Season 3 Episode 9

And Here's To You, Mrs. Azrael

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Nov 15, 2006 on CBS

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  • The CSI's investigate a difficult case involving a young girl who was killed days after a near-fatal car accident. The story also revolves around Dr. Sheldon Hawkes previous job and experience.

    I realize that the CSI's border on the brink of pure fiction in some of their hypothetical story lines, but this one was too hard to believe it would actually happen. Also it was clear to me immediately who killed the victim just based on the first scene showing the two mothers hugging after the death. One was clearly calm, almost smug, while the other was left speechless to the incident. Trying to believe that a mother could mistakenly kill her own child is too far-fetched. I realize that her face was damaged from the car accident, but there is no way I can believe that other aspects of the daughters body would not be obvious to her mom, her friend's mom, and her boyfriend. Seriously? I cannot believe all of the reviewers who thought this was a good episode. CSI: New York is my favorite of the CSI franchise, but if this is how naive they are going to treat me when writing plots, then I will have to stop watching.

    On the plus side you do get to learn about Dr. Hawkes previous work, and why he became a CSI. Other than that I take nothing positive from this epispde. Hopefully they will redeem themselves with the next episode.
  • Without A Trace wannabee.

    When a mother erroneously kills her own daughter, you should clasp your hands to your mouth and shout, "Oh my God!". Without A Trace can get that reaction, every time. But this episode of CSI:NY doesn't pull that off – there's just not enough time spent forging an emotional bond with mother and daughter. And so the twist falls flat.

    Instead, the episode busies itself with a leaden-handed examination of the right to die (c.f. House to learn how to do this properly), and a potted biography of Sheldon Hawks. It all adds up to "shotgun plotting" – ram enough ammunition down the barrel and hope something hits home. But a single theme, better targeted, would have been more effective.
  • OMG shirtless Danny!! Very pregnant Anna!! Emotional Mac!! Hilarious Flack!!

    Wow, what a great episode. The was they started the story off with us getting a glimpse of her life before the crash put a lot of emphasis on the saying, "Seeing your life flashing before your eyes." They did a great job with the music too.

    I about died when Danny took his shirt off. My God does that man look gorgeous. Better than any visions I've had. Lol, my brother was giving me weird looks while I freaked out about seeing Danny half naked. My eyes were wide when Flack tripped when he and Mac were chasing that kid down. I knew Mac was going to catch him 'cause you can't escape from an ex-Marine.

    I was shaking my head sadly when that mother realized she killed her daughter instead of Nicole. Anger makes people dod stupid things and she shouldn't have done that, no matter how pissed she was. Stupid woman. I guess this episode only goes to show how caught up in grief some people get.

    On to Hawkes. This season certainly seems to be a lot about him. At least they aren't over doing it like CSI: Miami with Boa Vista. It's really hard to lose a patient and given his age, I can see why Hawkes left like he did. I was pretty annoyed about how that Chief Doctor kept holding that over his head like that.
  • Heavily emotional, in the line of the first season. (...and Danny takes his shirt off)

    After the darkness of Season 1, CSI: NY changed its style and became less anguished and less gloomy; in Season 3, most episodes even seem to start with a party. But this one may be the exception that proves the rule. It’s not gloomy or visually dark but it deals with heavily emotional subjects. I guessed who the killer was right away, but suffered until the end with the slow unraveling of such a painful story. Since there was only one case, instead of the usual two, great emphasis was put on Hawkes’ memories of his past and the reason why he left the hospital work – not exactly a light topic. Amid all that emotional turmoil, the scene with Danny taking off his shirt brings viewers some welcome respite. All in all, a great episode.
  • Danny took his shirt off. Danny took his shirt off!!!

    Did I mention Dnny took his shirt off? Yowza. Now that's a man. I made Mom tape it.

    All Danny-ness aside, it was a really great episode. Sheldon is such a sweety. Loved the locker room scene. I knew there was more to Sheldon than just a pretty face! (A VERY pretty face, mind you.)

    We can't forget about Mac, either. My dad got a little choaked up when he was talking about the cancer, as he lost his dad in a similar fashion. Mom got choaked up at the ending scene. I got choaked up when Danny took his shirt off.
  • Wow! One of Series 3's best episodes yet!

    There were many strong elements in this episode. I loved the mystery in this weeks murder case, it kept me guessing the whole way through! The end outcopme was handled magnificently! *Applause to the writers of the show*

    Of course one of the hightlights of the episode was when the scrumptious Carmine Giovinazzo took off his top and revealed to his squeeling fans what we had all guessed was under that tight top of his!

    Unfortunately there were no M&M moments but the two lovebirds did share almost a minute of airtime together. The word "beautiful" that he uses in their scene will always shout out to me that he was referring to Lindsay and not the evidence that they had both just discovered.

    Another high point of the episode was the focus on DR. Sheldon Hawkes. I loved how the writers handled the ending where Hawkes finally accepts his god-like abilitys in saving lives!

