Season 4 Episode 8


Aired Friday 9:00 PM Nov 14, 2007 on CBS

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  • The team once again investigates two crimes. First, a model who dies while dancing around in a giant martini glass that is part of a Times Square billboard. Second, robbery at a high class restaurant which left one person dead and another badly wounded.


    As other reviews have pointed out, "Buzzkill" is not the best episode of the season but it is very entertaining to watch. This episode does have a well written script and the actors, as usual, give very good performances (Carmine Giovanazzo is once again terrific), but this episode lacks the excitement that is present in many other episodes of the series. When the story focusing on the model came full circle, I didn't feel it was a big payoff as is usually the case in other episodes (The episode "Commuted Sentences" is a good example). Flawed, but still quite good.

  • For a filler episode, it was quite good.

    I liked this episode, although it was basically a filler episode. The case of the girl in the martini glass was interesting. It seemed too straightforward and sure enough, it was. Neither case were the main things that caught my attention.

    I was most interested in the romance between Stella and Drew. I am desperate to see Stella hook up with someone because all of these shippers I know keep "pairing" her and Mac together. That would be an awful idea, in my opinion. Anyway, I really don't like Drew. There is something kind of sleezy about him. Stella is resisting him, which I totally understand. My romantic history is not as bad as hers and I'm gun shy. I think it's realistic of TPTB to show Stella be hesitant about a guy, even though she's obviously intrigued or attracted. It may just be me, but I think Drew is up to no good.

    Yes, a filler episode, but they have so few, I can't be mad. It was well done anyway.
  • seen better seen a lot worse

    I just watched this episode for the first time today and there are some episodes of all programmes where you watch it once but never again as it was so boring, and there are others where you don't want it to end and you're wanting to catch every repeat, well this was an in between episode. I enjoyed it and if I happen to see it again that would be ok but I'm not gonna go out of my way to make it happen. Flack looked hot just like he always does. I love it when Messer says "Boom" when he finds something from evidence that tips the balance in their favour. Hilarious.
  • So..

    Well this episode had so many twists and turns. then the bit with the doctor!!

    i agree with mac tho, they were seriously not professionals, so messy and it was so obvious they'd get caught. more so than any other csi i have saw before.

    although i must admit it was interesting.

    it was a good story, good ending. i was actually surprised the woman done it and not the man. i always expected it would of been the man advertiser but it was a very very good ending.

    impressed by the acting, but danny scared me how very into he was. it seemed it needed more explanation why he stayed there the whole night, maybe something about how it was so close to him, like another case.
  • Even filler episodes prove that this show is anything but dull.

    Tiny saltwater jellyfish, heroin lollipops, and the kidnapping of a doctor's brother add up to an hours worth of entertainment.

    While the episode didn't provide us with any new character developments or romance, it did give us the change to see why the New York team manages to outshine the other CSI teams. Stella and Lindsay try and figure out what killed a young woman in a lifesize martini glass while Mac and Danny try to find out who shot a waitress during a robbery as well as who is responsible for the kidnapping of the brother who is treating the young woman. I liked the fact that the storyline gave us a twist regarding the actual cause of death of the woman who apparently ended up being electrocted in the martini glass. Sid's acute observation skills led Stella to discover that the real cause of death was being stung by a jellyfish. Mac and Danny's storyline had a nice ending when the doctor's brother was found unharmed. It's hard to find fault with writing that remains solid even during a filler episode. When it comes to good writing, the New York writer's never miss a beat.
  • Yeah a filler episode but great to watch.

    A buzzkill alright, it took them the whole episode to solve the cases, I thought they wasn't gonna solve them towards the end but they did quick investagating and got the ones involved in the crime just in time for the ending. It was a filler episode because the people who did both crimes were right there in the cops face and they got away to only prolong the episode to a full episode. I was yelling the whole time that the guy who was sitting there in the hospital with the girl who was dieing ain't her boyfriend, if I could see that from the begining then you know this was a filler episode but great to watch anyway.
  • Although this was not my favorite episode of the series, it was interesting.

