Season 4 Episode 1

Can You Hear Me Now?

Aired Friday 9:00 PM Sep 26, 2007 on CBS

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  • Mac gets a 333 stalker and a serial killer strikes.

    This was an excellent start to the season with Mac coming back from London without Peyton because she wants to stay in London with her family and he comes back with a stalker who has been calling him at 3:33 every morning and when Mac picks up the phone no one is there.Also Mac comes back to a serial killer who is killing witnesses of a murder who didn't testify and the killer got away.The serial killer is also leaving messages behind that will lead them to the next murder.It took the CSI's right to the end to find out who the killer was and that Stella was with him and Stella had a shoot out with him.Then after that Mac in his office is called at 3:33 with no answer.The start to the season that was needed and the 333 stalker will return.
  • Welcome back

    What a great first episode of season 4. I found the whole plot just amazing. the location of the murder was Genius and it really should that the show is 100% New York. Some episodes of CSI NY could have been Vegas or Miami but someone being found dead and blood pouring down the statue of liberty's face can only be CSI NY. I thought that the writing for this episode was great and teh whole spray on condom thing ... whats next. I think the 333 thing will become a great character development for Mac and I noticed no Peyton I hope they didn't break up.
  • Not good enough.

    I don't like this episode. When I read the short summary, I thought this episode will be interesting (something happened to the Statue of Liberty, that's hugh), but this episode is just disappointing. Nothing happened at all, just another filler episode. The CSI found human's blood on the face of Statue of Liberty, which leads them to a dead body-one of the security guard, who we saw in the beginning of the episode. And then the string brings us to another victim...Such crap. I hate this episode, it's full with rubbish. Probably the worst episode in CSI: NY. The writers should done a better job for this episode, since this episode is the first episode in fourth season.
  • After blood is found on the statue of Liberty, Mac and the team race to save lives.

    I have to say, I was not immpresed. I was expecting much more, with the Season Finale as big as it was. The charactor interaction between Danny and Lindsey was weak, if not non existing. I did like the development of Macs 333 stalker. The lack of Flack slightly bothered me because he was everywhere last season. I LOVED Stella. Her charactor is seeming to break out of her shell. The part where she chased the suspect really caught me. Adam and Kendell, what to say? I thought it was unorigianal, Danny and Lindsey did the same thing and look how they ended up. Hopefully the rest of the season will be better:)
  • Best of the best CSI premiers!!!!!!!

    When Mac was hurrying through the airport I thought there was something big going on. I instantly knew there was something going on when Peyton wasn't with him, as he was checking for his flight back to New York. Lol, what better way of meeting up with Flack than getting a witty greeting?

    YAY!!! Sheldon grew his facial hair back! He looks so much yummier now. Lindsay looks really pretty with her shorter hair. ADAM! You dirty boy! Lol, I love how he and What's-Her-Face competed with giving results to Stella. XD

    This plot line was very interesting. Death on the Statue of Liberty. You know, I've actually been waiting for an episode like to happen. Although, this definitely took a totally different turn that I didn't expect. However, I knew it was the landlord. He seemed really shady to me.

    EEEE OMG the writers are pulling a Las Vegas. I think. 3:33 for Mac Taylor? What the heck does it mean? Ooooh this season is going to be so great!!!

    My Last Comment of the Day/Night: Spray on Condom????? I have many scientific questions for this new innovations, like how much is needed for proper durability?, how much force can it take?, and ditto of Danny's question because I didn't catch the answer.
  • good episode...

    Mac just gets back from London and is trust right back into the job. The team investigates a death in the statue of liberty and it was connected to a murder a year prior. The killer basically found out who killed his girlfriend a year prior by torturing the ones that saw the murder. I liked the story in this episode a lot actually. I also liked the little music hints and clues. I also really liked the whole 333 thing with Mac and how someone's been calling him at 3:33. Stalker...creepy...Overall, this was a solid episode of CSI : NY.
  • Yes CSI NY is back!

