Season 4 Episode 6


Aired Friday 9:00 PM Oct 31, 2007 on CBS

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  • Mac and Stella investigate the death of a "zombie" in Times Square. Elsewhere, in the infamous Long Island town of Amityville, Lindsay and Danny investigate what appears to be a murder suicide in the house that inspired The Amityville Horror.


    This episode, while just a little farfetched, worked very well and was very entertaining. A great Halloween episode. From the opening scene until the very end, the viewer's attenetion is held and doesn't let up. The story in this episode is very well written. I especially liked how both stories reached a plausible and satisfying conclusion which made this episode all the more enjoyable. The viewer also gets a little insite into Mac's 333 calls which is also a high point. In terms of a Halloween themed episode, CSI: NY succeeded where CSI: Miami failed.

  • CSINY Halloween Special!

    Danny and Lindsey investigate the murder of an entire family in a supposedly haunted house in amityville. Mac and Stella investigate the death of a man who rose from the dead.
    This episode isn't supposed to be anything but a bit of fun and thats what it is. The opening was very entertaining with the spooky graveyard scene and the man bursting out of the coffin. Another great scene was when the old woman jumped out at lindsey in the dark hallway. Generally just a bit of Horror themed fun this episode certainly kept me entertained from start to finish. Happy Halloween from CSINY!
  • good and bad...

    I have mixed feelings about this episode. I liked one of the cases and hated the other. The case where the dead man "came back to life" and then died again was stupid. The only thing I liked about it was that Mac saw teh voo-doo lady and she had the 333 and 666 on her eye lids. The other case was that a whole family was murdered in a "haunted house." It just turned out that a young man killed them when they came home early. That was really creepy. Overall, this episode had one interesting case and one stupid case.
  • Interesting

    It was great to shown a medical "zombie", also it showed that Mac's stocker is MIA; they should solve that issue regarding Mac's stocker........also, they must show anything regarding Lindsay and Danni relatonship. Also, they must show what is happening in Stella's personal life.......I think this is a very good show, it teach how NY city is. Mac should return to the UK to find his ex girlfriend....they made a good couple, also Lindsay and Danni, they should explode that relationship......I think fans will love it........Don is very friendly to the CSI team, and they should give Don a promotion to Captain or something, he is the "only one" detective that works on the NYPD
  • Weird episode

    This is definitely one of the weirdest episodes out season 4 that I've seen. Of course the highlight of this episode to all of the fans of the romance between Danny and Lindsay is where Danny calls Lindsay honey. This season they are trying to keep it on a low keep the relationship between Messer and Monroe. To me it's building up to something, but who knows. And alot of people are critizing on the address of the house in Amityville NY. You have to remember they only did a reference to movie since this was a halloween episode. Just because the address number in the movie was only 3 digits. This house isn't located in that state. This house is located in New York. So just the fact that the number was three digits, just points out that the idea came from the movie. Just like Lindsay stated like in the movie.....in the movie the boy killed his entire family. In this episode the father killed himself and the boy accidently killed his little sister, there are huge differences between this episode and the show Amityville Horror. God forbid they make an episode that makes a reference to a movie and not have it be word for word.
  • Weird

    As I watched this episode I constantly found myself saying how weird is this. Don't get me wrong it was a good episode but I just found it well weird. I was a little dissapointed in the Mac, Stella and Sheldon case as it reminded me of the CSI MIAMI episode "Curse of the Coffin" which I watched on tuesday and I love that episode so much. I was also a little dissapointed with the fact that Flack (my favourite character) only came on 3 times. I enjoyed watching the Messer and Lindsay case and seeing the interaction between the 2 cos there doesn't seem to have been any so far this season.
  • One of the few successful Halloween episodes this year. It did justice to the season theme and managed to be a good series episode. As to the holiday the episode had plenty of horror themes. Taking place in Amityville of all place of the

