Season 4 Episode 1

Can You Hear Me Now?

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Sep 26, 2007 on CBS

Episode Recap

Mac Taylor hurries to catch his flight attendant notices something odd on Detective Mac, he still has seen some lipstick on his cheek.

The flight attendant says 'looks like someone will miss you' then she tells him to enjoy the flight. Now inside the plane, and hoping to get some rest on the way to New York Mac then gets a call from Detective Flack and telling him that the statute liberty has suddenly become a crime scene. Detective Flack says that there will be a plane on the tarmac waiting for him.

Now that Mac Taylor in back in New York he meets with Detective Flack to see if he can get into more information but so far details of the crime are still sketchy. Mac is told that security checks are done every three months and they're sure if this wasn't a terrorist threat.

Mac goes inside the Statue of Liberty to find Sheldon Hawkes busy looking in the body of the dead woman named Georgia Morrison she was one of the island's security guards. There is also a lot of blood everywhere Mac and Sheldon talk about that possibility of trying to run away from the killer but there are no blood drops to indicate that the victim was trying to run away. Mac asks if her gun was found and is told that Stella might have the answer to that question.

Stella is busy finishing up her work when Mac Taylor is standing beside, her asking what they could be looking at which is evidence of sexual activity. Stella wonders who would do anything like this prompting Mac to say nothing is sacred anymore.

Sheldon determines that the cause of death for Georgia Morrison is exsanguination.

Detective Flack gets word that a male security guard he is unaccounted for but they can't find any evidence that he was in the Statue of Liberty.

Danny is busy collecting blood from the Statue of Liberty. Mac steps outside and asks for an update Danny, tells them that there are twelve samples of blood, but the blood is way too much to be from the victim. All her blood is inside the statue. Mac tells Danny to get into the lab right away to see if it's human inside the statue Mac and Sheldon a try to determine if the killer was injured or something else.

Mac determines that the direction of the blood shows that it is blood spray. He finds to isolated blood drops but can't figure out what that might mean.

Danny updates Lindsay on what he's found on the inside of the statue and requests that Adam drop everything and make this crime scene a top priority. Adam Ross and his girlfriend, Kendall, are having a romantic moment together and enjoying it. Lindsay called Adam to tell him hurry up and get to work because the story is big news and that Mac is back in town.

Stella notices a curious change in Mac she notices that he seems quieter than usual and some what shaken and jet lagged. Mack tells her that doctor Driscoll decided to stay in London for a few more weeks he had gotten to meet her family. But Stella doesn't believe the story about being jet lagged and she knows there something more that Mac hasn't yet told her.

Mac tells Stella that he's been getting some odd series of phone calls and exactly 3:33 am they had gotten so bad that Detective Taylor had to change hotels several times when Stella tried to call him. Scotland Yard also tried to track those calls, but wasn't able to get anything.

Detective Flack informs both Mac and Stella that a $3 million security system was installed and about every three months they do reboots and system shuts down which take about 45 minutes he also tells them that their sure this was no terrorist threat.

A few minutes later Stella spots a wire on the viewfinder holding something on it. Mac thinks they're supposed to do the sightseeing so he deposits 25¢ into the viewfinder only to find that the guy watching them hasn't moved at all.

Detective Flack immediately calls for squad cars at the location but a few minutes later Mac discovers that the guy watching them is dead. They discover some odd markings on the victim and a message on his shirt which says two more will die. They also determine that the victim isn't security guard Charles Price.

We see Sid begin the autopsy of Damian Brock but something unusual have found that no one expected. The orange substance found on the victim was that of cleaning fluid and he was trying to be embalmed with the use of two catheters one taking the blood out the other taking the cleaning fluid in.

The victim was on parole for money laundering. The medical examiner was able to find a hairline fracture, but that wasn't what killed him. Damian Brock could likely be the first victim Georgia Morrison could be the second and the killer is likely to be the third victim.

Adam is busy examining the brail thing that in the evidence bag, and can't figure out what it is. Kendall was able to determine that the wire on the viewfinder came from a piano possibly a very expensive piano. She was also able to determine that the note on it was an a.

Lindsay was able to determine that Plexiglas was used to cut Georgia Morrison's throat and also found on the victim was latex condom Spray. Lindsay explains about the spray to both Sheldon and Danny who are, for a moment, shell shocked.

Mac is still puzzled as to how Georgia Morrison was killed. He is busy looking at a series of photographs that he had taken at the scene very carefully and three dummies that are standing perfectly straight. He then begins to stab the dummy in the neck to determine the angel of the blood spatter he also finds that Charles Price didn't kill Georgia Morrison but that someone else did and snuck up behind her so she never knew who was coming to kill her.

Adam figures out that the brail like thing makes a music box play and it was able to be replicated to figure out that the killer might have used a piece of the music box to hurt the victim's throat.

Adam was able to figure out that the music box that was custom made for Nova Kent. He also figured out that the music box played Mozart's minuet in three in 1761 when the piece was written.

Stella and Danny show a picture of Damian Brock to Nova she claims not to recognize him she seemed in a hurry to get through the rest of the questions they may have. She asks them if they're finished and then quickly leaves.

Mac and Sid head over to a freezer where the full body of Charles Price is missing. The only part that is found is the hand which has abrasions on the fingers from possibly rubbing against something under water after he and Ms. Morrison possibly had sex on the torch of the Statue of Liberty. The medical examiner explains that there is the absence of bleeding in the capillaries and that the boat propeller severed the arm. Mac feels positive that Charles Price is the third victim, and the killer won't stop with his threat and is determined to find the killer before the killer finds anyone else.