    A great episode to start season 4 with! This episode was just what I expect from CSI NY. I loved the fact that the Statue of Liberty was the crime scene, it just made the episode 100 percent New York. The plot of this episode was brilliant, it had me guessing for a while about what really happened and how everything was connected with each other. And the fact that Mac kept getting these strange phone calls really intrigued me. There was also a lot of Flack in this episode, which I didn't mind at all. I did hope for a little bit more action between Danny and Lindsay, but somehow the lack of action between the two of them didn't really bothered me all that much. I guess the reason for that is that I was too caught up in the plot. I hope the rest of this season will be just as great!
  • Such a brilliant start to the new season!

    It really did set the season off with a bang! I wasn't sure how well they would start as the last season finale was a very good episode and I wasn't sure if they could live up to it, but they certainly proved me wrong. It worked really well and was full of action throughout. There were so many different things happening all at once related to the case and not related to that case like Mac's mysterious phone calls. (I can't wait for them to be solved!!) It was good how they used a huge landmark for a crime scene as it kind of made the crime scene all that more thrilling and with the clues all leading on to the next murder victims you were always on the edge of your seat waiting for what was going to happen next and wondering who was going to die next. I'm glad they saved the musician though as she was a really good piano player and singer!! The scene at the end with Stella when she was playing the piano was brilliant and when she started playing the piano I was just waiting for her to play the A and find that it wouldn't play as there was no string there! The chase at the end was good as well, and overall I enjoyed every part of that episode.
  • Excellent start to the new series! Always leaves you wanting more! Very intense and addictive series and this opening allows us to expect another great series to come. Superb.

    A great first episode. The fact that there are multiple murders with a twist is what I come to love about CSI New York. The characters are also at the top of their game in this episode as always-even the shy Adam technician is beginning to become a favourite of mine. Mac was his ice cool self and the way that he is getting phone calls at 3.33 each day leaves us with great anticipation for future epsiodes and a real in depth storyline to come! Hope this will be the case now I've stated that! Very enjoyable first episode and the show just goes from strength to strength!
  • This easily could have been the pilot episode for the series...

    The setting, the location, the characters and the recurring storyline as well as the current storyline for this episode have the qualities for a fantastic pilot episode its unreal. The Statue of Liberty - what a perfect setting on a New York based show. As the fourth season begins, the team find themselves investigating something that isn't usually on the Statue of Liberty - blood and a body that doesnt match the blood. I loved the whole 3.33 stalker thing (from Smallville's Level 33.3 project, maybe?) interwoven in the actual revenge serial killing thing right through to the new technology hologram ball and spray-on condom. Everything about this episode was great continuing the brilliance of last season especially the finale. Keep up the good work writers. Hopefully some of your good work can rub off on the CSI: Miami writers as of late.
  • Insanely interesting case, love the way all the characters interacted

    This episode is just beyond random in the way the people die and what happens. first off the statue liberty vandalism and the two dead security guards, the the telescope thing then the childs toy with the other guy.

    this is just very odd and exciting. there wasnt a dull moment and the bits between kendall and that guy, aw sooo cuteeeeeeee :]

    i hope they get together more :P all crimes leading to one girl nova kent, everything connected perfectly and it was a really great episode. this is the reason i love csi so much. everything was new. and everything was cryptic and interesting!!
  • The fourth season begins with Mac returning from London in time to investigate a bizzare discovery at The Statue of Liberty: a dead security guard in the statue's crown and a large amount of blood poured down the face of Lady Liberty.

    An absolutely fantastic way to begin the season. This episode avoids every cliche and plot device you can think of and instead delivers an extremely well written and very entertaining episode. The whole time I was watching I was wondering where it was going and when it got there I wasn't at all disappointed. I also like how the episode takes a plot device common to crime shows, the obsessive fan, and does something totally different, and very plausible, with it. One negative point of this episode is the absence of Claire Forlani. I certainly hope she comes back soon.
  • Starting the new season with a bang.

    I read another person's review on how they like the new opening to the show and I have say I was impressed with it as well. Great backdrop to a murder! On the Statue of Liberty. And Mac just seems to be tormented, doesn't he? He takes his first vacation in years with Peyton and now he is receiving crank calls at 3:33 AM in the morning. This is a great start to a mysterious plot that I'm sure will carry on throughout the season. Lastly, the chemistry between Danny and Lindsey has not cool off at all. I like how she put the condom into Danny's breast pocket. Is she saying, "Get ready for some action?" Great start to open the new season.
  • We waited so long - and weren't disappointed in the end!