    One of the few successful Halloween episodes this year. It did justice to the season theme and managed to be a good series episode. As to the holiday the episode had plenty of horror themes. Taking place in Amityville of all place of the haunted house movie fame. Danny and Lindsey investigate the murder of a family in their home. A ghostly woman wrestles with Lindsey and owns her pretty much and then disappears through a secret passageway. We also have a zombie that crawls out of a grave scaring the grave diggers and dying in time square. Mack is reunited with the 333 caller aspect when he meets a voodoo lady with 333 tattooed on her eyelids! Plenty of frights in that segment including a blind lady who warns Mack of his impending evil. As to the simple episode parts of the show. All the cast were well represented and played a great role in the story. Very fun show makes me wish they could show Halloween episodes more often good job.
  • good Halloween episode but they can do better

    Im a fan of supernatural so the A-case was quite a fun one to watch but the ending was rather weak. I enjoyed the visit in the voodoo shop and Mac loosing his nerve was a nice touch showing that he is also only a human. but the 333 thing is getting boring fast. the best parts of the case - except for the opening, were Sid and Adam. the Mac/Adam/Stella scene had me laughing out loud. and Sid was just his adorable quirky self with decorating the morgue for Halloween. the b-case was a little better but I was a little dissapointed by the ending and the lack of DL interaction - not during the case but afterwards. but I think Anna did a wonderful job here. the case with a distraught mother was probably hitting too close to home but she did great. as did Carmine especially in the hospital scene with the little girl. it was and episode to enjoy and forget and the winner of this one is Sid.
  • I love Halloween-time. There are lots of spooky, scary movies on television. TV shows do their best to add that extra element of fear to their shows. I thought this episode was great!

    The entire episode felt like a horror flick. It was great. When I was a kid, I associated candy, costumes and the whole process of trick-or-treating with Halloween. As an adult, I love ghosts, zombies, witches, vampires...all that good stuff. But only in movies and on TV. :-)

    I was *loving* the episode. The creepy music was awesome, in my opinion. The opening scene at the cemetary was great. I couldn't believe it when that man reached out of the grave.

    The murder scene in Amityville was just sad, but I liked how Lindsay and Danny walked around the spooky house. Lindsay really was freaked out, just a bit. I can't believe Lindsay and Danny stayed in that house with the dead bodies all night long. Just nasty...

    I really liked that zombie mob in the city. They all looked so disgusting...it was cool. LOL Another thing I liked was the eerie Haitian psychic and the Haitian girl with the 333 and 666 on her eyelids. I thought that scene was great also. I thought Mac was going to hurt that girl for a second there after dealing with the calls for so long. The calls have now stopped...something big is about to happen. Perfect Halloween-esque episode. I loved it! :-)
  • CSI meets B Horror film

    Boo was a fun attempt to tie in Halloween. However, Boo was about as scary as a Charlie Brown Halloween. The cases seemed to be thrown together and were more about trying to be scary than plausible. The best homeage to Halloween was Sid's redecoration of the morgue.

    It was nice to finally see Lindsay out in the field. The episode was worth watching to see the progression of Mac's 3:33 storyline. The sacriest part of the episode was not the Amittyvile horror refernce or the zombies, but the woman in the voodoo shop whose eye-lids had 333 and 666 painted on them. This sent Mac over the edge and we see the effects it is having on him.

    My biggest disappointment of CSI:NY so far this season is the nderutilization of characters. Hawkes and Flac had minimal apperances in this episode. NY has a great cast and I wish they would feature some characters in one episode then in the next feature the others and make the most of these characters. I felt like Hawkes should have jumped out and said "Boo" indicating he;s been hiding in the show all along.
  • Halloween themed show!

    Really liked this Halloween themed show as it investigates everything from zombies to haunted houses. As Lindsay and Danny take a case that is from a huanted house. And that Lindsay is told that if she doesn't leave there asap. Something will terribly happen to her. We also see her draw her gun and that this was a first since she joined the show as she rarely does that. Danny was funny in this episode I thought. While Mac & Stella investigate a wierd case. Loved it when Mac says that he really hates zombies as Stella shares his sentiment. Really funny and really good for the Halloween season. Hope that they do something good like that next year!
  • Elements of famous horror flicks all rolled up into one great Halloween episode.

    I don't like horror stuff, but this episode was interesting enough to make me watch it entirely. Doesn't mean I didn't get a few heart attacks in the process.