  • An excellent episode. A definite must see. Spoilers are inside so beware! hee hee

    An excellent introduction to an excellent episode. Shipper and Danny hotness aside, this episode was wonderful, and the beginning showed that. We have the life of a young girl flashing before us, and then we find out why: she’s in an accident. And a girl who is in a coma is brought into the hospital. She seems stable and the doctor says she will live a long life. Flash to that same girl dead, murdered in her hospital bed.

    I thought the story was really good. I mean that was so messed up. I kind of called that it was going to be the hospital assistant/ “other mother”. Just because I thought, “yeah she's most likely going to get revenge for her daughter's death.” it's too convenient that she ended up being the nurse. But I definitely didn't call it was her daughter in the room. I definitely have to say bless to the guy who gave her water. Poor guy was very nervous. He was just trying to help her

    I definitely found how Hawkes’ past was brought into this. It was interesting to see what led him to being an ME and what also led him to the lab. It was nice to see some background on Hawkes finally as we never really got to see much of him before. Definitely not Hawkes’ month.

    I have to say that I also liked the little clue they gave us that this isn’t the right girl. When she doesn’t respond to her mother’s touch that should have been a dead giveaway, but like our CSIs we just thought it was about the fight. We didn’t think anything else of it.

    The concept of the boyfriend with the pact was a novel one. I found it interesting that she made that sort of pact, but sadly there a lot of people who feel life isn’t worth living if you’re cooped up. Personally, I feel it’s not worth dying for. What I didn’t like is they took that idea and figured if she made that pact with him, maybe she made it with someone else. Not necessarily, and it’s not cool to jump down the parents throats about it.

    I also definitely felt so sad for the dad I mean, poor guy didn’t even find out his daughter was in a coma from the wife or the doctors. He found out in the newspaper. Poor guy. And the mom of the real girl that died- heartbreaking. Definitely a heartbreaking case.

    I definitely found the scene where they studied her monitor to figure out what was going out in that room. This was a definitely cool trick on figuring out what went on. She was a witness to what went on, and her monitor was a clue. Liked hearing about the whole background on Mac’s dad. Very interesting. And what's funny is that I was thinking, “is this the twin ep?” But, then I realized “no. that's the regular CSI.” Apparently both series had an episode of twins. Hmmm another allusion to the wonderful Shakespeare? He did have a fondness for twins and often used the concept of twinning in his plays.

    So I thought Sid was the sweetest thing ever with his inviting Mac over for dinner. It was so cute. I loved how he was like you are not allowed to spend another Thanksgiving alone. *so sweet*!

    I think Hawkes is the hottest when he gets all up in your face. ***oh my god!!!!***. IT was sooooo sexy to see him all angry at his past boss.

    I **loved** the scene with Danny and Hawkes and how sweet Danny was to Hawkes. It was just so cute

    **DANNY had his SHIRT OFF**- and that had to be one of the best scenes ever. In the history of MAN.

    Danny and Lindsay had their scene and it was good. I'm glad. And he said “beautiful.” So happy about that The chase scene! Had to be one of the best I’ve ever seen. So cute of Flack. Man he is hilarious. “I don’t get a uniform allowance.” Indeed.

    The last scene with Hawkes saving that guy. YAY Hawkes is still a doctor :D he listened to Danny!

    Anyways yeah. I love Flack and wish there was more of him

    And could Anna look more pregnant? Yeah she can. We'll have to see her in more eps.

    An excellent episode. I definitely liked the whole concept of the mother not knowing the daughter. I don’t care what others say. It can definitely happen. Rage can definitely blind a person, especially after losing a loved one. I mean it DID happen in Indiana. And the mother loved her daughter; there was NO evidence to the contrary. Yes she got what she deserved; she shouldn’t have wanted to kill the other daughter. But you still felt bad when you saw how crushed she was. A bit of poetic justice, it was.
  • Gosh,if that dosn\'t make wanna be careful I dunno what will. Drunk driving teenagers one of whom ends up dead,The other is givin a second chance, and then boom...it\'s gone.

    I have nevr cried so much in my life. That poor woman. how it must feel to kill your own daughter....
    Here we have two beautiful girls growing up as good friends thru Highschool, Ones the popular cheerleader whos getting into trouble (drugs,alchohal,ect.ect.) And then we have the follower who inspite of mommy's warnings wants to be just like the cheerleader.they go to a party, get wasted and then drive home. Only they don't make it back, the cheer leader dies and the follower gets taking to the hospital. She gets mistaken for the other girl and when she comes out a coma her own mother kills her out of grief. During this we find out why Sheldon left the Hospital to work as a M.E. , and we find out that Macs Dad died of cancer. A very Emotional episode.
  • Danny took his shirt off! ...Oh...and there was a crime.

    It happens more often than it should. Young people, or anyone, drives under the influence of alcohol. There is an accident. One or more of the passengers dies. One lives. This episode explores what happens after the accident, with the survivor, and adds an interesting twist. The girl in the coma, the one who survived, is not the girl everyone thought it was.

