Season 4 Episode 8


Aired Friday 9:00 PM Nov 14, 2007 on CBS

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  • Even filler episodes prove that this show is anything but dull.

    Tiny saltwater jellyfish, heroin lollipops, and the kidnapping of a doctor's brother add up to an hours worth of entertainment.

    While the episode didn't provide us with any new character developments or romance, it did give us the change to see why the New York team manages to outshine the other CSI teams. Stella and Lindsay try and figure out what killed a young woman in a lifesize martini glass while Mac and Danny try to find out who shot a waitress during a robbery as well as who is responsible for the kidnapping of the brother who is treating the young woman. I liked the fact that the storyline gave us a twist regarding the actual cause of death of the woman who apparently ended up being electrocted in the martini glass. Sid's acute observation skills led Stella to discover that the real cause of death was being stung by a jellyfish. Mac and Danny's storyline had a nice ending when the doctor's brother was found unharmed. It's hard to find fault with writing that remains solid even during a filler episode. When it comes to good writing, the New York writer's never miss a beat.