Season 8 Episode 12

Brooklyn Til I Die

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Feb 03, 2012 on CBS



  • Trivia

    • Goof: Christine refers to his brother as 'Steven' even though Jaret Sacrey's character is listed as 'Stan'. In the next episode 8x13 The Ripple Effect he is referred to as 'Stan'.

    • Goof: Hawkes's badge number (#8010) is inconsistent with the one he has in episode 1x23 What You See Is What You See (#9786).

    • According to his watch Mac arrives at the crime scene at 07:20am and yet he is shown in his office checking out his emails at 07:55am, which is too tight a schedule.

    • Like many other characters in the show (Flack, Mac, Lindsay, Adam and Jo) Hawkes borrows Danny's distinctive line 'boom' in this episode.

    • Goof: Despite working the same case, Hawkes' tablet shows the case as #2011/54735 whereas Danny's computer screen shows it as #2011/71042.
      Adam does not appear in the episode but according to Danny's report, he is supposed to have done the test on the tooth fragment.

    • Goof: The contents of Natasha Fatale / Michelle Lewis's purse are placed differently when Mac first arrives to the crime scene and when he takes pictures.

  • Quotes

    • Mac: Fake I.D., fake gun... real murder.

    • Sid: Looking over our vic, I can't help but consider the irony of her chosen name: Natasha Fatale.

    • Hawkes: Our Jane Doe bled out in that alley.
      Sid: Definitely not a gentle way to go into that good night.

    • Sid: Are you a T man or an A man? (Hawkes gives him a puzzling look) Toes or ankles?
      Hawkes: Okay, I gotta say toes.
      Sid: As am I.

    • Danny: Who's that guy?
      Lindsay: I don't know, but every picture in Natasha's lipstick camera features him.
      Danny: So what's our double for Minnesota Fats got to do with this?

    • Lindsay: I'm doing an image search. I'm hoping he has a mug shot somewhere.
      Danny: All right, while you're doing that, Doc and I are making progress.

    • Danny and Hawkes: Boom!
      (Lindsay laughs)

    • Flack: (Walking through a filthy alley) Friend of mine jogs in her bare feet. She keeps asking me to join her. I don't think so.

    • Lonnie Tucci: You police are all the same. You come into my establishment, and you try to give me orders. But what you should know by now is there's only one thing that gives orders: intestinal fortitude (Pats Mac on the shoulder. Mac pins him against the table) Chill out, man! This is a part of the script!

    • Flack: I know times are tough, but it doesn't make sense for anyone in the game to rob our vics for fake cash.

    • Jo: (After Preston Seville Jr. has been abducted) Is there anyone in your professional or personal life that might've had something to do with this?
      Preston Seville, Sr.: I wish I could say no. The fact is, it's not that I don't know anyone willing to do this, it's that I know too many.

    • Lindsay: Can you imagine what Mr. Seville must be going through? I don't know what I would do if anyone ever took Lucy. I would give my right arm to have her back.
      Jo: As endearing as that sounds, please, let's just have one severed appendage at a time.

    • Lindsay: Based on the crushing pattern on the upper and the underside of the bone, I'm thinking that the instrument used to sever the finger was scissors, shears or bolt cutters.
      Jo: That had to hurt.

    • Hawkes: I followed up on our murder victim Michelle Lewis. According to her tax records she was a kindergarten teacher.
      Danny: All right, looks like she was anything but a femme fatal, huh?

    • Jo: I think our best chance of getting Preston Jr. back is to pay that ransom.
      Mac: We follow the money, we might get to him and our killers.
      Preston Seville, Sr: I'm not paying one damn cent.
      Mac: With all due respect, Mr. Seville, these kidnappers aren't playing around. The next package may include a lot more than a finger.
      Preston Seville, Sr: This is about principles. Most people inherit their fortunes but I built mine from the ground up and no two-bit thugs are taking a dime from me.

    • Jo: Isn't it a given, your son's lying somewhere with nine fingers you pay that ransom?

    • Mac: These guys tried this right under our noses. Means they're either desperate or crazy.
      Jo: Or professional.

    • Mac: (To Preston Seville Sr.) Just keep one thing in mind. The people who took your son are motivated by greed. He's only worth something to them alive.

    • Hawkes: These what I think they are?
      Danny: Yeah, serial killer trading cards. Who needs Mickey Mantle when you have Ted Bundy, right?

    • Hawkes: Do you really sell personal items from serial killers?
      Kelly Rose: You say that like it's a bad thing.

    • Kelly Rose: I opened this store for fans of the macabre.
      Danny: Right. Selling locks of Charlie Manson's hair.

