Season 9 Episode 16

Blood Actually

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Feb 15, 2013 on CBS

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  • Best Episode of the Season

    I thoroughly enjoyed the show, especially Josh Groban and the concluding scenes of the episode. This reminded me of the older seasons when most episodes had two cases. I have a romantic heart and the montage was great - especially the Flack - Lovato scene.

    The episode was a pleasant surprise and I always enjoy seeing the relationship between the cast members being given some time to grow.
  • We want more Messer Family episodes......

    I'm sick of seeing Mac and Christine. I want more of Danny, Lindsay, and Lucy episode. Give us a Messer family episode. NO MORE MAC AND CHRISTINE!!!!!!!!!!
  • Like Flack

    I like Flack and Lovato together, what makes it bad is the mac/christine relationship
  • Okay episode

    This was an okay episode. They three storylines were good, but quite predictable. And although it was nice that the writers did something different with this episode by having three short stories it also felt as if the episode was very short.

    And I would have loved to have seen more romance with the the charachters and not just Mac in the end.

    Overall, it was an okay episode, but the writers can do so much better!
  • sharon ackerman

    song is by josh groban and is called happy in my heartache