    OMG, I looooooooove this episode!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Danny and Lindsay - how funny was that? First of all: Condom Spray? Wtf??? Then shoving it in his pockets and all the facial expression Danny made: priceless. And I sooooo love Lindsay's new hairdo, it looks so beautiful!

    Adam and Kendall - Kendall is really pretty and her and Adam are soooo funny together, they cracked me up! More of that please! And Lindsay calling him "from the unemployment office": GREAT!

    Hawkes - he looks really good with the beard.

    Stella - finally she's getting some action! GO GIRL! And of course, as usual, it's her job to be worried about Mac.

    Mac - it's good to see him in casual clothes, and I am really intrigued by these prank calls at 3:33... What I asked myself: He is in London, with Peyton on vacations, but sleeps alone in a hotel room?

    And now the HIGHLIGHT!

    FLACK - Do I need to state that I love him??? He looks so friggin hot and... God... The chasing scene, the interrogation, the conversation with Mac afterwards... He still is the witty and intelligent cop he used to be. Even his hideous ties are still there. And he looks hotter than ever!

    All in all: A premiere that couldn't get better!
  • Oh, Lindsy and Denny they are sooooooooooo cute to me ^^ and Mac and Stella... they are soooooooooooo great~~~ I really love to see this people..

    First of all, I love the new opening credits. I am very exciting to watch this new 4th season.
    I love it... I love all characters Mac, Stella, Denny, Lindsy, Hawks, Adam... these people are reason to why I watch CSI NY Also the 4th season begin introduce to Mac's mysterious phone calls at 3:33 and this mystery will continue to play out. I really look forward what happend to our Mac.
    I hope that Mac doesn't trouble but... we will see.. And I look forward their love between Lindsy and Denny..
    They are sooooooooooo cute and looking good. I can't wait next episode... but I will wait ^^
  • Wow, for me: The best season opener ever!

    Yey! CSI:NY is back! Finally we got our season 4! And what else could I say than: Wow, that was the best season opener ever!

    I mean, it was great from the first minute to the last!

    Very exciting! A great case! And the thing with the calls every morning at 3:33 am- a great idea! Makes me even more curious! Poor Mac!

    My favourite scene: :D Surprise, surprise- the condom-spray! :lol: Too funny! I always love it when Lindsay demonstrates something, and that she knows about the condom-spray, but Danny and Hawkes don't- hahaha, great!

    All in all- a great episode! I love it!
  • First of all, I love the new opening credits. Second of all: poor Mac! Can't go any where with wearing lip stick! Lol! All joking aside, this was very well written and protrayed. I give 12 thumbs up. Poor Mac is being stalked! He just can't catch a break.

    Wow! Way to open the season, start it off with a 'Big Bang'! Awesome job by the way. I liked how they mushed the plot, action and climax together. Great job on that becuase it worked for this eppie. 12 thumbs up is what I give them for an awesome job well done. poor Mac can't even catch a break. I like how they put in tension evolving these mysterious phone calls that Mac has been getting. Very, Very well written. You can tell that Mac wants this person who has been doing it, but he can't figure out who. Awesome job!
  • Great way to begin fourth season!

    Great fourth season opener as the Statue of Liberty, one of NY's great landmarks played a great piece in the show as Mac is coming back from Paris after last season's near fatal takeover of the building as he needed a vacation really badly. He gets mysterious phone calls as the phone calls lead to blood in the statue's head. But there is a twist involving a killer who seems to be playing with Mac's cellphone as he frequently keeps getting these phone calls from this insane person. Very good opener and that I am getting to like CSI:NY after a dark tone the first season, it is beginning to losen up a bit!
  • Awesome. Lots of blood, an insane killer and freaky murders.

    Wonderful episode, glad it was worth waiting for. Not enough Danny/Lindsay for my taste, but then I'm a huge fan. The best part was the look on Hawks face when Lindsay explained the spray-on condom to him and Danny. That was pure gold. Would like to know if Peyton is coming back for real, because with the promo shots that have been released, it seems as though she isn't. Also curious about the phone calls. Right now they seem a bit silly, but obviously they mean something important. I hope we don't have to wait too long to find out what. All in all, great episode.
  • When blood is found on the Statue of Liberty, the team is called in to invesitgate a series of murders. As the CSIs piece the evidence together, they learn the murders are tied to a cold case from several months prior.