    I knew, as soon as the nurse was introduced, that she was the killer. You could just tell. That wasn't the twist in this episode. And I seriously can't believe she was so cold as to kill the girl because she blamed her for her daughter's death. It is not our responsibility to decide who lives and who dies. That's not our choice to make. And if she hadn't been so blinded by grief and rage, maybe she would have realized that she was killing her own daughter.

    Normally, I don't like shows with a moral. I don't like to be preached to while watching TV. If I want to be preached to, I'll start going back to church. But I wasn't bothered by this one.

    And we got Mac and Hawkes backstory in the same episode. Mac tells us about how he wrestled with the decision to take his own father off life support. Hawkes reveals the reason why he left the ER. Unfortunately, Hawkes's character development was largely overshadowed by the fact that Danny took off his shirt.

    Forgive me... I'm a fangirl. A moment to freak out, please.

    Oh. My. God. Danny took off his shirt. He was shirtless. Danny was shirtless. He stripped in the locker room. He was half-naked. Danny was half-naked in the locker room, and it was awesome.

    End freak out.

    And we got a brief D/L moment, for us D/L shippers. It wasn't much, but as I said before, I don't need much. It was enough to satisfy me.

    For now. All in all, I was extremely pleased with this episode. The last couple of weeks, I haven't been impressed, but this episode reminded me of why CSI: NY is my favorite show.
  • Deep episode - doctors make life and death decisions everyday - who has the right to die? or the right to live? - do family members have a say? To what end. And Danny was shirtless (eeekkk!)

    I liked the episode. Always good when you are able to incorporate real life issues and cases and mix them in with talented guest actors and character backgrounds.

    A mother blinded by her grief kills the person responsible for daughter's death - sounds simple, not right, but simple. I'm sure it happens more often than we would ever believe. Then CSI New York starts to twist the story - what if the person the mother mudered was her daughter's best friend? What if they were in a car accident together? What if they mixed up the identities of the two girls and in fact her daughter was the one to survive, but then she killed her own daughter because of the mix-up. This is what makes me love CSI New York. I drooled over Danny and his shirtless scene. I loved Hawkes talking about his decision to become a ME. The scene at the end where the paramedic asked if he is a doctor made me smile. It's hard work being a nurse or doctor and having an effect on whether people live or die. It's a big responsibllity. Now he helps find out how people dies before their time. The conversation with Mac and Hawkes was heavy. Mac, he did what was right for him. Hawkes left the OR so that the responsibility of lives was taken out of his hands. The killer felt they knew who should have died. It was deep and complicated.

    In the end - it's just, well, really heartbreaking. If she had only chose to help her friend and her daughter's friend - the truth would have been discovered later. Revenge is just never a good way to go - at least not when it involves murder.
  • A young woman who was severely injured in a car crash is murdered in her hospital bed. During the course of the investigation we get a look into the personal life of Dr. Sheldon Hawkes and why he decided to stop practicing medicine to become an ME.

    In my review of the first episode of this season I said I hoped to see more into the personal lives of the main characters. I'm glad to see that is happening. How the insight into Hawkes was intertwined with the story worked very well and added to my enjoyment of this episode. What's also quite good about this episode is it's very powerful message that anger and the desire for revenge are two things that can be very dangerous and have harrowing consequences. That's a strong point that makes this episode one of the best of the season.
  • Finally, we see more of Hawkes's past and a little bit of Mac's past. Not to mention, hot-looking danny! =D

    The episode started off really well. It started off with a flashback of the vic's life to the car crash and her being brought to the hospital. And then they fast forward to her lying there. Next thing you know, she's already dead.

    Once again, i was focusing on lindsay. After she took photographs of the victim, she stared at the victim for a while. This happened too during episode 3x05 : Oedipus Hex when they discovered the dead body of one of the Suicide Girls. Could this be related to lindsay's past?

    It's definitely not Hawkes's month this time. First, he was yelled by Mac and now he has to face his former boss who doesn't like Hawkes presence. But Hawkes did a great job by standing up to him! And not forgetting that a little bit of Mac's past was revealed. And it was sad to see that the mother killed her own daughter. I know she was mad because the supposingly Nicole survived and her daughter didn't. But that doesn't mean killing her would revive her own child.

    On the bright side of this eppy, we all got to see Danny shirtless! I bet all his fans will probably be drooling over him =)

    Overall, it's a good episode.
  • The episode where we finally get to know more about Sheldon, and Danny fans die a happy death. ^_^

    1. Again, we are shown the horrors of drinking under the influence. I think cars should have some sort safety locks agains drunk drivers. And I liked the twist in the end. It can't imagine what it feels like to find out you just killed one of your own.

    2. Sheldon standing his ground against his former boss was nicely done. It goes to show his professionalism and objectivity, and he will not let anybody keep him from doing his job right. Not even someone he's supposed to be grateful for.

    3. Danny is one hot CSI. I can almost imagine his fans fainting once he took his shirt off.

    4. They didn't do a very good job hiding Anna Belknap's pregnancy. Or maybe it's because I know she's pregnant and have a tendency to look for the baby bump.

    5. Flack kissing the ground was somewhat hilarious. I always thought he'd be more agile than Mac, but then again Mac is an ex-marine.

    Good episode.
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