    • Hawkes: Your Web site says that you offer soil samples from Lambert Jones' backyard, where he supposedly buried his victims.
      Kelly Rose: As a matter of fact, we do, and for an extra five bucks, I will gift wrap the Lambert dirt for you.
      Hawkes: Lambert dirt.
      Kelly Rose: Need I remind you, it is not illegal to sell dirt.
      Danny: No, it's just immoral and kind of despicable, not for nothing.

    • Jo: (About the macabre shop) One customer was actually a housewife with four kids. Makes you wonder if having a hobby is really that healthy.

    • Flack: Jacob Paul Williams. Priors for a little bit of everything. Armed robbery, assault with a deadly weapon... do you realize how screwed you are?

    • Flack: Honestly, pal, I don't even need a confession. I'm just doing this for my own amusement.

    • Flack: I gotta know, you're a career criminal, you know how this works so what on Earth possessed you to bring your kidnapping victim back to your mother's house?
      Jake Williams: You saw my mother, she's scarier than we are.

    • George Williams: When we saw she was dead, we needed a way out of town.
      Mac: So, you decided to add kidnapping to your list of smart decisions.

    • Flack: You and your brother are about as smart as bait. Makes your ransom drop plan a little inconsistent.
      Jake Williams: Why do you say that?
      Flack: Because it wasn't a stupid plan. You almost had us. So where'd you get the idea? Did you see it on TV or in a movie?

    • Preston Seville Jr: I gave them the entry code to my father's house.
      Lindsay: So you gave them everything they needed. But why would you do that?
      Preston Seville Jr: Those bastards killed Michelle in front of me. It's kind of screwed up, I guess, but... all that time I was sitting there, tied up, not sure if I was gonna live or die, one thing I was sure of, there was no way my father was gonna pay a dime of his hard-earned money to get me out of this.

    • Preston Seville Jr: I told them they kidnapped the wrong guy. I told them the only way my father would pay a ransom would be if he had a gun to his head.
      Lindsay: That's a sad sentiment.
      Preston Seville Jr: It's one I've grown accustomed to.

    • Preston Seville Jr : Do you know why I played the GoGame? To get away from this name, this identity as a Seville. I lost my finger and Michelle lost her life because I wanted so desperately to get away from my father. What have I done?
      Lindsay: (Returning his family ring to him) It's not about what you've done. It's about what you do going forward.

    • Christine Whitney: I never saw you as the social-networking type.
      Mac: Actually, it wasn't my decision to set that up. That was some colleagues of mine having a little fun.
      Christine Whitney: That explains the blankest profile page in the history of the Internet.
      Mac: How do you know that I wasn't trying to be mysterious?
      Christine Whitney: Because you're one of the most transparent people I know.

    • Christine Whitney: (About Claire's death) I'm sorry.
      Mac: There's no need to be sorry. I'm thankful for the time that we had together.

  • Notes

    • Despite featured in the opening credits, A.J. Buckley (Adam Ross) does not appear in this episode.

    • Music Featured:
      Mind Eraser by The Black Keys (before the credits).
      You Rascal You by Hanni El Khatib (Mac and Flack are looking at the DB).
      Set Your Arms Down by Warpaint (The team is going through the evidence towards the beginning of the episode).

    • Ben Bledsoe, who plays Preston Seville Jr, also appears in the C.S.I. episode Young Man With A Horn.

      Gene Farber, who plays Jake Williams, also appears in the C.S.I. episode Sin City Blue.

      Patrick St. Esprit, who plays Gerald Branson, also appears in the CSI: Miami episode Prey.

    • Original International Air Dates:
      Canada: February 3, 2012 on CTV.
      Norway: February 15, 2012 on TVNorge.
      United Kingdom: April 14, 2012 on Channel 5.
      Czech Republic: May 30, 2012 on AXN.
      Turkey: November 26, 2012 on CNBC-e.
      Gemany: November 26, 2012 on Vox.
      Slovakia: April 15, 2013 on JOJ Plus.
      Finland: May 28, 2014 on MTV3.

  • Allusions

    • Boris Badenov and Natasha Fatale: the names that the two fake FBI agents use come from The Rocky & Bullwinkle Show.

    • Kelly Rose: So I opened this store for fans of the macabre.
      Danny: Right. Selling locks of Charlie Manson's hair.

      Charles Milles Manson (1934-) is an American convict who led a criminal group that arose in California in the late 1960s.

    • Danny: Who needs Mickey Mantle when you have Ted Bundy, right?

      Theodore Robert Bundy (1946– 1989) was an American serial killer who murdered numerous women during the 1970s.

      Mickey Charles Mantle (1931 - 1995) was an American professional baseball player who played his entire 18-year long career for the New York Yankees.

    • Lindsay: (To Danny and Hawkes) All right Cagney and Lacey, what do you got?

      Cagney & Lacey is a police procedural show that originally aired on the CBS for seven seasons between 1981 and 1988.

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