    A girl apparently gets electrocuted while dancing in an oversize Martini glass, and a waitress is seriously hurt during a robbery. The idea of a party on a billboard, using an oversized Martini glass with a dancing girl inside was quite intersting enough to get my attention. And what seems to be a "routine" electrocution turns out to be quite a twisting plot. First it seemed that a whole bunch of tennis balls being hurled at the party-goers caused an electric cable to be dislodged and to fall into the martini glass, thus electrocuting the dancer. So, when Stella and Flack, who was his usual cool and funy self, arrested the tennis ball "thrower" the case seems closed. But after Sid gets hold of the body, though, he finds some bruising on her upper torso and cause of death seems to be internal injuries due to her being bruised. So, Stella, Lindsey and Fleck sets out again for the killer. After finding some heroin lollipops in the victim's handbag and a grain of rice with Chinese writing on it, they arrest a drug addict who confessed to having had a physical altercation with the victim. Again Sid throws the case wide open when he finds a minute sea-water jellyfish in her lungs, as well as a small electric burn. This time it leads to the dancer's boss and his assistant(?). In the end it comes out that the assistant was agrieved by her boss selling off her advertising campaign as his own. Thus the jellyfish is injected into a blow-up ball (supposed to look like a giant olive - for the martini, of course) in an attempt to kill the boss. It just so happens the jellyfish doesn't excape the ball until the ball is in the hands of the dancer, and so killing the wrong person.
    The B case was a little predictable, although it did have a twist with the neurosurgeon's brother being kidnapped to persuade him to let the waitress die. It was, however still nice to see Mac work a B case for a change. It also provided us with some comic moments. We are introduced to this case with Danny being in an ambulance trying to get the victim to answer some questions. Each of his questions, though, is being interupted by the seemingly distraught boyfriend (which I knew from the word go was not "uninvolved" in the burglary). At the hospital the girl is sedated and unable to answer questions, so Danny and Mac start their investigation without her testimony. It's soon clear that the girl getting shot was not part of the original plan, and it is first though that she might be a silent partner in the crime, and was shot for her half of the takings. After she is revived by the neurosurgeon, the doctor informs Mac his brother has been kidnapped as to force him to let the girl die. A text message sent to him directly after he resusitated the girl indicates that someone in the hospital is watching him. The "boyfriend" is immediately on the suspect list, especially after Det. Angel tells Mac that the girl's mother died a long time ago and the "boyfriend" lied about the mother flying in to NY. Following the cell phone's signals through the towers they get to the "boyfriend's" apartment and his computer, indicating the name of his helper. A box is found with a small piece of paper in it - the paper turns out to be a small piece of a (money) bill. It turns out the "boyfriend" tried to send to money somewhere, and a plastic envelope for inserting the address is found. After a smart piece of plastic-baking, Danny finds the address, and the suspects are caught redhanded with the kidnapped man still in their company.
    This episode provided for some funny moments - Danny asking Hawkes if he is being paid for his zooming skills while they were looking at the torn piece of money through a hi-tech "zooming" device; again Danny telling Mac that he doesn't think Mac knew of his baking skills when hiring him; and then of course Fleck's sharp wit in the interrogation room, his comment on the girl in the jewelry shop having red hair, and him telling her she should get rid of the cat after the cat threw over the pencil holder and they find the heroin lollipops.
    A last not on Stella's "date": that guy seems to have all the correct answers, and he's too much of a smooth-talker. He's not what he says he is - in fact, it wouldn't surprise me is he has something to do with Mac's 333 calls. I wonder if next week's episode isn't going to shed more light on this topic, especially after reading the episode summary.
  • Just another day at the office.

    It's kind of hard to review this episode. Lots of things happened, but in the end it felt like something was missing. Stella and Drew's scene was rather pointless, even though it was good continuation to the whole storyline starting a few episodes back. Stella's hesitancy to accept another aggressive (even though in a non violent way) boyfriend was also good continuity from season 2. Kudos on the age difference in the would be couple with an older woman and a younger man. The storyline starting with the teaser wasn't at all interesting, not even with all the angles shown, from the alcoholic with the tennis balls to the drug addict friend fighting with the victim. Stella and Lindsay working on the case was boring, and the killer and her colleague were incredibly lame; both showed a level of skill I would have to rate very poor compared to most of the guest actors in this show. While the second case was slightly more intriguing, it was in no means memorable. The doctor and his brother were about the best thing in this episode. And what was that thing with Mac and Danny bursting into the bad guy's apartment at the end? I guess I'm too used to seeing Flack or Angell there to do the actual police work that it struck as odd... Not a bad episode by all means, but not especially good either.
  • Excellent script and acting!

