes: You made the right decision.

    • Flack: Didn't appreciate that Matt. See, this here is a new pair of pants. And I don't get uniform allowance. So I suggest you make it up to me by makin' the rest of this very easy (Flack pats down Matt). Check out what Mr. Goodwrench had in his backpocket. Set of lockpick tools.
      Matt: What can I say? I'm always losin' my apartment keys.
      (Flack shoves his shoulder lightly)
      Flack: Hey what did I tell you 'bout makin' things easy?

  • NOTES (5)

    • Michael Grant Terry, who plays Matt Huxley, also appears in the C.S.I. episode Bittersweet.

    • There was a scene that ended cut from the episode although it was shown in the commercials in which Flack grabs Matt, throws him against a wall and accuses him of wanting to play God.

    • Although this episode has already screened in NZ, it will be screened again on September 16, 2008 on TV3.

    • International Airdates:
      Turkey: Monday, April 23, 2007 on CNBC-e.
      Norway: Wednesday, August 22, 2007 on TVNorge.
      Germany: Monday, November 5, 2007 on Vox (Verwechslungsopfer).
      Finland: Sunday, December 23, 2007 on MTV3.
      Greece: Wednesday, May 14, 2008 at 23.00 on SKAI.

    • Music Featured:
      Sweet Child O' Mine by Guns n Roses.
      Amie by Damien Rice.
      Walk Away by Ben Harper.


    • Episode title: And here's to you, Mrs. Azrael.

      The word Azrael in the title is known as one of the names of the angel of death.

    • Flack: Check out what Mr Goodwrench has in his pocket.

      GM Goodwrench is a car repair service for GM Motor's, their national advertising campaign featured the iconic Mr. Goodwrench, as the always helpful mechanic who could fix whatever was wrong with your car.

    • Flack: Mommie Dearest was the beneficiary.

      Mommie Dearest is a 1981 movie about actress Joan Crawford and her emotionally abusive treatment of her adopted children Christina and Christopher. It is based on Christina's memoir of the same title.

    • Flack: (to Matt) You got some 'splaining to do...

      Reference to the 1950's TV show I Love Lucy where her husband's catchphrase was "Lucy, you got some 'splaining to do..."

    • This episode resembles the case of Whitney Cerak and Laura VanRyn, two college students who were in a car accident. Laura was presumed to have survived, but only as 'she' was awakening out of the coma was it realized that Whitney had survived and Laura had died.

    • The episode title is a reference to a line from the Simon and Garfunkel song Mrs. Robinson. The song was made famous by the movie The Graduate.