Season 9 Episode 16

Blood Actually

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Feb 15, 2013 on CBS

Episode Recap

It started off like a Valentine's day Massacre: 3 murders. But it turned out not to be a serial killer, but 3 different cases.
Mac Taylor is shopping last minute for a Valentine's Day card for Christine. As he was, the 3 cases developed. Case 1, "Love For Sale" Jo Danville at scene but shortly Det. Lovelo shows up. The dead man is Theodore Hart. Come to find out the room is rented in the name of Wayne Brown. Wayne had met a girl down in the bar and took her to a room. But Hart jumped him and he stuck him with a corkscrew as self defense. But come to find out he was there to stop this man. Laura Palmer did him in with a Champagne bottle to the back of the head. Brown was going to take the blame. She may get off and Wayne Brown likes her.

Case 2 "Love is Blind" Bernie Chandler found dead. Wife Sandra said she found him like that. Danny Messer and Sheldon Hawkes on this case. Must be the chocolates did him in. Danny thought that because Bernie was big but was married to a beautiful woman he must have had money. But come to find out his thin wife Sandra thought he was planning to run off with his another woman, who in reality he was booking a trip to London through her for him and Sandra. She had swapped his insulin and gave him fake sugar-free chococales, to mess up his diabetes. We also find out that Sheldon Hawkes was fat at one time and lost a lot of weight. Danny said it: "true love is really blind".
Case 3 "In the Name of Love". Jeremy Howser got shot crossing street to meet Wendy Howser. He had flowers for her. Mac Taylor and Det. Don Flack on scene. Seems Howser wanted to settle the divorce problems. Adam tells Mac the bullets in the body don't match the gun at scene. Wife was cleared of the shooting. Bullets match a gun owned by former Officer Thomas Reynolds. Come to find out Jeremy Howser fired him from his security job that day. Pictures of Wendy at his home prove it that Reynolds was following her. Reynolds later tells that he was paid to watch Wendy. Reynolds was supposed to protect the company after she filed for divorce. But he found out she is a nice person. He then followed Jeremy to protect Wendy. He shot him when he saw Jeremy was going to shoot Wendy and then ran away when he figured no one would believe him. So he did a selfish act.

Mixed all through this is the team getting ready for Valentine's Day evening hoping their plans aren't changed by this rush of cases. Mac looking for the right card for Christine. Christine going through her closet for just the right dress and having a flashback to her kidnapping. Mac called to change date plans but she arranges for something else. Danny and Lindsay talking about family (daughter Lucy) and work and their busy life getting in the way of some time together, especially now that she is pregnant again. Adam talked to Mac about his skating date with his girlfriend Michelle. He finally lets him go early. Don Flack fools Lovato into thinking that he didn't know it was Valentine's Day so she agreed to a non-romantic dinner: pizza, beer and sports. Ellie Danville, Jo's daughter had date plans with her bf Mathew. Jo tells her on the phone to "Remind Mathew, I carry a gun!" Mac meets Christine at a fancy bar with live music where Josh Groban is singing. They engage into a nice little romantic dance. Mac gives her a Valentine's card and says that he loves her. At home Danny is rubbing Lindsay's feet. Just as things are quiet, Lucy calls for mom. Ellie meets Jo finishing up and has decided to spend the evening with her mom. Don and Jamie meet and he takes her up to the roof and a nice "chilly" candle light dinner. He gets a big kiss.

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