    NY is the place where you don't sleep at all. As it is a city where you can look at everything it seems. But one person becomes a party crasher too many. As the team tries to find out what is wrong with the person that has crashed one too many parties. Glad that they are using Sheldon more as he is one of my favorite characters. As Sheila sometimes does need to go with her gut instinct. Can't believe that someone got killed by a jellyfish. As they looked really raw not to eat as it did kill the model who was selling drugs.
  • Great, but it could've been better.

    Ok, so it was clearly a filler episode. We just have to keep in mind that not all of them can be ground-breaking.

    Drew is soooo creepy. Stella has the worst luck in men. As charming as he may be, I advise her to run for the hills.

    Danny is just so flipping awesome. I don't think he was flirting with Angell, but even if he was, it's a bump in the road I can handle. Sid, god, I just love you. He's freaking hilarious. I loved what Stella said about his uncle.

    Mama Taylor aka Mac can be pretty caring at times. 'Go home. Have a shower (giggle). Eat something.' He's officially in my good books.

    So, the cases weren't that exciting. Luckily, I don't watch the show for the cases! :P
  • CSI:NY goes up and down. This week: they landed flat on the belly.

    Ok, this episode was really not that interesting. In other words: Huh?? What the hell was that?

    Ok, the cases seemed so forced! So mayn twists and turns, it seemed so unnatural. It felt like the writers felt the need to pack loads of stuff in a single episode. But let me tell you: This was totally over-the-top.

    Adam was credited as Special Guest Star, but he wasn't there, not at all.

    Sid was good though, he always is. One can really rely on Sid and his humour.

    Same goes for Flack. He is the one, for me, to save an otherwose boring episode. This one didn't went down because of him.

    The wardrobe issues in this season of CSI:NY really need to be solved. More or less always the same they wear, the cloth they use is really not much... Don't like it, sorry.

    All in all: Total filler episode that I could have done without.
  • Good, not the best....

    * Case 1: Model in a Giant Martini glass in Times Square. Flack, Lindsay and Stella. During the episode we get 3 different CODs which means we see a lot of SID!. The girls do a great job and Flack is funny as always but, the global idea isquite not interesting...

    *Case 2: Robbery in a club and the whitness has a shot in the head. Danny, MAc, Hawkes and Angell. Danny goes to the hospital to try to get some information with the girl and the boyfriend. It turns out that the boyfriend is not the boyfriend, is one of the bad guys that kidnap a doctor's brother. They want the girl die because she can identifie them....

    * Drew and Stella having some drinks in TImes Square....Stella tells him that he is too agressive in his way to try to attrack her. He tries to make her a present but she refuses it and then her pager goes off an she leaves to meet Flack for the first case.

    * No Adam nor Kendall....

    * ABSOLUTELY NO D/L. We don't have even a comment from any of them....I mean like we had the "I don't need that" From Danny in Time's up refering to the 'invigorating drug' .... NOTHING...but I could have miss something...

    *Danny with the unbuttoned shirt....We began the season with danny with some open buttons, last week he had most of the buttons opened but yesterday...0 BUTTONS fastened!! Not that I'm complaining... , but in the second part of the chapter he wears again the jeans and the red t-shirt from 'YODO'
  • Excellent Scripts. Writers come back soon.

    An interesting way to die, via jelly fish. Very creative. Weird, but creative. I liked how the cases were ultimately connected. But what I thought was better, was the case was handled from two different aspects. Essentially making it two different cases. From the jelly fish accidently killing the model, to the model selling drugs. Very interesting. I liked the kidnapping aspect to get the doctor to do what the drug killers wanted. Again another good twist. I liked that "boyfriend" turning into the suspect. Excellent twist. I had hoped for more interaction and banter between Lindsay and Flack. Stella needs to go with her gut. Something's up with Drew.