Season 4 Episode 6


Aired Friday 9:00 PM Oct 31, 2007 on CBS

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  • Weird episode

    This is definitely one of the weirdest episodes out season 4 that I've seen. Of course the highlight of this episode to all of the fans of the romance between Danny and Lindsay is where Danny calls Lindsay honey. This season they are trying to keep it on a low keep the relationship between Messer and Monroe. To me it's building up to something, but who knows. And alot of people are critizing on the address of the house in Amityville NY. You have to remember they only did a reference to movie since this was a halloween episode. Just because the address number in the movie was only 3 digits. This house isn't located in that state. This house is located in New York. So just the fact that the number was three digits, just points out that the idea came from the movie. Just like Lindsay stated like in the movie.....in the movie the boy killed his entire family. In this episode the father killed himself and the boy accidently killed his little sister, there are huge differences between this episode and the show Amityville Horror. God forbid they make an episode that makes a reference to a movie and not have it be word for word.