    I was glad to see the Fourth installmenet of CSI return with strong writing. We are first introduced to Mac's mysterious phone calls at 3:33 and this mystery will continue to play out. The writers also tried to add creativity and depth to the suspect behind the murders. I t was great that the Statue of Liberty, the qunitisential symbol of New York was used in the plot. Fast paced, tight camera angels added to the pace and suspense of the story as it unfolded. Adam, finally got a little more 3 dimensional, with his love interest and knowledge that helps get the case rolling. While the story was predictable at times, the fourth season started off with a bang.
  • The series comes back with the promise of a great season.

    And here comes season 4! This episode picks up the hectic rhythm in which season 3 ended, mixing up the Statue of Liberty and a gruesome serial killer and adding a mysterious stalker to Mac's troubled life. Leaving completely behind the events of Snow Day, there's not mention to Danny's and Adam's injuries or even to the explosion inside the lab. Mac is returning from London, and the case catches him before he even comes down from his plane. The whole team is involved in the same case, which adds to the feeling of homecoming. And we even had funny moments, like Adam's awakening and Lindsay's spray condom explanation – this one already a classic for fans! Although the perpetrator was disgustingly easy to spot, the series comes back with the promise of a great season.
  • Nice pilot and I hope a promising season.

    For the beginning of the season, Mac is in London and ready to go in NY for his investigations. He receives strange phone calls at exactly 3.33pm. The story is about 2 guards of the Liberty Statue who are assassinated ... The team is pursuing its investigation and that leads to a flat where one of the victim was founded. Stella remembers a murder of a young girl which isn't solved yet. Maybe too predictable but fine developed. The scene of the spray condom is a bit funny and unusual, like Adam with Kendall when he wakes up and realizes that they are "late for work".
  • What an season opener!

    Nothing says beats it when Lady Liberty bleads.
    It was any exciting episode and I was on the edge of my seat the entire episode.
    Mac getting mysterious phonecalls at 3.33 at night. A mystery that will keep growing.
    It was an interesting case. Kill the witnesses to a crime after they confess that they saw something. Highly interesting. And I just loved Danny's reaction to the spray on condome. lol. Adam is hilarious as always. He made my day.
    Whoever there where a few drawbacks. What the hell did they do to the credits. Okey, they change the pictures that been with since season 2, but why mix the song? Bad, bad people.
    The second. Should Danny Have a cast on his hand since Mac was only gone like 2 weeks? And Adam should at least have some scarring on his face.
    But other than that. I loved this episode. Great pace and I was totally wrong of who the killer was.
  • great

    i think its a good start for opening season
    im from holland so i wait for this site great
    nice begin whit denny and linsey whith they condoom
    the smile hihi
    i cant wait for the next episode,in holland the netherlands the show starts in oktober/november
    im happy that its startterd now i cant wait and i hope that ther will be more and more lindsey and denny
    the sleep together in the last episode
    i no that it issend a lovemovie i mean its about dead people a crime but for now and than i like too see som danny and lindsey.
    i cant wait for the next episode
    bye bye
  • CSI Ny is back for it's 3rd season and the episode wasn't anything spectacular but it was fun and opened some new doors for story development. The story picks up with Mac leaving England alone and revealing that he's been getting

    CSI NY is back for it's 3rd season and the episode wasn't anything spectacular but it was fun and opened some new doors for story development. The story picks up with Mac leaving England alone and revealing that he's been getting odd calls in which no one says anything. The case is usually bizarre with a murder at the Statue of Liberty with a ridiculous amount of blood spilled on her face. The case didn't have the usual twist and turns it was quite simplistic but we got to see all the team represented and it was an expected low key entry into the new season after last seasons incredible finale. I do hope things get more lively over the rest of the season but this episode was hardly a disappointment just not earth shattering.
  • Excellent season opener; too bad the actual case was a tad too predictable!

    For a Season Opener, it was a great episode.