Stella suddenly stops as they arrive at a crime scene to find a possible suspect, she realizes she was at the crime scene once before, when the young woman named Marie was murdered out on the street. That same person they're going to interview was a suspect in that same crime.

Stella and Detective Flack interview Morton Bright, and find out that he has a little too much interest in this case because he tells them he keeps in contact with the victim's family all the time. Stella tells Morton that they can handle the investigation from there. She does tell Morton that she will keep him updated when the investigation is concluded.

Stella wanders into the bathroom and discovers that Damian Brock may have been embalmed while he was still alive. Stella also begins to think that Morton bright could possibly be a suspect again, leading them to each of the victims.

Stella and Detective Flack listen to an answering machine with Damian Brock's voice on it, indicating that he could see the killer coming. They also discover that they're being tracked, now they have to find exactly where the killer is before he gets to them.

While Stella is photographing the evidence, she finds a child's viewfinder with a picture in it of a man with tape over his mouth, looking scared. Stella, Lindsay, and Danny are busy analyzing the photo when the Mac comes in, requesting that he be filled in on the latest. They discover each of the victims had a killer, but they still don't know who it is, or who the man in that picture is, but they do know that the man in that picture left something with the initials Aeh to indicate a music hall where you can put a piano and a singer and have a concert.

Stella and Sheldon discover that the location of Mac and the killer are together by patching the 911 call and being able to track it. Mac discovers he and Danny being tracked by cell phone. They then hear somebody making loud noises in a drum. Mac quickly frees the gentleman from the drum and requests an ambulance.

Mac has just left the emergency room where the man trapped in the drum has died due to having his tongue in removed. As Mac and Stella are walking Mac notices something odd about the lights instead of turning red yellow or green it begins to show numbers three and four leading Mac shaken again.

Stella tells Mac that Lee's blood had truth serum which could be the cause of death all of the team is now gathered in the lab examining the video that they found from the cell phone which has Lee telling somebody something.

Stella goes to Mac office to bring him up to date on who she thinks maybe the killer. She tells him to get rest and go home, but he asks 'what's in the box?' Stella begins to tell Mac that the three crimes are related. They are related to the unsolved murder of Marie because one of them witnessed the crime and the other saw the killers face. Sheldon comes in with a concert ticket in a bag telling them that the medical examiner found shoved down and the victim's throat. The name on the concert ticket is Nova Kent.

Nova is busy singing to a crowded audience when Stella and Mac begin to spot the killer right in the crowd so as not to alarm anybody Mac points to the killer and signals to Flack to get his men running to catch the killer. Mac carefully takes Nova way so they can interview her about the killer. We also discover that she lied about the music box because she was scared and traded silence for her life. The music box was given to her by Marie, who was a c pianist.

Nova tells Danny she thought about telling somebody every day but couldn't she tell him, she was given black calla lilies as a way to keep quiet. Detective Flack is busy interviewing the suspect who the three main victims can identify but he doesn't give them the time of day.

Stella is busy explaining to Morton that they have a suspect in custody and she couldn't keep him up to date until they had a suspect in custody, because they needed to be sure. In the squad room Detective Flack has written some things on a piece of paper that indicate the flower delivery number that the suspect he used. Mac it is busy watching the interrogation with a pained look on his face and still wondering why doctor Driscoll left him. Stella teaches Morton something in Italian he says it perfectly. Detective Flack is busy and telling the suspect that if he's lucky he could only get away with it four life sentences. The suspect still insists he didn't and kill the two victims he then tells Detective Flack he had seen Nova just to make sure she was keeping quiet because he'd got a call that she was gonna see the police about the murder.

Lindsay tells Mac that they found that another cell phone like the one they found on Lee Mack wonders why someone would just coerce his victims and leave the information for them to find it doesn't make sense. Flack then decides to try and find the guy. He says a dead man can't unlock his own room. Its clear that Morton Bright could possibly have been the killer because Stella is with him and when they went to the crime scene earlier to open the door he unlocked it with a key.

Stella tells Morton that the piano is beautiful and it begins playing it until she discovers the A in the piano sounds different and things suddenly begin to click. Stella picks up her gun and tells him not to move. He grabs a gun and then runs, she runs after him asking about the Statue of Liberty and about Marie and about the other victims. He begins to describe exactly why he went after them. Lee would look out his window at night and complain about things his neighbors did. And Damian would sit out on his ledge smoking and the smell would go right to Morton's room Marie's murder was seen by everybody he tells her but no one said anything.

He calls everyone a coward. He tells Stella that if he hadn't done this, she would still be looking at her case files and sitting in her office not doing anything about the murder. So he had to get her attention. After he shouts 'can you hear me now?' she shoots him. He's laying flat on the ground and she has her gun right in front of him shouting loud and clear.

Stella is now back at the lab having just finished questioning Morton Bright about the three victims she walks into Mac's office and tells Mac and the strangest thing was he didn't bother to go after Colton Mack says sometimes the best thing to do is do nothing. He then tells the Stella to go home. He however is still on London time, which means its breakfast. After Stella leaves he holds the case folder a while longer than puts it down leans his had back in his chair and decides to get a little rest but the telephone rings again. Mac answers the telephone thinking it might be thinking it might one of his team. He answers hello, but no one answers, dead silence. The clock on his desk says 332 and then jumps to 333 am.