    Csae-wise, Lindsay and Danny's was somewhat parallel to a CSI episode called "Gum Drops" back in the 6th season. Nevertheless, it kept me at the edge of my seat. I found the resolution kinda sad, especially when they saw what was inside the suitcase the suspect was taking out of the house. The thing I took notice was that Lindsay had her gun drawn, which I think is a first since she joined the show.

    Mac and Stella's case was a little weird, with the coming back from the dead stuff. Like Mac, I hate zombies. They hideous and they eat human flesh and brains. I hate them more if they run, like those in Dawn of the Dead (I think). Their case wasn't as interesting as the other one, but I really liked the part when they went to that voodoo place. That blind woman with the cards was freaky.

    I haven't written an episode review in quite a while, but after watching this episode, I just couldn't resist. This is the best Halloween episode in all the drama shows I've seen this week.
  • CSI:NY meets Amityville Horror and Zombie walks. Happy Halloween!

    Ok, this weeks chapter was fully dedicated to Halloween.

    The cases were creepy and fit perfectly to the holiday. That much I give to them. The atmosphere that was conveyed through them really set the viewers mind onto Halloween.


    Danny and Lindsay work together, but the chemistry the two of them had in season 2 and 3, it seems to have vanished. They appear to be colleagues, but no lovers. Writers, what is going on with that?

    Flack and Hawkes had so little screentime, one should wonder if they are still part of the show.

    CSI:NY strikes me more and more as "The Mac and Stella Show". They get the good cases, the most lines, the most screentime. This show is about the whole team, not just the two of them.

    Mac's 333 storyline continued. I have to say that, personally, I feel this is tottaly put at lenght and it's starting to get annoying.

    Overall: a good and very solid Halloween episode, but with some mayor lacks, which I just can't ignore...
  • Creepy...

    * Zombies case: Good. For first time Stella and Mac working in what seems to be the B case! The beginning of the chapter is amazing! I think it was a case that deserved to be a A case but....Adam hilarious! He is in just 2 scennes and he steals the protagonism again! The voodoo story good but quite wasted...Not a mention of the bloody t-shirt again but we the 333 has a litle of continuity:not a call in a week, and it's the son of the devil...OH! And Mac is cursed!

    *Amytville: GREAT! A very different way to solve the case that we are used to, beginning with Lindsay filming all the crime scene and Danny placing those lilte platforms to not leave foot prints. the resolution of the case is just fine. Lindsay getting in the wall and finding Danny in another room, quite funny! LOTS OF LINDSAY! and most of the time DAnny is with her.

    *A very litle Flack and Hawkes, they mention Kendall but she doesn't appear! Oh and a creepy Sid, of course!

    * DL: I'm disappointed. I read there would be a kiss, on the forehead, Danny comforting Lindsay...AND THERE ISN'T!! If I could live without spoilers I would probably be happier right now!. It's true that he rubs her shoulder, but, COME ON!! That's not enough!! Danny calls her Lindsay, not even a Montana! BUt the story is really sad and I understand that there's no time to laugh! BUt they don't smile in all the chapter!! Danny looks at her several times really concerned and that's sweet. BUT I'm mad because I wasn't expecting a Snow Day but maybe a Not what it looks like....A hug or a kiss in the forehead would fit perfectly in this chapter!!

    BUT apart the DL disappointment the chapter is GREAT!! one of the best of the season!
  • GREAT Holiday Installment.

    The murder of the family was just very sad and intense. The case as a whole was believable. With there being an additional murder 30 years ago in the house. I loved the gadgets they used to conference call with Sid and Shel back in the lab. I loved how they had to go back to the old murder to solve the latest one.

    Zombies in downtown NYC not really out of the ordinary. But okay let's go with it. Okay a mention that Mac hasn't had a 333 call in a week. However no mention of the mysterious suitcase with the bloody shirt in his office. I loved the comedic scenes with Adam. Especially the look on his face when they were working with the voodoo doll. Classic Adam. Once they determined that he had faked his death, I figure it was an insurance scam. A very elaborate and creative one, but still a scam.