Season 9 Episode 16

Blood Actually

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Feb 15, 2013 on CBS



  • Trivia

    • Scenes from episode 9x15 Seth And Apep can be seen during this episode.

    • Goof: When Jo is processing Theodore Hart's crime scene the victim and the scattered objects on the floor around him are in a different position than when he falls dead in the intro.

    • This episode follows three love stories gone wrong and each is given a subtitle: Love for Sale (Theodore Hart's case), Love is Blind (Bernard Chandler's case) and In the Name of Love (Jeremy Howser's case).

    • The action in the episode takes place on February 14th, St. Valentine's Day, one day before its actual airing date. We get a glimpse into some of the characters celebrating:
      -Mac gets Christine a card and even though he can't make it to their planned dinner she arranges for them to meet at a nice bar with live music where they slow dance close together.
      -Lindsay can't make it to dinner so she and Danny celebrate at home instead spending some quality time together, of which they've hardly have any for a long time.
      -Jo is surprised by Ellie who has changed her plans with her boyfriend to spend the night watching sappy movies with her mum while they eat chocolate ice-cream.
      -Flack fools Lovato into thinking that he had forgotten about the date and proposes beers and a slice as they watch a game together to make up for it. She is fine with that but Flack surprises her with a most carefully planned romantic dinner on a rooftop.
      -Adam has VIP tickets for the Rockefeller Center ice-skating rink since Michelle has never ice-skated before.

    • The intro for this episode consists of music only without a single line of dialogue to accompany the images.

  • Quotes

    • Jamie Lovato: Champagne, chocolate strawberries, candy hearts? Somebody was in a Valentine's Day mood.
      Jo: Looks more like someone was in the mood for World War III.

    • Jamie Lovato: What is it about Valentine's Day that just makes people lose their minds?
      Flack: Is that today?
      Jamie Lovato: Yeah, it's today.
      Flack: Right. You want to... maybe do something later?
      Jamie Lovato: Yeah, maybe.
      Flack: How about a couple beers and a slice, maybe watch a game?
      Jamie Lovato: Perfect.
      Flack: Really?
      Jamie Lovato: Yeah. What, do you really think that all women need that sentimental crap to make them happy?

    • Lindsay: I was hoping today, of all days, people might be a little nicer to each other.
      Sid: You're, of course, referring to the kindly deeds of St. Valentinus, one of at least three martyred saints to whom this secular and commercial holiday is attributed.
      Lindsay: Well, call me a sap, but any excuse to celebrate love is okay by me.

    • Danny: Whoa, whoa, whoa, where's the fire at?
      Lindsay: Hey. I got to find Jo, our case just got turned on its head.
      Danny: Are you serious? Does that mean we might not be able to go to dinner tonight?
      Lindsay: Will you shut up? I know that you hate Valentine's Day.
      Danny: I don't hate Valentine's day. I just think it's stupid to go spend on a fortune on some fancy meal just 'cause everybody else does.
      Lindsay: Well, now you don't have to, okay? (She kisses him on the cheek) Consider that my gift to you.
      Danny: But I promise we will celebrate tonight, okay?
      Lindsay: Okay, see you at home… eventually.

    • Ellie: Midnight? Mom, the movie doesn't end until 11:45.
      Jo: That gives you 15 minutes for Andrew to walk you home, give you a good-night kiss on the cheek before your curfew.

    • Jo: I don't know what's more depressing... the fact that my 15-year-old has a hot date tonight or the fact that I don't.

    • Lindsay: If you're pouring champagne, your print is right side up. Turn it around...
      Jamie Lovato: ...and the champagne bottle becomes a murder weapon.

    • Laura Palmer: Wayne looked so sad and lonely sitting at the bar by himself. Thought I could help.
      Jo: By exploiting his vulnerability?
      Laura Palmer: By doing my job. Not my fault the world is a cold and cynical place.

    • (After she confesses murder in self-defense)
      Jo: Wayne told us that... he killed Theodore Hart.
      Laura Palmer: Why would he do that?
      Jo: You'd have to ask him. Maybe it's because the world is not as cold and cynical as you think.

    • Wayne Brown: (About a hooker) I knew what she was. I guess there was just a part of me that wanted to believe that the spark between us was real. Even if it was only temporary. Please tell her I said thank you.

    • Jo: Why is true love so hard to find?
      Lindsay: It helps if you look in the right places.
      Jo: Any idea where those places are?

    • Hawkes: Are you... trying to say that someone who's beautiful on the outside could never fall for someone whose beauty's on the inside?
      Danny: I mean... unless there's power and money stacking the deck.
      Hawkes: That's just narrow-minded and sad, man.

    • Danny: (About an obese man) Our vic was the poster child for heart disease, no?

    • Danny: (Stepping into the autopsy room) Full house, huh, Sid?
      Sid: Oh, Mr. Messer. What a treat. I only wish it were under different circumstances.

    • Mac: What you went through was hell, Christine. Recovering from that kind of trauma is gonna take time and patience. You don't have to push yourself.
      Christine Whitney: I know. And I accept that, Mac. I know, but I also refuse to spend another minute hiding from the world. I need to get out of this apartment. Besides, is there any better excuse than Valentine's day?