    Although they forgot to mention the events on the last episode, it does seem like everyone and everything is back on track again.

    The case looked really promising... what kind of sicko pours blood down the face of the Statue of Liberty? And the way he kept leaving clues in every murder scene was very clever. It was a bit dissaponting that us viewers figured out who was the culprit before they did!

    I liked the way Mac "introduced" every character on the show when he gets to the crime scene, very nicely done and a great way to hook up new viewers.

    The dialogues were good, especially during the funny scenes. The spray-on condom demonstration was an instant classic.

    There's also a new girl in the lab, Kendall, who's also a love interest for Adam. Her introduction wasn't very original (they did the same thing with Peyton last season) but the couple's dynamics are completely different: playful, yet competitive.

    Overall, lots of actions (Flack and Danny literally brought down one bad guy, Stella nailed the other one by herself) and lots of cool science demonstrations (Sid's 3D skull image, Mac's frozen blood spatter), both make a great show.
  • A little predictable, but it's still a good season premiere.

    The gang is back! I like the new opening credits, by the way.

    Like most of the reviews I've read for this episode, it was a tad bit disappointing because the case was predictable. I figured out who the perp was as soon as he appeared onscreen. Maybe if they hadn't introduced him early on, it would've been more effective.

    Gary Sinise and the rest of the cast were great. It was really nice seeing them again in their evidence-collecting, smear-swabbing, crime-solving and ass-kicking alter egos. I like Anna Belknap better with the short hair, reminds me of her Medical Investigation days and for some reason she doesn't look as "country girl-ish" like in the previous seasons.

    And I kind of like the "subtle" hint of her ongoing relationship with Danny (I say subtle because I'm comparing to last season finale, with those two bumping the uglies).

    All in all, a good episode. I hope this season will be better than the last.
  • There are enough loose threads here to bear promise of a great season!

    Firstly, I like the new look and musical arrangement for the opening credits. Nicely done.
    Seeing the blood running down the Statue of Liberty from an airplane might be a little far out, but it did create an exciting atmosphere for the season opener. I think the plot was nicely written, even though it was a little predictable. We saw all the main players, and I expecially loved the way the new lab tech was introduced into the story. There were also just enough other little puzzle pieces (Mac's mysterious phone calls, the shared looks between Danny and Lindsey in the "spray on condom" scene, and Mac meeting Peyton's family) to keep one wondering about what the bigger picture will be.
    The writers created a nice basis for this season - hope they follow through!
  • Somewhat predictable but well worth the wait.

    New opening, new cases, and mysterious phone calls. The season is gettting off to a great start. Mac returns from London-minus Peyton-and is called to a crime scene involving the Statue Of Liberty. As the case unfolds, Stella believes that the killings are connected to a year old unsolved murder of a young musician. The killer's identity became obvious to me half way through the show but it was interesting to see how the story would play out. I wasn't disappointed. The one thing that is sure to keep us guessing is the source of Mac's mysterious phone calls that happen at 3:33. Are the phone calls connected to Peyton, Mac's past, or perhaps Claire's. Watching this storyline unfold will be intersting.
  • I am very pleased with this episode

    I was intrigued by this episode right away. It wasn't even the murders that first got me hooked (although that definitely captured my attention). It was Mac's mysterious phone calls. Someone is stalking him. I can't believe they even called his office. It was great to see everyone working together on a case. I've gotten used to the show basically being split for two seperate cases. The spray-on condom (and the conversation about it) was a riot! Loved Danny's expression! I think Lindsay put the can of condom spray in his pocket! I was watching the episode with my mother and she asked me if that's a real product. I honestly have no idea if it is...LMAO I loved Adam's scenes. I was thinking all kinds of crazy thoughts about what he might have done when he woke up on his living room floor. And Kendall was in her underwear on his couch. He and Kendall were flirting and competing at the same time. It was funny. I thought that the original killer was responsible for the new murders but it just didn't add up. I didn't like Stella's scene at the end, with the other suspect. She had enough time to shoot him when she first drew her gun. I'm just glad that she followed through. This is just my opinion, but the only thing missing from the episode was Peyton. I hope she's on next week's episode. I really want to see if she and Mac act any differently around each other now that he's met her family. I'm so glad the show is back.
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