    • Christine Whitney: Mac? You don't have to check on me every 15 minutes.
      Mac: I need you to know you're not going through this alone.
      Christine Whitney: I do. I know.

    • Mac: (About Christine) She's a fighter. Stubborn as hell.
      Danny: Sounds familiar. You two were made for each other.

    • Adam: How do you convince a diabetic to risk his life by eating a box of chocolates?

    • Danny: With all due respect, Mrs. Chandler, throwing it down the garbage chute? Come on. That's pretty stupid. You don't think we're gonna find that?

    • Sandra Chandler: My heart and soul really did belong to my husband. He was the prince charming I had wished for ever since I was a little girl.
      Danny: But now you hated him 'cause he broke your heart.
      Sandra Chandler: I hated myself.
      Danny: Why did you hate yourself?
      Sandra Chandler: For not being good enough.

    • Danny: (After she confesses having killed her husband out of jealousy) Evelyn Long... she was your husband's travel agent and she was helping him set up the trip to Europe for the two of you. That was the big surprise. Happy anniversary, Mrs. Chandler.

    • Danny: I guess I was wrong, true love is really blind.

    • Hawkes: Love has the power to overcome almost anything but only if we all can get past our own prejudice and let it.

    • Mac: What's that? It looks like some kind of ink stamp.
      Sid: Damn it, I... I don't know how I missed it. Sorry, Mac.
      Mac: It's okay, Sid... once in eight years that you don't catch something, it's still a perfect record as far as I'm concerned.

    • (Mac allows Adam to leave early, Adam hugs him)
      Adam: You're so good to me.
      (Mac grunts)
      Adam: Sorry, that was a little awkward. Sorry. Okay. I got to go.

    • Mac: (To Christine) You're absolutely breathtaking.

    • Christine Whitney: (After reading Mac's card) How do you always know the exact right thing to say?
      Mac: It's easy, Christine. 'Cause I love you.
      (They kiss)

    • Lindsay: Do you even remember the last time that we had five minutes together?
      Danny: Yup. Thursday, in the A.V. lab. It was fantastic until Adam showed up.
      Lindsay: Seriously, though, between Lucy and work, I feel like we don't even see each other anymore. And, it's about to get a lot harder.
      Danny: It's also about to get a lot better (Stroking Lindsay's belly) There's my little boy.

    • Lindsay: Well... Lucy's asleep, now. And work is done, so... you know, maybe...
      Danny: I told you we'd have a little time to celebrate (Danny leans over to kiss her)
      Lucy: Mommy, mommy! There's a vampire under my bed!
      Lindsay laughs)
      Danny: I got it.

    • Ellie: I thought maybe you and I could make some, uh, double fudge, death-by-chocolate ice cream sundaes, instead, hmm? Watch one of these little sappy movies?
      Jo: Okay, does this have anything to do with your poor mom flying solo on Valentine's Day?
      Ellie: I have absolutely no idea what you're talking about.
      Jo: (Pulling her into a tight hug) Ellie Danville. You are becoming the most amazing young lady.
      Ellie: Yeah, yeah. Tell me something I don't know.

    • (Removing her shoes as she climbs up after Flack)
      Jamie Lovato: These heels are way too sexy for a stinky stairwell.

    • (Flack surprises Jamie Lovato with a romantic dinner on a roof top)
      Jamie Lovato: You didn't forget Valentine's Day, did you?
      Flack: Are you kidding me? It's my favorite holiday. After Arbor Day, that is.
      Jamie Lovato: You're crazy, you know that? And very thoughtful.
      Flack: So, does that mean that sentimental crap does make you swoon?
      Jamie Lovato: Maybe a little bit.

    • Jamie Lovato: What are we doing, Flack? I mean, what is this?
      Flack: It's whatever we want it to be. Doesn't really matter what we call it, does it?

    • Jamie Lovato: You're going to have to meet my brothers soon.
      Flack: Bring 'em on.
      Jamie Lovato: They're a tough crowd, especially when they meet my boyfriends.
      Flack: Do I look worried? They're gonna love me.
      Jamie Lovato: Yeah, they will.
      (They kiss)

  • Notes

    • Georgie Flores, who plays Laura Palmer, also appears in the CSI: Miami episode Won't Get Fueled Again and in the C.S.I. one House Of Hoarders.

      Clint Culp, who plays Bernard Chandler, also appears in the C.S.I. episode Coup De Grace.

      Amy Gumenick, who plays Sandra Chandler, also appears in the CSI: Miami episode Friendly Fire.

      Shanna Collins, who plays Wendy Howser, also appears in the CSI: Miami episode Power Trip.

      Mark Hengst, who plays Jeremy Howser, also appears in the CSI: Miami episode Mayday.

    • Original International Air Dates:
      Canada: February 15, 2013 on CTV.
      Norway: May 29, 2013 on TVNorge.
      Finland: February 3, 2015 on MTV3.

    • Music featured:
      At Last by Etta James (Episode intro as the three crime scenes are shown).
      Happy In My Heartache by Josh Groban (Playing during Mac and Christine's date and extending over the rest of the cast's dates until the end of the episode).

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